FLUTE Member Of The Week
September 06 to 12, 1999
As you can see on the first photo, I'm not really a flutist. However, the second photo clearly shows that I'm a strongly flute-related person. My wife Véronique is a flutist. We often perform together in flute-piano recitals, and I compose lots of flute pieces for Véronique or her students. If you are interested in my biography, I suggest that you look on my website. There you'll be able to decide whether I'm French or Hungarian, whether I'm a musician or a scientist. Now I prefer to tell here what means to me the FLUTE list.

At the beginning, I subscribed because I thought Véronique would be interested in subjects treated on the list. Unfortunately, she hates to spend hours (even minutes) in front of a computer. However, I became more and more interested in the list's life. Next, several wonderful connections happened thanks to the list.

First, I met Linda True and Douglas Worthen, owners of Falls House Press. They were interested in my music, and since this epoch they published three of my scores (the fourth shall come soon). That was a fantastic event for me: it constituted the beginning of my international career as a composer.

Then, Ruth Ann McClain offered me to include a page about me on her Contemporary Composers of Music for Flute composers website. Later I discovered Geocities and I created my own website, but Ruth Ann's site was the really first one, so I felt this event as a real consecration.

Ruth Ann accomplished another very important thing for me. She premiered with Kathleen Chastain and Rose Marie Chisholm my "Conversations for two flutes and piano" at the Rhodes Flute Institute.

Beside these tangible experiences, FLUTE list offers me the feeling of belonging to a warm community. I have lots of friendly contacts, either concerning my compositions, or about different subjects. Unfortunately I don't have the time for read all postings, so I set my subscription to the INDEX mode. Thus I miss a lot of interesting subjects, but I'm not completely cut off from the list.

Now I have a foolish dream. More and more flutists perform my pieces, mostly in the United States and in Canada. I would like to fly to North America in order to meet in flesh and blood all these listmembers, and lots of others who I also consider as friends of mine. I would like to fly there with my family (with Véronique and Dora, my daughter aged 8), but we are not rich at all. I thought that if several of these distant friends could organize some flute and piano concerts for Véronique and me (Dora would also participate with her violin), the benefit of these concerts could cover the charges of the trip. If you think there is a possibility for such a concert in your college, university, music school, church, etc. say in summer of 2000, please email me at the address csillag@Len7.enseeiht.fr. In this concert we would willingly include yourself, for flute and piano, flute duet or two flutes and piano, or anything else that you would suggest.

Please feel free to contact me about anything you want. I have lots of documents about Hungarian music, especially Bartók. I live in Southern France, so I can fairly easily find France-related documents also. Above all, don't hesitate to ask me about my musics' scores!

See you on the FLUTE list!

Pierre Csillag

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