Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Flute Pieces with Low B
Flute Pieces Containing Low B
Last Update: July 19, 2016
148 Pieces

These pieces have been collected through contributions from FLUTE list members and visitors to these pages.

  1. Bäck, Sven-Erik: solo sonata
  2. Beaser, Robert: Theme & Variations
  3. Benker: Arbeiss Kalendar (Scherzo)
  4. Bennett, Richard Rodney: Six Tunes for the Instruction of Singing-Birds
  5. Billam, Peter: Suite for solo flute (1994) 1st movement
  6. Borne, Francois: Carmen Fantasy
  7. Bradshaw, Robert J.: Sonata No. 2, In My Collection for flute, strings and/or piano
  8. Bradshaw, Robert J.: Sonatina No. 5, Opt Out for flute, strings and/or piano
  9. Carter, Elliot: Scrivo in Vento for flute alone (1991)
  10. Clarke, Ian: Zoom Tube, solo flute (IC music/Just Flutes Edition)
  11. Clarke, Ian: The Great Train Race, solo flute (B foot & C foot versions available) (IC Music/Just Flutes Edition)
  12. Colqhoun, Michael: Duplicity, flute & tape
  13. Czerny, C.: Introduktion, Variationen und Finale, Op.80 (14 low b's)
  14. Czerny, C.: Rondoletto concertant f"ur Pianoforte, Fl"ote und Violoncello ad lib, Op.149
  15. Czerny, C.: Duo Concertante, Op.129
  16. Dean, Brett: Demons for solo flute
  17. Doppler, F.: Fantaisie "Airs valiques", Op.10
  18. Doppler, F.: Hungarian Pastorale Fantasie
  19. Doppler, F. & C.: Fantaisie on Hungarian Motives, Op.35 (three low Bb's in the second flute part)
  20. Doppler, F. & K.: Rigoletto-Fantaisie (duo concertant), Op.38 (two low b's in the second flute part)
  21. Doppler, F.: Concerto for 2 flutes in Dminor, 2nd flute part
  22. Faure, Gabriel: 'Dolly' Berceuse Op 56, No 1, in the Galway transcription: 4th last bar, optional low B
  23. Foss, Lukas: Three American Pieces
  24. Fuerstenau, A.B.: The Illusion, Adagio and Variations, Op.133
  25. Fuerstenau, A.B.: Rondo Brillant, Op.102 (low b in 2nd flute part only)
  26. Fuerstenau, A.B.: L'Union, Op.115 (low b in 2nd flute part only)
  27. Fuerstenau, A.B.: Caprice No.1, Op.80 (unaccompanied)
  28. Fuerstenau, A.B.: 26 Preludes -- Cadenzas for solo flute - preludes X and XII contain low B's (two each)
  29. Fuerstenau, A.B.: Concerto in D op 84, 1st movement
  30. Gieseking, Walter: Sonatine for flute and piano (1935)
  31. Glick: Sonata 2nd movement bar 16
  32. Grenfell, Maria: "Four Pooh Stories" (flute alone) second movement 'In which Tigger comes to the Forest and has Breakfast', pub. Sounz. The low B does not sound but is needed for harmonics.
  33. Griffin, Charlie: Syrinx Rondo
  34. Handel: arrival of the queen of sheba, Magic Flute of James Galway
  35. Hindemith: Canonic Sonata (last movement - editor put in an ascending interval to compensate)
  36. Khatchaturian: Flute concerto (Rampal edition)
  37. Keller, Charles: Trois Fantaisies, Op.51 (unaccompanied, low b's in the first two)
  38. Keller, Charles: Six Divertissements for Flute Solo (Barenrieter Kassel BA 6828), circa 1815. Divertissement No. 3 (Potpourri) contains two low B's in the cadenza
  39. Kuhlau, F.: Divertissement No.3, Op.68
  40. Kuhlau, F.: Grande Sonate Concertante in e minor, Op.51, No.2
  41. Kummer, Caspar: Six Caprices ou Exercices pour la Flute seule, Op.12 by Camera Flauto Amadeus Nr.87 - Caprices 1,3, and 6 contain low B's
  42. LaMontaine, John: Sonata for flute solo, Op.24 (mvt.1)
  43. Larson, Rhonda: Lament" for Flute and Organ
  44. Lanier, Sidney: Wind-Song - solo flute (14 low B's and three low A#'s)
  45. Maxwell-Davies, Peter: 'Solita' from 2 pieces for Flute Alone
  46. MacIlwham, George: Suite Romantique: 5th movement, Presto Finale, Coda
  47. Martinon, Jean: Sonatine
  48. Mayer, John: Flute Concerto: Mandala Ki Raga Sangeet (A Circle of Raga Music)
  49. Mendelssohn: Concerto in e minor (trans. Rampal)
  50. Milhaud, Darius: Sonatine (Tendre movement)
  51. Muczynski, Robert: Moments for flute and piano, Op.47 (mvt.2)
  52. Nyman, Michael: Yamamoto Perpetuo for Solo Flute (Transcribed by Andy Findon)
  53. Pierne, Gabriel: Sonate Op36 (originally for violin and piano, trans. by the composer for flute & piano), DURAND ED. PARIS, 1909
  54. Powning, Grahame - 3 short pieces (1991): 2nd piece
  55. Ran, Shulamit: Eastwind (for solo flute)
  56. Rodrigo: Concerto patoral
  57. Sarasate, Pablo de: Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs)
  58. Schubert: Variations on "Trockne Blumen" & Arpeggione Sonata (Galway ed.)
  59. Schumann, Robert: Three Romances for Flute and Piano (Rampal ed.)
  60. Silcher, Friedrich: Variations on "Nel cor piu non mi sento" (Paisiello) (two low b's in the finale)
  61. Still, William Grant, transcribed by Alexa Still: "Mother and Child", (flute and piano) pub. International Opus.
  62. Still, William Grant, Arranged by Alexa Still: "Songs" (flute and piano) first song, 'Bayou Home' pub. International Opus.
  63. Takemitsu, T.: Air
  64. Takemitsu:, T.: Voice (1971)
  65. Terschak. A.: Grande Valse de Concert, Op.14
  66. Villa-Lobos: Jet Whistle (in the second movement)
  67. Walckiers, E.: Grande Trio in A Major, Op.93, No.2 (in third flute part only)
  68. Wesley-Smith, Martin: Balibo (1992) for flute and tape
  69. Wilder, Alec: Small Suite for Flute and Piano
  70. Wilson, Richard: Touchstones
  71. Zaninelli, Luigi: "Canto" (flute and piano), pub. Elkan-Vogel.
  72. Zaninelli, Luigi: "Tre Pezzi", movement 2 'Malinconico' (flute and harp or piano), movement 3 'Misterioso' (flute and piano) pub. Frangipani Press. The low B does not sound but is needed for harmonics.


