Flute & Cello Duets
Last Update: June 28, 2013

    These pieces have been compiled by Julia Larson Mattern & Heinz Wunsch with contributions from FLUTE list members and visitors to these pages.

    Publisher name or source of the arrangement has been included when known. Pieces listed without that information may not be published and may be difficult to obtain.

  1. Acker, Dieter - Duo (published by Breitkopf and Hartel)
    single movement, avant garde with spatial notation

  2. Adjemian, Vartan - Sonata for flute (in G and C) and violoncello (Editions Bim)

  3. Aho, Kalevi - 7 Inventions and a Postlude for oboe/treble recorder and violoncello (Fennica Gehrman Susanna Letinen)

  4. Alcock, John - 6 solos per flauto traverso o violino e basso (Ut Orpheus)

  5. Amaya, Efrain - Pres-ent (2009) for flute and cello (LaFi Publishers Ltd.)

  6. Argosh, Richard - Earthsong for flute and Cello (Brandeis University Library)

  7. Ayers, Lydia - Pearls for flute and cello (L Ayers)

  8. Bach, J.S. - 4 Duette aus den Clavierubungen Teil III (also called Organ Mass) (For Flute (Oboe, Violin) and Bassoon (Cello) (Edition 49)

  9. Bach, J.S. - Italienisches Konzert (BWV 971) for Altblockflute und Bassinstrument (Bassblockflute, Violoncello, Gambe, Fagott) (Wilhelmshaven [u.a.], Heinrichshofen)

  10. Bach, J.S. (Dr. Mark Feezell arr) - 15 Duets for Flute and Cello from the Two-part Inventions, BWV 772-786 (Score Exchange)

  11. Bach, J.S. (Feezell, Mark arr) - Duet no. 10 G-Dur BWV 781 from "15 Two-Part Inventions" (musiced.about.com)

  12. Bach, J.S. (Feezell, Mark arr) - Duet no. 15 h-Moll BWV 786 from 15 Two-Part Inventions (musiced.about.com)

  13. Bach, J.S. (Philippe l'olive arr) - Invention No.1 in C Major for Flute and Cello BWV 772 (Score Exchange)

  14. Bach, J.S. - 15 Two-Part Inventions BWV772-786 for flute and cello or bassoon (UT Orpheus)

  15. Baeyens, Louis - Piranesi-Suite voor fluit en cello (Editions Metropolis)

  16. Balazs, Frederic - Song for flute and v'cello (Manuskript, held at New York Public Library)

  17. Bancquart, Alain - Duo pour flute et violoncelle (Ricordi)

  18. Bartholomew, Greg - Beneath the apple tree for flute and cello (Burke & Bagley)

  19. Beekum, Jan van - Duets for treble clef and bass clef for flute (oboe ,violin, clarinet) and cello (bassoon) 2 volumes (Harmonia)

  20. Beethoven - Three Duets (published by Kalmus)
    about 8:00 each, 2-3 contrasting movements each, early Beethoven, very nice

  21. Beethoven, Ludwig van - Variations on the air "See the conquering hero comes" for flute and cello (C. Wheatstone)

  22. Benshoof, Ken - Places Remembered (published by the composer, approximately 13 minutes)
    contemporary work in three movements, the first movement is written in a free style overall, with cadenza-like writing for the flute over simple chords in the cello, occasionally broken up by rhythmic, eighth-note motives in both parts. The second movement features a slow simple melody in the cello over sustained chords in the flute. The last movement uses a series of repeated motives in each part, creating a series of continuous eighth notes that slowly die out to conclude the work

  23. Berbiguier, Benoit Tranquille - 3 sonates pour flute et violoncelle op. 23 (Leduc)

  24. Berbiguier, Benoit Tranquillo - Trois nouvelles sonates pour flu te avec accompt. de basse (ad libitum) op.79 (A.M. Schlesinger)

