CUSTOMIZED FLUTES - Make Life More Comfortable Beta Blockers And Performance Anxiety In Musicians
by Alexa Still
Flute Comfort for both the Hurting and the Presently OK
by Pauline Mancuso
Flutes Or Piccolos Could Harm Your Hearing Hearing Loss
by Stephen Strauss, printed here with permission from the Globe and Mail, Toronto and the author
Getting My Ear Plugs
by Kathy Russell (from FLUTE, July 1999)
Don't "PLAY" With Pain
by Barbara Hauser
John Lunn's performance injuries newsletter intended to be a reference tool for flutist's performance injuries. This site contains several articles on the subject and will grow over time. Highly recommended for those flute players with an interest or need to learn about flute related health issues
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How to Protect Your Hearing When Playing Your Musical Instrument by Steven A Wicks
A Report by the beta blocker study committee of FLUTE: Karla Harby, freelance writer and amateur flutist. Kathrin Kucharski, clinical pharmacist and amateur flutist. Sarah Tuck (committee chair) professional flutist. Julia Vasquez, professional flutist