Geoffrey Gilbert 1914-1989
Larry Krantz Flute Pages
Geoffrey Gilbert was one of the most influential flute players and teachers of the Twentieth Century. In 1998 John Rayworth, an amateur flute player from northern England, gave me a number of cassette tapes containing copies of material that had been recorded by flute maker Ewen McDougal from BBC radio broadcasts. The broadcast dates were unknown but were most likely made in the 1940's and 1950's. I was thrilled to hear these performances and began working on digitally improving the quality of the cassette tape radio broadcast tracks. I also began an extensive search for additional Geoffrey Gilbert recordings. I was grateful to have received a great deal of help from Trevor Wye and Sir James Galway in tracking down additional historical recordings. These tracks are the result of those efforts.
My hope is that these sound files will help remind listeners about Geoffrey Gilbert and his outstanding contributions to the global flute community. Larry Krantz