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BORNE: CARMEN FANTASY for Flute and Orchestra

Bio: BORNE, Francois [Fernand le] (b. Charleroi, France 10 March 1862; d. Toulouse, France 15 Feb. (not Jan.) 1929) per MGG, 1960, v.8: filed under Leborne, Fernand.
[Some sources give his date as 1840-1920, others 1860-1930, others 1862-1929]

Francois Borne was principal flutist for the Grand Theatre of Bordeaux, and professor of flute at Toulouse Conservatory. The "Fantaisie Brillante" was composed in 1900 (?), and is the most popular of Borne's surviving compositions. The flute research book by Frans Vester dates the composition as 1880.

Bizet, Georges (1838 - 1875 ) / Borne, Francois.
Fantaisie Brillante sur des airs de Carmen.
Orch. Raymond MEYLAN.
Solo Flute — 2[1.2/pic] 2 2 2—2 2 1[bass tbn] 0 — tmp+3perc — str.
Dur: 11' on the recording. [ Dur:15' in the Peters catalog].
OCT 10260 Score: $37.00
OCT 10260A-SET B (Strings $175.00
GM 890 Solo Flute $21.00
Pub: Kunzelmann. Agent: C.F. Peters Corporation.

Bizet, Georges, Compiled by François Borne; edited by James GALWAY.
Fantaisie Brilliante on Themes from Bizet’s Carmen.
Solo Flute — 2 2 2 2 — 2 2 3 0 — timp+2perc — hp — str.
Dur: 11 '
Flute edited James Galway, piano part edited by Phillip Moll: Pub: G. Schirmer/HL 50336050 $14.95
Pub: G. Schirmer, Inc. (
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Bizet, Georges - François Borne.
Carmen Fantasy.
Orchestrator: Giancarlo CHIARAMELLO (b. 1939).
Pub: Edwin F. Kalmus LC.
Solo Flute — 3[1.2.pic] 3[1.2.Eh] 3[1.2.bcl] 2 — 4 3 3 1 — tmp+perc — hp —str.
Dur: [8 min version].
A8217 large score $45.00
A8217 set (incl 4,4,3,2,2) $155.00
A8217 flute solo (extra) $10.00

BORNE, Francois
Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen
Orchestration Raymond GUIOT.
Solo Flute — 2 2 2 2 — 4 0 0 0 — tmp+perc — hp — str.
Duration: 11'30"
Pub: Billaudot
1 BIL 524-00126 flute & piano (edited Jean-Pierre RAMPAL ©1977) $24.95
1 BIL large score & orchestra material on rental.
Pub: Theodore Presser Company, King of Prussia PA. For Price quote:
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WILSON, Ransom. [Rental orchestration cataloged under the arranger’s name, Wilson]
Carmen Fantasy (on Themes from George Bizet's Opera) for Flute and Orchestra
Solo Flute — 2 2 2 2 - 2 2 2 0 — tmp+ perc —hp — str.
Dur: 11 ' per rental site. Solo and piano listed Dur: 12min 45sec.
The Program Note published in the Flute/Piano version indicates that, although Wilson’s CARMEN FANTASY is based on Borne’s Fantaisie, it is not merely an orchestration of it:

