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August 14 to 27, 2000
I was absolutely stunned when Larry Krantz asked if I would be ďFLUTE Featured MemberĒ. I almost said no thinking people might actually fall asleep at their keyboards, but then I thought hey, maybe they really need a nap. So... I am not a professional, but I do love playing the flute. I enjoy reading ďFLUTEĒ even though I often feel that I donít have too much to offer. I thank the list owners and everyone who shares their wealth of knowledge and experience.

I almost started playing the flute in fifth grade, but mom said we couldnít afford a flute. I almost started playing the flute in sixth grade but the band teacher decided there were too many flutes already, and I didnít want to play any other instrument. I did start playing flute in junior high school on a school instrument and I loved it. I practiced all the time and sat in first chair. I even went to summer school to play in summer band. But in high school when I told the guidance counselor that I wanted to major in music, she told me it would be a big mistake because I would never make a living with it. This was very depressing for me. I couldnít think of anything else I wanted to do but play my flute and be a music teacher. My heart wasnít into it any more so my playing suffered. I even went into the flag team in marching band so I wouldnít have to play my flute. Sadly I took the counselors advice and once I graduated, I put my flute away to collect dust in the closet almost fifteen years ago. I started going to college for accounting and quit because I really didnít care for it. I didnít go back because I didnít know what I wanted to go to school for.

When a friend called a few years ago to tell me she was getting married, she asked if I would play flute at her wedding. After I got done laughing I tried to tell her I hadnít played since high school, but she insisted. I did and when started playing again, my love for playing the flute returned. I began playing seriously again and spent all my spare time practicing. I still had the desire to teach music so now at 32, I am slowly pursuing a degree in music education. It took me almost a year to find a flute teacher who was willing to take an adult student. I found a wonderful teacher, Anne Brown, who works and plays for the Port Huron/Sarnia International Symphony. She has been really great in helping me grow as a musician and a teacher. Since I am her last student of the day, we end the lesson sight-reading duets. I have a gift for sight-reading and we both enjoy playing the duets. I took the fall and summer semesters off of school to stay at home with my new baby, and Iím looking forward to going back this fall.

Right now, Iím active in my church and Iím part of my church worship team. I have a shower voice, so I try to play flute as much as I can. Itís a great opportunity to do some arranging since there isnít much contemporary worship music written for flute. I also play recorder and tinwhistle, too. Our team is writing and recording some original praise & worship music and Iím hoping to be a part of it soon. I was so excited when I was invited to play for our local National Day of Prayer which was broadcast on the local radio station, but I got strep throat the day before and had to cancel. Maybe next year. Iíve also played for weddings and even the local retirement home. Iím currently arranging some of my own praise and worship music for flute that I hope to get recorded some day along with some music for children. Iím also developing some programs to introduce young children in my area to art and music.

I live in Port Huron, Michigan home to the Blue Water Bridge to Sarnia, Canada. Iíll be married for six years this September to my wonderful husband Scott, and were blessed to be parents to Noah, a very active 7 month old. I work at my church part time as a Ministry Assistant (which is a fancy name for a secretary), and Iím the webauthor to their web page www.thecornerstonechurch.org. I love my Lord and my music, and have a heart to share them both with everyone. Thank you for reading this, and may God richly bless you.

Ann Kerchner

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