  25. Berkeley, Michael - American suite for recorder (or flute) and bassoon (or cello) (Oxford University Press)

  26. Bernet, Atie - Ricercare & Invention Opus 107 for alto recorder & cello (Bernet, Atie)

  27. Bernstein, Leonard - Variations on an octatonic scale for recorder and cello (Boosey & Hawkes)

  28. Besozzi, Alessandro - Divertimento in F (published by Urtext Premiere Publication)
    late baroque, 4 short movements, about the difficulty of Telemann (or less), originally for oboe so range is in staff

  29. Besozzi, Alessandro - Divertimento in E Minor (published by Urtext Premiere Publication)
    same idea as F Major, but three movements

  30. Bitti, Martino - 8 sonate a due per suonarsi con flauto o vero violino e basso (UT Orpheus)

  31. Bjerre, Jens - Samspil mellem for flute & cello (Jens Bjerres arkiv)

  32. Blavet, Michel - Sonates meloes de pieces oeuvre II pour la flute traversiere avec la basse (Studio Per Edizioni Scelte)

  33. Bliss, Marilyn - Blue dawn for Native American flute and violoncello (JP Publications)

  34. Blumenthaler, Volker - Elegie für Flöte oder Violine und Violoncello (Bote & Bock)

  35. Blom, Diana - Lute and flute for treble recorder and violoncello (Orpheus Music)

  36. Bodensohn, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm - 3 Pastoralen for Sopranflute und Violoncello (Fagott) oder viele andere Besetzungen (Bodensohn)

  37. Bodensohn, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm - Partita Nr.1 for Flute und Violoncello (Erstausgabe Bodensohn)

  38. Bodensohn, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm - "Gedächtnis-Suite" für Altquerflöte und Violoncello

  39. Bon, Anna - VI sonate per il flauto traversiere, violoncello o cembalo opera prima (Studio per Ed. Scelte)

  40. Bourdin-Visbecq, Isabelle - Visbecq Flute et Violoncelle (Fertile Plaine Editions)

  41. Bourdin-Visbecq, Isabelle - Eros (Fertile Plaine Editions)

  42. Braun - Six Duets (published by Medici Music Press)
    early classical style, each has short, contrasting movements, light style, not difficult technically

  43. Brings, Allen - Duologue 4 for Flute & cello (Mira Music Associates)

  44. Bronis, Przybylski Bronis - 24 Spring Preludes for Flute and Violoncello

  45. Brookhouse, Winthrop - Flute and Cello Duet C major (Winthrop Brookhouse)

  46. Brueggemann, Kurt - Music for an Art Exibition in Form einer Sonatine fur Flute und Violoncello (Munich, Max Hieber)

  47. Bruun, Peter - Mojacar la vieja for alto flute and cello (Wilhelm Hansen)

  48. Bunge, Sas - Duo voor fluit en violoncello (Donemus)

  49. Burns, Christopher - Tangle for flute and cello (held at University of California, San Diego)

  50. Butterley, Nigel - The wind stirs gently for flute and cello (Australian Music Centre)

  51. Call, Leonard von - Drei Duos for Oboe oder Flute und Fagott oder Violoncello (C-Dur, F-Dur und B-Dur) op. 12 (Amadeus)

  52. Cambini, Guiseppe - Six Sonatas (published by Amadeus)
    late classical style, flute part is fairly showy, cello is more of a bass accompaniment, each has multiple movements, published in two volumes

  53. Campana, Jose Luis - Pezzo per due (violoncello or contrebasse) (G. Billaudot)

  54. Campo - Children’s Songs & Silly Games

  55. Caplan, Toby - Kol Nidre (published by ALRY)
    a nice setting of this important Jewish song, lyric and expressive

  56. Caresana, Natali, Piochi, Giorgio - 9 duets for descant recorder and viol (violoncello) by Italian masters of the 17th century (Ut Orpheus)

  57. Carrière, Jean Paul - Icare, pour flûte et violoncelle op. 12 (free-scores.com)

  58. Carter, Elliott - Enchanted Preludes (published by Boosey and Hawkes)
    single movement, atonal work, complex rhythms and ensemble

