FLUTE Member Of The Week
February 15 to 21, 1999
Phyllis Avidan Louke lives in Beaverton, Oregon (a suburb of Portland) and performs with the Rose City Flute Choir and Oregon Symphonic Band, maintains a private studio, teaches 6th grade band in the Lake Oswego Public Schools and freelances in Portland, Oregon. She has performed with the National Flute Association Professional Flute Choir on bass flute at the NFA Convention since 1993 and with the American Flute Orchestra on their 1997 tour to France, their 1998 tour to Germany and Austria, and 1999 tour to Italy. In 1998, Phyllis played bass flute with the National Flute Choir on two CDs of Flute Choir music available through ALRY Publications. In August, she will again perform with the National Flute Choir on two new CD's of Flute Choir music.

She is very involved in flute activities in Portland and has served as Treasurer for the Greater Portland Flute Society since 1990, as well as Conductor and Music Director of Rose City Flute Choir since 1994. Additionally, several of her arrangements for flute ensembles from trios to flute choirs, as well as an original work, "Une Chanson du Printemps", have been published by Pan Publications and Nourse Wind Publications. Two additional works are to be published by ALRY Publications in Spring 1999: "Suite Butterfly", an original programmatic work for either flute quartet or flute choir, and "Jewish Liturgical Music for Two Flutes". Ms. Louke graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara and studied with Burnett Atkinson. She is married and has two children.

Now that you've seen the "official" bio, here's the rest of the story... My flute playing is a product of the Los Angeles Public School Band Program. Although I grew up in the land of studio musicians, I never studied flute privately until I went to college at University of California at Santa Barbara. Wanting to teach elementary school, it never occurred to me to major in music, as I'd had very little formal training, so I majored in mathematics and minored in music. Although I was not a music major, Burnett Atkinson (the flute professor at UCSB) agreed to give me private lessons if I would play with his flute choir (not that I knew what a flute choir was--this was the early 1970's after all!)

While doing my student teaching in elementary education, I met my husband, Sam (a trombone player) in the UCSB Band. We married following his graduation and moved to Oregon, where Sam got a job with Intel Corporation as an engineer. After the birth of our daughter, Marissa, I put my flute away and didn't play for eight years (I STILL can't believe that I did that...). I started playing again when our son, Jeremy was in preschool, and then started teaching flute privately a year later.

In my spare time (what spare time???), I enjoy gardening, doing needlework, sewing, bowling, playing with our wirehair dachshund, Daisy (with me in the picture), and writing and arranging music. Currently, I'm trying to find the time to file the piles of music that are cluttering up my studio, so I can find the countertops again (of course, finding the top of my desk is an ongoing battle!). Oh yes, and by the way, I just started taking a Composition class with Tomas Svoboda at Portland State University. I guess I'd better get back to that chorale that's due on Monday...

Phyllis Louke

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