Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Flute/Piccolo Fingerings
Flute & Piccolo Fingerings

Basic Flute Fingering Chart

Flute Fingerings Above C4 from C#4 to F#4

Piccolo Fingerings from John Krell

Practical Alternate Fingerings for Flute by Wayne Hedrick

The Virtual Boehm Flute
by Andrew Botros
allows searches for:
* alternative fingerings for trills and for rapid passages: ask for the required note, and specify which keys would or would not be convenient to use.
* microtones.
* multiphonics. ask for two or three notes and it will tell you if they can be played as a chord and, if so, what fingering to use.
* gives the predicted response of the flute for any of the 26,000 possible fingerings.

Fingerings for six- and eight-keyed Flutes contributed by John D. Chovan

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