  59. Carrick, Richard - La Scene Miniature (self published)
    for piccolo and cello

  60. Cecconi-Bates, A. - Cabra for flute & cello (Manuscript Music)

  61. Celan, Paul - Tuebingen Jaenner (1988) for Bassfloete, Violoncello und Sprechstimme ad lib. (Edition Gravis)

  62. Ciarlantini, Paola - Frammenti notturni per flauto e violoncello (Berben)

  63. Cicuttini, Renata Zatti - Elan pour flute ou violon et violoncelle (Pizzicato Helvetia)

  64. Coiteux, Francis - Vacances aux îles Carolines pour flûte et violoncelle (Notissimo)

  65. Colquhoun, Michael - Three for Two as One, Suite for flute & cello

  66. Connesson, Guillaume - Toccata-nocturne pour flute et violoncelle (Billaudot)

  67. Constant, Marius - Pour flute et un instrument "Morceau de Concours du Conservatoire National Superieur" For flute and keyboard instrument (organ, piano, harpsichord, etc.); harp; guitar; percussion; or low string instrument (violoncello or double bass) (Editions Salabert)

  68. Corbett, Sidney - Della pieta for Flute und Violoncello (Verl. Neue Musik)

  69. Corbett, Dr. Sydney - Omaggio a Caravaggio for flute and cello

  70. Cresswell, Lyell - Variations on a theme by Charles Ives for flute and cello (Wellington : Waiteata Press)

  71. Curtis, Leah - Clarity for flute (doubling bass flute and vocalising while playing) and cello (Australian Music Centre)

  72. Cytron, W.A. - Three pieces for a Christmas for flute and cello (McGinnis & Marx Music Publishers)

  73. Cyz, Jan - 5 pieces for flute and cello (Liana Bertok)

  74. Dangel, Arthur - Intermezzi op. 67,2 Intermezzo II "... ausgehend vom Mesto" for Flute und Cello (Ed. Musica Rinata)

  75. Danzi, Franz - Three Duos, Op. 64 (published by Musikverlag Hans Sikorski)
    each in short, contrasting movements, fairly flashy in fast movements, very nice

  76. Devienne, Francois - 6 kleine Duette op. 82 for Flute und Cello (Musikdruck, ArtSyrinx)

  77. Devienne, Francois - Six solos for the flute with an accompaniment for the bass op. 58 (Nachdruck der Ausgabe London)

  78. Devigne, A.F. - Variations brillantes sur un thème de Rossini pour flute et violoncelle (Richault)

  79. Devigne, A.F. - Vingt Variations sur un air Mystères d'Isis op.1 pour flute et violoncelle (Richault)

  80. Dinescu, Violeta - Narigueras Variante fur Flote und Cello (Oldenburg Violeta Dinescu)

  81. Dohl, Friedhelm - The Evening/The Night (published by Breifkopf)
    avant garde with extended techniques, two short movements

  82. Doran, Matt - Sonatina (published by Western International Music)
    contemporary work written in traditional style, 3 movements, rather light style, especially last movement

  83. Dothel, Niccolo - VI sonate per flauto e violoncello op. II (Studio per Edizioni Scelte)

  84. Eccles, Lance - Toccata, cantabile and brawl for tenor recorder and violoncello (Orpheus Music)

  85. Eckardt, Jason - Flux for alto flute & and violoncello (Subito Music)

  86. Eckert, Gerald - Nachtbogen for Flute (Altflute) und Violoncello (Bad Schwalbach, Edition Gravis)

  87. Elgar, Edward (Tim New arr) - Salut d'amour (Duet For Flute amd Cello/Bassoon)

  88. Enriquez, Manuel - Tres invenciones para flauta y cello (Andere Titel Inventions)

  89. Faivre, Christian - Duet for flute and cello (Free-scores.com)

  90. Farkas, Ferenc - Dialoghi per flauto e violoncello (Ancona : Bèrben)

  91. Febonio, T.G. - Rustic Airs and Folk Dances (published by ALRY)
    short, contrasting dances, mostly written in staff, not difficult

