Flute Radio began broadcasting on March 8, 2001. The broadcast continued until 2012. The mandate of Flute Radio was to provide an entertaining and useful venue for those who like to listen to flute music and for those who record it. The hope was that listeners would enjoy the experience and would be encouraged to buy flute recordings for their personal collections as means of encouraging the continued availability of high quality recorded performances long into the future. During its time of operation the Flute Radio web page was viewed about 160,000 times and featured the work of 110 professional players from around the world. All of the flute players who were included agreed that their recordings could be used Royalty Free in the broadcast. During its time of operation I prepared a dozen Announcements that appeared at random in the broadcast. In each case I used my own recorded flute performances as background music for the announcements. Those announcements can be heard below.
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