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February 21 to 27, 2000

It's been a long time ago since I joined the LIST (after Ruth Ann McClain informed me about - THANK YOU Ruth Ann) and from that moment on I need to admit that I got so many useful information regarding the repertoire, flute technique, health problems..... with one sentence: I realised that it doesn't matter on which side of the globe you are (I am) we really can share our common ideas. Sometimes you may get so useful information from Flute Beginner and other time from Jimmy himself........That's why is that so interesting.
Shocker - Green Places (Troll Garden)
SAZAS 105210
Matej Zupan Discography
    Matej Zupan (born 1970, Slovenija-Europe) is the principal flutist of the Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra and resides in the central Slovenian town of Zagorje ob Savi . He completed his graduate and post graduate studies at the Academy of Music at University of Ljubljana under professor Fedja Rupel, and later went on to complete specialised studies with Mario Ancillotti and to attend master classes led by Trevor Wye, Michel Debost, Peter-Lukas Graf and James Galway. He is the winner of several first prizes and other accolades in national competitions, and is a member of the VIVA youth wind orchestra from Zagorje, the Woodwind Quintet Ariart and the Flute Quartet Forem. As a soloist and member of various chamber groups he has performed extensively throughout Slovenia, Europe and the US. He has recorded for Slovene Radio and TV, RAI and ORF. Since 1993 he has taught at the Academy of Music at University of Ljubljana.
Larry, Helen, John an Nelson. Please do take care of yourself and of your HARDWARE (health) so that we'll be able to continue the privilege of modern world.

List members........... enjoy the music........flute is only one instrument among many of them.

Best wishes from Slovenija

Matej Zupan

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