FLUTE Member Of The Week
June 1 to 6, 1999
Hi! I'm Nancy Holmer and as one of the amateur players on the list I'm honored to be chosen as list member of the week. Here I am at work in the library where we each had our pictures taken recently with our favorite book for a library display. I don't usually really have my flute at work!

I was born in 1950 in Humansville, (honest!!) a small town in southwest Missouri about 50 miles north of Springfield, where I've lived all my adult life. I began my musical life at age 7 with piano lessons. I began playing flute at 9 in the school band program. I chose flute at the suggestion of my flute-playing band teacher. I played what I now realize was an amazingly bad school instrument until I graduated from high school.

A few years later I really missed having a flute, but couldn't afford to buy one. I bought a soprano recorder and taught myself to play that as a substitute. Within a short period of time I was found by a recorder consort and have played with them ever since. (That was in 1972!)

About that time I found a used silver-plated Artley student flute that I could just afford. And that's what I'm still playing, although I have great hopes of upgrading a bit in the near future.

In January 1984 a community band was started here at Southwest Missouri State University and I signed up immediately. Even though playing flute alone is fun it's nothing compared to being part of a large group. When the band started many of us had hardly played for many years. But the band has progressed a great deal since our beginnings. There are about 80 of us and we play a variety of band literature. Currently we are preparing a concert for the Missouri Bandmasters Association meeting in June.

My recorder group mostly plays for our own enjoyment, but we sometimes perform at church, at weddings, and especially at Christmas gatherings. I also play the flute at church occasionally, sometimes alone, sometimes with piano or another flute, and sometimes with a viola and piano.

In my "real" life I work in Acquisitions and Collection Development at the Southwest Missouri State University Library. To sum it up VERY briefly and leaving out a lot, I buy books-lots and lots of books! And working in the library has turned out to be how I make my contribution to the list. There are lots of more talented and knowledgeable musicians on the list. But not very many others have instant access to OCLC (a library cataloging utility), which answers a lot of questions about titles, publishers, recording numbers, and sometimes birth and death dates. And of course there are many other reference tools in the library with which I can sometimes answer questions.

I have 2 adult daughters, Heidi, a violinist and children's librarian in Indianapolis and Katy, a trumpet player who is a graduate student in historic preservation at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. In my spare time I enjoy embroidery and quilting, reading, cycling (for about 13 years we used bicycles as transportation and didn't own a car), gardening, and working on my old house.

I've enjoyed meeting all of you through this list, some even in person! It's been a terrific learning experience and a lot of fun.

Nancy Holmer
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