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American Federation of Musicians

The taped resume repertoire which follows has been compiled by the A.F. of M. Symphony Department in accordance with the "Guidelines For Taped Resumes." When preparing cassettes, please record the excerpts first, in the order listed, then record your choice of solo material not to exceed seven minutes in length. Adherence to this procedure will greatly facilitate the work of the audition committees listening to the tapes.

The A.F. of M. would like to acknowledge the help received in preparing this list. All of the individual players, the ICSOM audition committee, the personnel managers of many orchestras, and in particular, the librarians of the Boston Symphony and the New York Philharmonic gave the Symphony Department full cooperation. Without the assistance of all these people, this project could never have become a reality.

TAPED RESUMES: Repertoire List


    Symphony No. 3
    Fourth Movement
    28 bars, starting at 4 bars before "B"

    Midsummer Night's Dream
    Last 48 bars starting 2nd bar of P

  • RAVEL:
    Daphnis and Chloe
    Suite # 2
    Start 3rd bar of "176" until 2nd bar of "179"

    Firebird Suite
    Variation de l'oiseau de feu
    Start at "9" until 5th bar of "18"

    Peter and the Wolf
    "Bird Call"
    16 bars starting at "2"

    Concerto for Orchestra
    Fourth Movement
    Bars 139 - 144

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