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Flute Books
Last Update: April 5, 2017

  • Flute Repertoire Catalogue - 10,000 Titles
    Musica Rara, London WI, 1967

  • Flute - Richard Adeney - An Autobiography
    Brimstone Press
    PO Box 114
    Shaftsbury SP7 8XN
    ISBN 978-1906385-20-0

  • Readings in the History of the Flute
    Monographs, essays, reviews, letters & advertisements from nineteenth-century London
    Selected and edited with an introduction by Robert Bigio
    Tony Bingham London

  • The Great Flute Repertoire
    Bernard Pierreuse
    Contains more than 90,000 works for flute in CD-Rom and printed in 2 volumes.
    published by Jobert/Transatlantiques/Listesso

  • Alternative Fingerings for the Flute
    Nestor Herszbaum

  • Orchestral Techniques for Flute and Piccolo: An Audition Guide - An Inside Look at Symphonic Performance Traditions
    Walfrid Kujala

  • Monarch of the Flute: The Life of Georges Barrere
    Toff, Nancy
    Oxford University Press

  • Taffanel: Genius of the Flute
    Edward Blakeman
    Oxford University Press

  • Becoming an Orchestral Musician: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals
    by Richard Davis
    Principal Flute BBC Philharmonic
    Senior Lecturer, Flute, Royal Northern College of Music

  • Repertoire Catalogue for Piccolo, Alto Flute and Bass Flute
    Including ca. 900 works for flute choir or flute orchestra
    by Peter van Munster
    Published by Riverberi Sonori in Rome
      Over 3800 compositions for one or more of the instruments listed above in various combinations, this reference work also contains an elaborate list with about 900 works for Flute Choir or Flute Orchestra in which piccolo and/or alto flute and bass flute is involved. 320 pages. .

  • Flute Stories - 101 Inspirational Stories from the World's Best Flute Players
    Edited by John D. Sinclair
    Windplayer Publications
    PO Box 2750, Malibu CA 90265 USA

  • The Early Flute
    Rachel Brown
    Camrbidge University Press
    Available from

  • Tipbook: Flute & Piccolo
    The Tipbook Company bv, The Netherlands
    Distributed by the Hal Leonard Corporation
    7777 West Bluemound Road, P.O. Box 13819, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53213

  • The Flute (Yale Musical Instruments Series, 2002)
    Ardal Powell
    Yale University Press

  • Music and the Flute
    Tom Nyfenger

  • The Flutist's Handbook, A Pedagogy Anthology
    NFA special publication
    edited by Martha Rearick and Michael Stoune

  • Body Mapping for Flutists
    Lea Pearson
    self-published and available from Lea Pearson
    3085 Kenlawn Street, Columbus, OH 43224

  • The Physical Flute
    Fiona Wilkinson (c1999)
    available through Waterloo Music,
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

  • Hallé Flutes
    Stuart Scott (S.J. Scott, 1998)
    Flautistsof the Hallé Orchestra 1858-1993

  • The Trevor Wye Very First Flute Book
    Everything you need to know about the flute and how to play it!
    Trevor Wye (Novello, 1995)
    Both informative and entertaining - perfectly suited for young students and old alike.

  • Development of the Modern Flute (out of print)
    Nancy Toff (Taplinger, 1979 ) (paperback ed. U of Illinois Press 1986)

  • The Flute Book
    Nancy Toff (Oxford Press, 1996)

  • Georges Barrere and the Flute in America
    Nancy Toff (New York Flute Club 1994)

  • The Flute and Flute Playing
    Theobald Boehm (Dover Press, 1964)

  • The Gilbert Legacy
    Methods, Exercises & Techniques
    Angeleita S. Floyd (Winzer Press, 1990)

  • Marcel Moyse, An Extraordinary Man
    by Trevor Wye, edited by Angelita Floyd (Winzer Press, 1993)

  • A Modern Guide To Fingerings for the Flute
    James J. Pellerite (Zalo Publications, 1972)

  • A Handbook Of Literature For The Flute
    James J. Pellerite (Zalo Publications, 1978)

  • A Notebook Of Techniques For The Flute
    James J. Pellerite (Zalo Publications)

  • Performance Methods For Flutists
    James J. Pellerite (Zalo Publications)

  • The Flute (out of print)
    Philip Bate (W.W. Norton & Co.)

  • My Complete Story of the Flute
    Leonardo De Lorenzo (Texas Tech University Press)

  • A Flute Player's Notebook
    John Krell (Trio Associates)

  • Woodwind Anthology, a Compendium of Woodwind Articles from the Instrumentalist
    Volume 1, Flute, General, Copyright, 1992
    The Instrumentalist Publishing Company
    200 Northfield Road, Northfield, IL, USA

  • Kincaidiana
    John Krell (Trio Associates 1973)

  • On Playing the Flute
    Johann Joachim Quantz (Faber & Faber)

  • The History of Musical Instruments
    Kurt Sachs (W.W. Norton & Co.)

