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March 27 to April 2, 2000

Hello everyone,

I am really delighted that Larry has asked me to do this. I think that FLUTE is great and although I do look at it everyday, I rarely have a chance to reply or write anything to it because I am just TOO busy with everything else in my life. Everyone who knows me says I work too hard - maybe I do!

I currently teach flute for the Brighton and Hove Music Service and have over one hundred students every week ranging in age from 8 to 19. Many of the children are taught in groups of approximately four, but once they are about Grade 5 level (able to play something like Mozart's Andante in C) they have individual lessons. I have to teach six days a week, on a Saturday we have the very keen students who come to our music school for group lessons, flute choir and wind band. My students are of all ability levels. My favourite - yes, I know I shouldn't have favourites - is a lovely girl called Lizzie who has Downs Syndrome. She is eleven, but has a mental age of four. She can now play long and short notes and is an incredible joy to teach. I really love all of my teaching, it is just a pity I have to do so much of it.

Why do I do so much? To keep Flutewise going of course!

Below is the "official bit" about me and Flutewise, which might interest you or it might not. Flutewise is extremely hard work. It is just like having another child. It is very demanding, expensive, messy, annoying, etc., but at the same time very rewarding and we are all incredibly proud of it. By we, I mean my family and close friends. I am very lucky at having such a supportive family. My husband, Tony, does a great deal of the administration for me these days. The star of the family has to be Andy. He is 17 now and he started doing the layout for the magazine when he was 13. If you have seen the magazine, you must admit that he does a brilliant job. This job is usually done in the early hours of the morning, he calls himself "Up All Night Productions"!! If I stop and think about the work involved in Flutewise I can't even begin to think how any of us cope with it. My favourite aspects are our residential courses and the opportunities it has given me to travel.

I'm also lucky with my enormous circle of close friends, not only those who are physically near to me, but those all over the world. Jimmy and Jeanne Galway are superb friends, no one could wish for better, but they are not the only ones and they are too numerous to mention. Flutewise does need all the help and support it can get, I wish everyday that I could devote more time to it as I have so many ideas and plans that would not only benefit our young players but everyone in the flute world. If there is anyone out there reading this who feels they can help in any way, please, please get in touch.

A bit about me - I was born in the North East of England and started playing the flute when I was about ten. I had a wonderful teacher called Eddie Shearer who was a saxophonist in a dance band and then Christine Ring. I decided at the age of 18 I really didn't just want to spend my life playing the flute, but I wanted to teach. I studied to be a classroom teacher and a few years later I recommenced my flute studies with Adrian Brett and later Edward Blakeman and Pat Lynden.

We now live on the south coast of England, about 50 miles south of London and we have two sons, Mark who is 19 and at Sussex University reading law and is a bass trombonist. Our younger son, Andy, is a bassoonist and composer and often can be heard on my bass flute. Andy is on a pre-professional music course at the East Sussex Academy of Music in Lewes. We have two cats - a very old black and white one called Taffie (his brother, Gaubie died a few years ago) and a young silver tabby called Doppy who thinks she is a parrot and loves sitting on shoulders. Maybe you can work out where the cats in our house get their names.

In my spare time I enjoy gardening, watching the odd soap opera and reading, but my favourite pastime is spending time with friends - and if I can't see them, I'm happy having very long chats on the phone!

Liz Goodwin - Biography as of March 2000

Liz Goodwin is a qualified classroom teacher and currently a full-time teacher of flute for the Brighton and Hove Music Service. For the last twelve years she has spent much of her free time devoted to Flutewise and organising events for young musicians.

In 1988 Liz Goodwin set up Flutewise with the aim of promoting flute playing especially amongst the young. To fulfil these aims Liz edits and produces a quarterly magazine and organises events around the U.K. as well as in the U.S.A., Australia and other parts of Europe. Flutewise holds a stock of instruments which are available on loan to deprived youngsters. Flutewise has also supported a variety of charitable causes which include the Prince's Trust, AIDS charities and school projects in Sudan and Kenya. Flutewise has since been granted registered charity status in recognition of this work.

The magazine is now distributed throughout the world and contains articles written by some of the world's leading authorities on the flute as well as including contributions from the readers themselves. There is a heavy emphasis on reader involvement with flutepals, a letters page, competitions, quizzes, music to play and details of events they can attend. This complements a variety of more serious articles on flute care, the flute repertoire and biographies of well known flute players.

Flutewise events vary in size and content. There have been several very large events at the Barbican Centre in 1992, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. These have attracted 5,000 people over two days. Leading performers from all over the world have contributed to these events freely. Single day events are often held throughout the country and residential courses are held three times a year in Sussex. James Galway and his wife, Jeanne, are very supportive and during UK and US concert tours workshops have been held during which James and Jeanne Galway have performed with the children for 20-30 minutes before the evening performance. Liz Goodwin has been involved with several TV programmes with the Galways and Flutewise, including appearances on Blue Peter and the South Bank Show.

Flutewise in the U.S.A. was launched in New York City on St. Patrick's Day 1998 with James and Jeanne Galway, Phil Coulter and students from New York City's Performing Arts School in the presence of the Mayor of New York City. This event had National TV coverage. Interest in Flutewise is growing steadily in the US and there have been Flutewise events in North Carolina and Colorado. The magazine is distributed there by the Theodore Presser Company.

Liz Goodwin is the author of the highly acclaimed tutor book, The Fife Book - an introduction to the flute using a Yamaha fife, which has been adopted as a starter course for young flute players by education authorities across the UK and there is growing interest in the method all over the world. A follow-up tutor " From Fife to Flute" is currently in preparation.

Liz Goodwin has travelled extensively giving classes for Flutewise and about music education. Recently she has given presentations at the NFA conventions in Atlanta, Phoenix and Chicago, the Australian flute convention in Brisbane, the British Flute Society convention and at events in Sweden and Belgium. Later this year she will appear at the 3rd Slovenian Flute Convention.

Plans are well under way for further expansion. A tour of five Australian cities is being prepared for the Spring of 2001 and further events in the U.S.A. include Minnesota in the Fall of this year. Liz also has plans to relaunch the Flutewise magazine over six issues each year, to include CD recordings by professional players of different aspects of the flute repertoire.

Despite the huge amount of work that Liz (and her family) put into the success of Flutewise, everything is done without payment, for the love of the instrument and the enthusiasm that Flutewise has brought to countless young players.



Liz Goodwin

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