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Etudes for Flute
Volume I

Flute World:
    Larry Krantz - "Etudes for Flute vol. I"

    A good reference CD of the Gariboldi / Etudes Op.132; Koehler / 15 Easy Studies Op.33. Highly recommended for serious study.

John Wion:

    Larry reports that when his own students use the Etudes for Flute CD their rate of progress increases dramatically. This doesn't surprise me at all - this is a learning tool that was not available a generation ago.

    Larry has performed a service that is not provided by our world famous performers. They have to record things that will reach a much broader audience, and sell enough copies to cover the cost of advertising and make a profit for all concerned. No argument - their product is great, and we thank them for it.

    So many of the members of this list seem to be teachers and students. If we are a thousand strong and are spread around the world, why don't we act as a catalyst to support projects such as Larry's? He tells me that his CD will be offered in the Flute World fall flyer. If he were to sell a couple of hundred I imagine he would recover the cost of producing his CD. If he achieved that he might be inspired to make another one. I hope we help him exceed his wildest expectations. It could only benefit us.

    John Wion

Alexa Still:

    I listened today to Larry Krantz' CD. Wow! Firstly I think he is very brave to tackle studies. I mean, musically speaking, what could be worse to record than things written to specificaly work on difficulties!

    Larry does a brilliant job - very musical, and great playing. They are actually very nice to listen to (due to Larry's skill, obviously) and now I'm going to get the studies so I can set up students with the CD. For people wanting to do something and have an example, this CD is just perfect! Bravo, Larry!

    Cheers, Alexa

Helen Spielman:

    Last night I had a chance to listen to Larry's CD, entitled Etudes for Flute. This is an excellent educational CD. Larry recorded Kohler and Gariboldi etudes, many of which are in the popular Melodious and Progressive Etudes book. I'm amazed that no one thought of doing this before, but as always, leave it to Larry to do something creative, useful, intelligent, and wonderful.

    My students (and sometimes myself!) often play etudes like they were just exercises to get through. I find myself saying to them, "Now play this again, as though it were the most beautiful song you ever heard, or as though it were your recital piece." Larry's CD can give a student an example of how to play these etudes musically. He plays them with a good sense of musical line and phrasing.

    I also felt that the etudes are played with great vitality and presence, and with a strong energy that comes through. While I wouldn't want to listen to this CD as entertainment (which it was not meant to be), I feel that it's an excellent educational aid. I've already bought an extra copy which I hope to sell to the next unsuspecting young victim who wanders into the land of Melodious and Progressive Etudes.....

    The packaging of this CD is beautiful, attractive, and professional. Larry, congratulations on a terrific job. I noticed that the CD itself says "Volume One." Get off the Internet and start recording Volume Two soon!


Kimberly Spence:

    Last Thursday I received a copy of the CD Larry just put out. As a student, it's just so interesting to hear someone better play the same things I have the music for and have played!

    My instructor was also pleased with the CD and said it was an example worth imitating.

    At first, it's just so different to hear the flute unaccompanied on a CD, but as you listen to it and think about your own exercises, you can pick up all the subtle things you really need to hear.

    I have an assignment this week out of Melodious Progessives book 1 and am really looking forward to really listening to Larry play it before I start. I feel like it will give me a vision for what it *should* sound like (to an extent).

    Don't get me wrong, I know we shouldn't all play alike, but there are techniques well worth imitating.

    Thanks Larry, It's a great CD, well worth the effort!


Andrea Wilson:

    I'm a private flute teacher with 24 students. I want you to know that on the basis of having heard about your webpage and thus, recognizing your name when I received the latest Flute World flyer, I promptly ordered your CD of the Gariboldi and Koehler etudes--very nice!!! As a teacher of young flutists (ages 8-21) I really appreciate your attention to the younger player with this recording. Until now, there's been nothing for them that's well done. Congratulations! I hope this is just the beginning! What's next?

    Thank you so much, Andrea Wilson

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