  92. Feezell, von Mark - 13 Duets for Flute and Cello from Bach's English and French Suites

  93. Fenner, Burt - Suite for flute or violin and bassoon or cello (Seesaw Music Corp)

  94. Fernandes, Maria Helena Rosas - 4 Cantilena No. 2 (for flute and cello)

  95. Ferrara - Divertimento No. 1

  96. Fiala, Joseph - Duo Konzertant in F Major (published by Amadeus)
    about 12:00, classical style, 3 contrasting movements, very nice, originally for bassoon and there is some awkward leaping for cello in last movement

  97. Fiala, Joseph (Read, Jesse A. arr) - Duo concertante no. 1 in F and no. 2 in C for flute/oboe and bassoon/cello (Nova Music)

  98. Fiala, Joseph - Duetto No. 1 für Oboe und Fagott (Edition Grundner)

  99. Fiala, Joseph - Duetto No. 4 für Oboe und Fagott (Edition Grundner)

  100. Fiala, Joseph - Duetto No. 5 für Oboe und Fagott (Edition Grundner)

  101. Fiala, Joseph - Zwei Duette fur Oboe und Bratsche oder Violoncello (Supraphon, Musica viva historica)

  102. Fischer, Johann Christian - Duett in G-Dur for Flute oder Oboe und Fagott oder Violoncello (Universal Edition)

  103. Fowler, Jennifer - Lament for alto recorder and cello (Manuskript held at Bowling Green State University)

  104. Frank, Gabriela Lena - Cuatro bosquejos pre-incaicos for flute and cello (G. Schirmer)

  105. Freidlin, Jan - Duo-Partita for Flute and Cello (Musik Fabrik)

  106. Friedrich, Ludwig Albert - VI Sonate da Camera a Flauto traverso o Violino Solo e Cembalo o Violoncello op. II (Giovanni Christiano Leopold)

  107. Gadsch, Herbert - Metamorphosen einer Melodie von Bartholomäus Gesius (Edition musica Rinata)

  108. Gaude, Theodor - Theme avec treize variations pour le flute avec accompagnement de violoncelle (N.Simrock, H.Simrock)

  109. Gebauer, Michel Joseph - Three Duos (published by Amadeus)
    classical style, each has contrasting movements, difficulty on the level of Haydn or Mozart

  110. Gentile, Ada - Flash back per flauto e violoncello (Ricordi)

  111. Gortheil, Bernhard - Fink und Frosch fur Sopranblockflote und Klarinette (oder Fagott/Violoncello) (Moeck)

  112. Götte, Ulli - Invention for Flöte und Violoncello (Delphin Musical Association)

  113. Grabner, Hermann - Music for the home, Kleine Serenade for Flute und Fagott oder Violine und Violoncello (Kistner & Siegel)

  114. Guignard, Eric - Schweizer Volkstänze für Flöte oder Violine und Violoncello (Winterthur, Amadeus-Verlag)

  115. Guignard, Eric - 24 [Twenty-four] ancient dances (Winterthur : Amadeus-Verlag)

  116. Guignard, Eric - 13 Duos für Flöte (oder Violine, Oboe, Blockflöte) und Violoncello (Zürich : Hug)

  117. Gutierrez Heras, Joaquin - Duet, Flute, violoncello (Ediciones Mexicanas de Musica)

  118. Gutierez Heras, Joaquin - Duet, flute in G and cello (Inba)

  119. Gutierez Heras, Joaquin - Serie D (Ediciones Mexicanas de Musica)

  120. Hallgrimsson, Haflidi - Verse I 1975 Sea Nocturne op.4 (for Robert Aitken) for flute and cello (Islenzk Tonverkamiðstoð)