  • Special Effects for Flute
    Sheridan Stokes (Trio Associates)

  • The French Flute School
    Claude Dorgueille (Tony Bingham 1983)

  • Rudiments of Flute, Recorder and Oboe
    Jacquez-Martin Hotteterre (Dover Pub 1968)

  • A Treatise on the Flute (out of print)
    by Richard S. Rockstro
    Published by Longwood Pr Ltd
    Publication date: September 1976
    ISBN: 0893410071

  • The Early Flute
    John Solum (Clarendon Press - Oxford)

  • The Flute
    Raymond Meylan (Amadeus Press 1988)

  • A Word or Two on The Flute
    W.N. James (Redwood Burn Ltd. 1982)

  • The Virtuoso Flute-Player
    Johann George Tromlitz (Cambridge University Press 1991)

  • Prelude to "The Afternoon of a Faun"
    William Austin (WW Norton & Co. 1970)

  • Flute Technique
    F.B. Chapman (Oxford University Press 1973)

  • Circular Breathing for the Flutist
    Robert Dick (Multiple Breath Music Co.)

  • Flute
    Kahn & Averill, London
    James Galway

  • Circular Breathing
    Trent Kynaston (Studio 224 1978)

  • Interpretation of French Music from 1675 to 1775
    Betty Bang Mather (McGinnis & Marx 1973)

  • The Classical Woodwind Cadenza
    Betty B. Mather & David Lasocki (McGinnis & Marx 1978

  • The Art of Playing the Flute, vil. 1: Breath Control
    Roger Mather (Romney Press 1980)

  • Flute Technique
    Gareth Morris (Oxford University Press 1991)

  • Music and the Flute Thomas Nyfenger (159 Shore Drive, Guilford, CT 06437)

  • The Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo
    James Phelan & Mitchell Brody (Boston Conservatory Pub. 1980)
    a treasure of information on care and feeding, repair, tools, etc. for the modern flute

  • Artistic Flute Technique and Study
    Roger Stevens (Golden West Music 1967)

  • Great Flute Makers of France
    Tula Giannini (Tony Bingham, London)
    Ms. Giannini has written a superb short history of the Lot and Godfroy families.

  • The New Langwell Index
    William Waterhouse (Tony Bingham, London)
    A treasury of valuable information on all wind instrument makers, including the Paris flute builders of the 19th. and early 20th. century.


  • Piccolo! Piccolo! - Book 1
    Danielle Eden
    The piccolo is usually considered an extension of the flute, in that the fingering and the basic technique of tonguing and blowing is very similar. However, this little instrument has it's own difficulties peculiar to itself. Unlike the flute, it is the middle and low registers that cause the most problems to the beginner on this instrument, with the low register sounding quite breathy and the middle prone to 'crack'. With this in mind, i have tried to produce a selection of short study pieces for the novice piccolo player (but not the novice flute player) specifically to deal with these registers. regular practice of these two registers when first beginning the 'swap' to the piccolo will not only improve the tone you will make on this instrument but will also strengthen the embouchure in preparation for the upper register ----Danielle Eden

  • Piccolo! Piccolo! - Book 2
    Danielle Eden
    This is the second book in the series of Piccolo! Piccolo!. Book 1 covers the introduction to the piccolo and prepares the development of the lower and middle registers. Book 2 is designed for the immediate to advanced player. The ideas in book 1 continue, this time exploring the entire range of the piccolo. Incorporating nineteenth century studies, solo and orchestral repertoire, the aim of book 2 is to provide a series of exercises and graded studies to develop a good facility across ALL registers. ----- Danielle Eden

    to order Piccolo! Piccolo! from Just Flutes:

  • Flûtes au présent
    Pierre-Yves Artaud
    Editions Musicales Transatlantiques, Paris, 1980
    Distributed in the U.S. by Theodore Presser
    in the U.K. by U.M.P.

  • La Flûte
    Pierre-Yves Artaud
    Salabert, Paris, 1986

  • A Propos de Pédagogie
    Pierre-Yves Artaud
    Billaudot, Paris, 1996

  • La Flûte Multiphonique/The Multiphonic Flute
    Etudes pour la flûte traversière/Studies for flute
    Pierre-Yves Artaud
    Billaudot, Paris, 1995

    Zdenek Bruderhans
    Florian Noetzel Verlag des Heinrichshofen Bücher, Wilhlemshaven, Germany.

  • The Jazz Flute
    Peter Guidi
    Molenaar Editions B.V. (Holland)
    A method book for learning to play jazz on the flute. Students need only a basic knowledge of major and minor scales and a history of the flute in jazz is included.

  • The Adult Flute Student
    Trevor Wye
    Just Flutes Edition

  • Method for the One-Keyed Flute
    Janice Dockendorff Boland

  • Selected Flute Masterclasses
    Karla Harby
    Table of Contents:
    A warm-up that works--Laurel Zucker, Playing with great tone--Sandra Church, Simple breathing exercises--Margalit Gafni, Breathing and vibrato--Peter Lloyd, Effective tonguing in all registers--Timothy Day, My favorite études and how to study them--David Cramer, Winning preparation for auditions--Mary Stolper, Auditioning--Paul Fried, Practicing for performance--Katherine Kemler, Playing better piccolo--Jan Gippo, Miking the flute--Ian Anderson, A more flexible approach to using auxiliary keys--Walfrid Kujula

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