Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Play Along Flute Duets vol. 1
Play Along Flute Duets vol. 1

* Includes 53 Duets *

* 62 minutes of play time *

Nineteen Duos - Devienne
Seventeen Duos - Anonymous
Five Duets - Corette
Nine Duos - Boismortier
Three Duos - Aubert

Click track at start
of each duet
indicates tempo
Flute World

    Alexa Still says...
    "...this is a fantastic resource! Larry plays both parts. Flute 1 is on the left channel and flute 2 is on the right, so you can turn down either and play along. It is a wonderful collection of fairly standard works: Devienne, Corette, Boismortier, Aubert and the very famous composer Anonymous, from Selected Duets for Flute, compiled and edited by Voxman, published by Rubank. A very clear beat is given at the beginning of each track to establish the tempo.

    In short, if you want to play duets and cannot find a partner, or you have students wanting (or needing!) to do this, this CD is the perfect answer. It fills a need very successfully, and again, the playing is really great."

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