  121. Hameenniemi, Eero - Duo (published by Fazer)
    short, single movement, avant garde work with extended techniques

  122. Hart, Weldon - Interlude for flute and bassoon or cello (J. Spratt)

  123. Hartman, Christian Karl, Mussard, Le Roy, F.P. - VI Sonates avec des airs varies pour flute et violoncelle ou accompagnement de forte piano (Mussard)

  124. Haubiel, Charles - Suite for flute and violoncello (Seesaw)

  125. Haugen, Marty - Two Simple Songs for Lent for C Instrument and Cello (GIA Publications)

  126. Handel - Acht Stucke (published by Amadeus)
    short, contrasting pieces, very simple, written in the staff

  127. Hauff, Ferdinand - Duo for flute and bassoon/cello (E. Thomi-Berg)

  128. Hayakawa, Kazuko - "Ho" (fluctuation) for flute and cello (Japan Fed. of Composers JFC 8614)

  129. Hegaard, Lars - Mandala for flute (alternating alto flute) and cello (Samfundet til udgivelse af dansk musik)

  130. Heinichen, Johann David - Sonate c-Moll für Oboe/Flöte und Violoncello (Breitkopf & Härtel)

  131. Heiss, John - Five Pieces (published by Southern)
    short, contrasting movements, atonal but traditional

  132. Hess, Willy - Sonate für Flöte und Violoncello, op. 142 (Amadeus-Verlag, 1996)

  133. Hicken, Steven D. - Yellow forms-- bits of blue-- touched red for flute and violoncello (Manuskript)

  134. Hill, Edie - Land meeting sky, four sketches of New Mexico's landscape for flute and cello (E. Hill)

  135. Hoch, James S. - Duo for alto flute and cello op. 19 (Zims Music)

  136. Hofman, Leopold - Divertimento (published by Amadeus)
    originally for flute/bassoon, easy classical in three movements, all fast

  137. Honegger, Arthur - Trois contrepoints 1: Prélude à 2 voix -- 2: Choral à 3 voix -- 3: Canon sur basse obstinée à 4 voix (W. Hansen)

  138. Hughes, Robert - Sonitudes for flute and cello (Carl Fischer)

  139. Hye-Knudsen, Johan - 2 Kammerduette for Flute und Violoncell op. 4 (Hansen)

  140. Inagaki, Seiichi - Doppel-phon for Flute und Violoncello (Japan Federation of Composers JFC 8412)

  141. Iranyi, Gabriel - Begegnungen for Floote und Violoncello (Neue Musik)

  142. Irsen, Heinz - Dialoge for Flute und Cello (Werner Icking Musik Archiv)

  143. Jacquard, Leon - Divertissement Flute et violoncelle (Durand)

  144. Jansa, Leopold - Duo, Op. 72, No. 2 (published by Pan Publications)
    transcribed from violin/cello duo, late classical style, three movements, very nice, difficulty on the level of Haydn or Mozart

  145. Jevtic, Ivan - Musica per Due (published by LeDuc)
    8:20 long, contemporary single movement work, just purchased at NFA, looks very interesting, brilliant ending, plenty for both players to do

  146. Johnson, Robert Sherlaw - Uniform Title Sonata for flute & violoncello (Oxford University Press)

  147. Joplin, Scott - The Easy Winners (published by ALRY)
    arrangement of Joplin rag—fun and cute

  148. Kelley, Daniel - Intermediate Christmas music for two flute, oboe or violin and cello or bassoon (Last Resort Music)

  149. Kelley, Daniel - Music for two (vol. 1-4): Traditional Christmas music for flute, oboe, or violin and cello or bassoon (Last Resort Music)

  150. Kennaway, Lamont - Interrupted serenade for flute or bassoon/violoncello (Hinrichsen Edition)

  151. Keusen-Nickel, Ursula - Mosaic, Op.9

  152. Keusen-Nickel, Ursula - Sardanita für Flöte und Violoncello op.13 Nr.1 (Tonger Musikverlag)

  153. Kleinknecht, Friedrich - Sei sonate a flauto traversiere solo e basso (S.P.E.S.)

  154. Kogan, Lev - Chamber music for oboe and bassoon or flute and violoncello (Israeli Music Publ)

  155. Kolb, Barbara - Extremes (published by Boosey and Hawkes)
    9:00 long, contemporary, more avant garde than Jevtic, less than Carter, 2 movements performed attaca, lyric 1st movement, rhythmic second movement, piece is built on exploring musical extremes, one of the more difficult works for this combination

