FLUTE Member Of The Week
May 22 to 28, 2000

I'd like to thank everyone for allowing me to be the member of the week. It's a real honor to be chosen!!! I've really enjoyed being a part of the Flute List. I've learned so much during my time on the list.

Well here it goes.....

I've always loved music. As a child I used to make up songs and sing them all the time. I grew up hearing, "Kathy, will you please shut up!" from my parents. When I was in 4th grade we got to pick our instruments. I'll admit flute wasn't my first choice (drums were but my parents said a quick no that!) but I ended up with a flute. My first flute was a...horror of horrors, a Bundy, but it was a flute and it played. Our band director gave us group lessons in the summer. My dad used to get his old trumpet or his violin out and play duets with me. Those times were so special to me. I always had so much fun doing it!

In 7th grade I discovered the wonders of a piccolo. My parents bought me a silver one (can't remember the brand) but it was so much fun. In high school I still had my Bundy and joined marching band and my parents then got me a wooden piccolo. I enjoyed marching and concert band and did well in both. During this time, I started piano lessons as well. I progressed quickly with that too. I decided that I wanted to go to college for music. I had thought about majoring in piano with a minor in flute.

Before I could even get to college, I met the most wonderful man in the world and married him! That pretty much blew college away for me. I had my first child 1 yr and 9mths after we were married. I'd gotten rid of my flute and piccolos but maintained my piano playing at church and weddings. I'd always missed playing my flute but with 4 kids I was busy!

One night I was watching a PBS broadcast and had the most wonderful flutist on, Pedro Eustache, and after watching I knew I had to start playing again. My sister-in-law gave me her old flute (another Bundy!) and started searching for a teacher and found Rebecca Price Arrensen, Piccolist and Asst. Princ. for the Indpls. Symphony Orchestra. My husband was nice enough to buy me another flute, a Yamaha 461. Becky has taught me so much and has been such an encouragement to me. I also joined the Indianapolis Municipal Band. Last fall I was able to buy a Gemeinhardt 4P piccolo and now am playing piccolo also for my band. I enjoy it so much! I'm also the pianist (one and only) for our church and plan the special music. I even bought a Chinese flute and have taught myself how to play it.

It's funny, but I always wanted to play music, and be a mom. Now 19 yrs out of high school and 4 kids later the Lord has allowed me to be able to do both! I may not be getting paid with money for what I do, but there are so many other rewards I get! I still want that new, "pro" model flute, but for now mine's doing fine! I'm so thankful to my parents for getting me interested in music and allowing me to play and buying my insturments for me. I'm thankful to my husband and kids who put up with me going to rehearsals and concerts and practicing! They are so supportive. And I'm thankful to Pedro for giving me my desire back and Becky for putting up with me and teaching me!

Kathy Borgman

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