The video below was the brain child of Sanford Drelinger. It was created as a tribute to the National Flute Association in the USA. The sound track is “Air for the G String” by J.S. Bach as transcribed by Theobald Boehm for concert flute and piano. The piece is played by Aralee Dorough on transverse flute using a Drelinger vertical headjoint. Scott Holshouser is the piano player. The artwork is by Lazaro. Larry Krantz created the graphics, 3D modeling, and CGI animation. The project was conceived and written by Sandy Drelinger. Sandy wrote the following words to me six years after the completion of the project...
Sanford Drelinger Tribute to the National Flute Association presented at the 2011 NFA  40th Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
“...if you look at the two main projects we did, especially the NFA 40th, its mighty impressive...”  “For me it was, like all my endeavors, a drive for perfection on an everyday escalating level, which is after all what I am about.”   “...and most importantly, looking back, it was truly a very important creative experience for me and I suspect, after a drink or two, you might agree that it was for you too.”
Larry Krantz Digital Playground
Like Sandy, I have always been proud of this project. I have created this venue with the hope that our collaboration might experience just a little more exposure where it can be seen by those who visit.
Aralee Scott Lazaro JS Bach Theobald