  156. Krufft, Peter Philipp - 6 Sonate a Flauto Traveriere Con Viloncello Overo Cembalo (Faksimile, Spielpartitur)

  157. Kurylewicz, Andrzej - Capriccio a due for Flute and cello (Agencja Autorska)

  158. Kuu, Oi - Titelzusatz for bass flute and cello (Kaija)

  159. Kuusisto, Ilkka - Do huilulle ja cellolle (Somalaisen musiikin tiedotuskeskus)

  160. Kuusisto, Ilkka - Tango in my mind (Finnish Music Information Centre)

  161. Kyllonen, Timo-Juhani - Meditacion a Carmen Luz for flute and cello op. 61 (Uusinta Publ Company)

  162. Lacaze, Sophie - La vita e bella? for flute and cello (Manuscript)

  163. Lam, Doming - Breakthrough I for flute and cello (Doming Lam)

  164. Lacombe, Paul - Passepied pour Flute ou Oboe et Bassoon ou Violoncelle (Durand et Accolade)

  165. Lebouc, Charles-Joseph - Villanelle pour Flute (ou hautbois) et violoncelle op.12 (Girod)

  166. Lanzetti, Salvatore - Six solos for two violoncellos or a German flute and a bass, opera seconda (Grancino Editions)

  167. Lazar-Sheriff, Ella - Do for flute and violoncello (Israel Music Institute)

  168. Lebouc, Joseph - Villanelle G-Dur pour flute (ou hautbois) et violoncelle op. 12 (Girod)

  169. Leeuwen, Aryo van - Sonatine antique for flute and violoncello (Manuskript)

  170. Le Flem, Paul - Piece for flute and cello (Edition personnelle M. Lemeu)

  171. Lenot, Jacques - Aux Antiques Rives Heureuses Flute Et Violoncelle (Editions Salabert)

  172. Lester, Toni - Four pieces for flute and cello (Manuscript Music)

  173. Lewis, Peter Tod - Duet for Flute & Cello (American Composers Alliance)

  174. Lipkin, Malcolm - Suite for flute and violoncello (Chester music)

  175. Loeb, David - Duo concertante for flute and cello (H. Branch)

  176. Loeb, David - Fantasia from peaceful times for flute and cello

  177. Lysight, Michel - Homage to Fibonacci pour violon (or flute) et violoncelle (or basson) (Sampzon, Delatour)

  178. Mader - KLASSIKDUOS 1 Querflute Violoncello (FL VC) (MADER)

  179. Magnini, Quinto - Canonico Expressivo (published by Edition Musicus)
    short, single movement, contemporary but traditional, lyric and expressive

  180. Malsky, Martt - Escaping the Delta
    for flute & cello (with optional electronics)

  181. Mamlock, Ursula - Sintra Altflute und Violoncello (Manuskript)

  182. Mann, Leslie D. - Partita for violin and bassoon or Flute [and] cello op. 28 (American Composers Alliance)

  183. Martin, Ruth Lee - Rani's bodhran for violin/flute and cello (Scottish Music Centre)

  184. Mason, Robert - Three easy duettos (1795) op. 3 for Violine und Violoncello oder Flute und Violoncello oder 2 Violoncelli (Edition Kunzelmann)

  185. Matys, Jiri - Invence for Flute and cello (Supraphon)

  186. McNamara, Peter - Distorted waters for alto flute and violoncello (Google Books)

  187. Metzler, Friedrich - Sechs Inventionen fur Altblockflote (Querflote) u. Violoncello (Ries und Erler)

  188. Meynaud, Michel - Viva Emiliano! pour flute a bec te nor et timbales ou violoncelle (Edition fac-simile Combre)

  189. Morgan, David S. - Three trifles for flute and cello (Google Books)

  190. Morgan, Paul - Two poems of William Blake (published by Cimarron Music and Productions)
    with optional narrator, two short movements, contemporary but traditional, easy technically