“In the grand tradition of opera fantasies, I have rewritten the work to my own specifications using a large portion of Borne’s original in the middle of the work but composing a new beginning and ending, and adding variations and cadenzas throughout. Finally, I orchestrated this new work (Borne’s version was for flute and piano) using wherever possible Bizet’s orchestration as a guide.”
Flute edited Ransom Wilson; Pub: Merion Music, ©1979/ T. Presser Co. # 444-41010 $19.95
Pub: Theodore Presser Company, King of Prussia PA. For Price quote:
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BORNE, Francois.
Carmen Fantasy.
Orchestration: R. THURSTON.
Solo Flute — 3 2 3 3 — 4 3 3 1 — tmp+2perc — str.
Dur: not given
Pub: Southern Music Publications on rental (R83)
Flute and piano: edited Ephross, Gr. 4 (SS983) $12.00
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Borne, François.
Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen.
Arr: FLURY, Dieter.
für Soloflöte, Bläser & Streicher oder Soloflöte & Streicher allein.
Transkription des Klavierparts von Dieter Flury für Streicher und Bläser ad libitum , SME 920 (Pr. nicht mitget.)
Ausgabebezeichnung: Partitur : 30 S. : 30 cm.
Zusatzinformationen: SME 920 (Pr. nicht mitget.)
Dokumenttyp: Monographie , Notendruck c 2001
Pub: Special Music Edition Verlag, Kehlhofstrasse 522, 8124 Maur; Switzerland.
Telefon: 044 980 31 74

Borne, Francois.
Fantaisie brillante on Bizet's Carmen (arr. for flute and orchestra).
Arr; BOGAR, Istvan (b.1937; d. 2006).
Dur: 11'38"
Pub:? Editio Musica Budapest? Not listed on EMB website.
Recording: Balint, Janos, flute Budapest Strings.


Borne, Francois.
Fantasie Brillante über Themen aus Carmen (from Bizet).
Edited AMOR, Mari / GERARD, Jean-Claude.
Flute solo — String Orch.
Pub: Edition49
Lauteri 7 10145 Tallinn, Estonia.
Tel: +372 6455 472 or +372 50 82223 Fax: +372 6 454 068

Flute solo edited Robert Stallman Pub: International Music Company. ©1989. #3229 $15.95
No orchestra arrangement listed.

Flute and Band transcriptions

Carmen Fantaisie for Flute and Band (1979)
[Fantaisie Brillante pour la Flute (1900?)]
Arr. Arthur EPHROSS/ Mark RODGERS.
Grade: 4
Pub: Southern Music Co. Publications #R9 Band Score and Set for rent.
Flute and Piano #SS983 $12.00

Fantaisie Brillante sur Carmen
Solo Flute and Wind Orchestra, arr. Christian KIRPES (©2008).
Grade: Solo Very Difficult, Band Medium. Dur:10'30''
Pub: Bronsheim-Muziekuitgeverij, NL Band Score and Set 188,68 €

Francois Borne's Carmen Fantasie.
Author: Bruce Dwain Collins;
A symphonic band transcription.
1 score (iv, 74 leaves); 28 cm.
Dissertation: Thesis (M.A.)--West Texas State University, 1984.

Publications for Flute and other Ensembles of Instruments.

Borne, François (1840-1920 [sic]).
Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen.
[d'après l'] opéra de Georges Bizet : original pour flûte et piano
transcription: Perrine THIBAULT
pour Flûte et Trio à Cordes;
Description matérielle : 1 partition (20 p.) : couv. ill. en coul. ; 31 cm + 4
parties price: 33,50 € (inkl. MwSt)
Publication: Paris : G. Billaudot, 2007

Borne, Francois
Fantasie brillante sur l'opéra Carmen de Georges Bizet:
Edited: Dagmar & Joseph ZSAPKA.
Flute or Violin or Oboe & Guitar.
Order no. ECH534 Price 14,50 €
Verlag: Chanterelle Verlag.

Borne, Francois
Fantaisie brillante sur des airs de Carmen.
edited Iwan Roth et Raymond Meylan.
für Altsaxophon und Klavier.
Pub: Albert Kunzelmann GmbH ©1993 GM1633 C. F. Peters $26.50

Borne, François (1840-1920).
Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen: original pour flûte et piano.
Transcription: Rocco Parisi, pour Clarinette Basse en Si bémol et piano !
1 partition (23 p.) : couv. ill. en coul. ; 31 cm + 1partie
Collection : Collection Jean-François Verdier
Note: Durée : 11 min 10 s. - Degré : difficile (7-8)
Publication : Paris : G. Billaudot, 2002

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