  191. Morgan, Rachael - and yet, not : for flute and cello (Centre for New Zealand Music)

  192. Morley, Thomas - Duo V for treble & bass instruments especially viols or recorders (also for 2 trebles) or oboe & bassoon or violin & cello (Alex Ayre Music Services)

  193. Mozart. [Arr. von Mordechai Rechtman] - Duo-Sonate B-Dur KV 292 for Flute oder Oboe oder Klarinette in B oder Violine und Fagott oder Violoncello (Holzkirchen : Accolade-Musikverlag)

  194. Mozart, W. A. - Twelve Easy Duets KV 487 transcription for flute and cello (Virtual sheet music)

  195. Mozetich, Marjan - Duet in blue for flute or violin and bassoon or cello (Avondale Press)

  196. Muci, Italo Ruggero - Duo für Flöte und Cello (BERBEN)

  197. Nagata, Koshin - Interimistikum for Flute und Violoncello (JILA Edition)

  198. Nagel, Jan Paul - Sonata for Flute und Cello 1, 2, 3 und 5 (ENA-Musikverlag)

  199. Nelson, Ronald - Gather Together! (MorningStar Music Publishers)

  200. Nessler, Robert - "Les poissons magiques" 4 Studien for Flute und Violoncello (Doblinger)

  201. Olive, Vivienne - Pantjelang Lullaby fuer Tenorblockfloete und Violoncello (Streich & Holzblasinstr)

  202. Orland, Henry - Perpetuum mobile and Inventionette for Flute and violoncello, op. 22. (Seesaw Music Corp)

  203. Orrego-Salas - Juan—Serenata (published by MMB Music, Inc.)
    contemporary work in 4 short contrasting movements, atonal, but traditional, both parts pretty equal

  204. Paisiello, Giovanni - Nel cor non piu mi sento arranged with variations for the Flute & Violoncello. by J Guillaume Frederic Koerner

  205. Perlongo, Daniel - Fragments for flute and cello (Manuskript, New York Public Library)

  206. Pertout, Andrian - Oracion Afro-Cubana for flute and violoncello (Reed Music)

  207. Petrov, Andrei Pavlovich - Two old melodies for flute and guitar (or violin, viola, violoncello, oboe, clarinet, English horn, bassoon) (T. Presser Co)

  208. Phillips, Burrill - Huntingdon twos and threes for Flute, oboe, and cello (King's Crown Music Press, Galaxy Music Corp)

  209. Pietsch, Ulrich - Lauras und Lottas Opernpotpourri for Sopran- oder Alt-Blockflote und Cello (Flautando-Edition)

  210. Pleyel, Ignaz - Three Duos for flute and viola, op. 44 (published by Amadeus)
    will would work just fine on cello, more mature classical style, 2-3 contrasting movements, longer and more difficult than Zumsteeg

  211. Pleyel, Ignaz - Trois sonates pour flute et alto ou violoncelle op. 45 (Broekmans & Van Poppel)

  212. Pleyel, Ignace - Six solos for a flute with an accompaniment for a violoncello, 1. D major, 2. F major, 3. C major, 4. D major, 5. G major, 6. E major from quartets (arr Mr Holluba) (British Library)

  213. Plum, Abram M. - Duo for flute and cello (Manuscript, held at New York Public Library)

  214. Plumby, Don - Picture of a hunt for two instruments flute, oboe, or violin and bassoon or violoncello (Franco Colombo, Inc.)

  215. Pokorny, Franz Xaver Thomas - Sonate C-Dur for Flute und Violoncello (Karthause-Verlag)

  216. Porter, Charles E. - Fantasia for flute and cello (Manuskript, held at New York Public Library )

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