  73. George, T. Ritter: - Woodwind Quintet
  74. Harbison - Woodwind Quintet
  75. Heiss, John: - Seven Epigrams (Flute & Percussion)
  76. Kuhlau: Duo, Op.39, no.1, (in the 2nd flute part)
  77. MacIlwham, George: In Memoriam R.L.S. (Song Cycle for Flute, Soprano and Piano): Movement 9, low B sustained in bars 21, 22, 23
  78. Nielsen: Quintet
  79. Ravel: Sonatine en Trio (arr. Salzedo), 1st movement, 15 bars after rehearsal number 1 (2d bar of 1st ending)
  80. Tower, Joan: Snow Dreams for flute and guitar
  81. Beethoven: - Beethoven Trio for 3 flutes op. 87 (3rd flute)
  82. Ewaze, Eric: Ballade, Pastorale & Dance for flute, horn, piano (in the Ballade)


  83. Balakirev: 2nd Symphony
  84. Bartok: Concerto For Orchestra (1st Flute, 4th movement)
  85. Bartok: 3rd piano concerto (1st & 2nd fl, 1st movement)
  86. Bartok: Miraculous Mandarin
  87. Bartok: Hungarian Sketches Fl 1 Mvt II "Bear Dance"
  88. Bernstein: Halil Nocturne
  89. Bernstein: Symphony #1 "Jeremiah" (flute I [Mvt III], a great place for use of a rubber band or 2nd flute player to hold down b key (for smoothness!) since it goes from c#-b
  90. Britten, Benjamin: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
  91. Berg: Violin Concerto
  92. Chausson, Ernest: Poémé for Violin and Orchestra, Op.25 (first flute part)
  93. Copland: Symphony No.3 (all 3 flute parts!)
  94. Dvorak: Symphony No 1, slow movement (in the second flute part)
  95. Dvorak: Cello Concerto (2nd flute, 1st mov)
  96. Dvorak: Hussite Overture
  97. Dvorak: Overture 'In Nature’s Realm'
  98. Dvorak: Rusalka (low b in both flute parts)
  99. Dvorak: Romance for Violin and Orchestra in F Minor, Op. 11, (bar 63)
  100. Faure, Gabriel: Pavane
  101. Gershwin - "Catfish Row" Symphonic Suite from "Porgy and Bess"
  102. Ginastera, Alberto: Danzas de Estancia (1st flute part)
  103. Grieg: Hall of the Mountain King (first measure in the treble clef section)
  104. Henze: Des Kaisers nachtigall (1959) in Moderne orchestre studien ed Zoller Schott
  105. Janacek, Leos: Jenufa (opera, first flute part)
  106. Foss, Lukas: Three American Pieces
  107. Harty, Hamilton: With the Wild Geese (single low B at rehearsal #24 in second flute part)
  108. Kodaly: Psalmus Hungaricus
  109. Khachaturian: Concerto
  110. Mahler: Symphonies 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Das Lied von der Erde
  111. Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (3 flute parts, each with low b's)
  112. Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night's Dream
  113. Nielsen: 5th Symphony: all 3 flutes, 1st movement 2 bars before fig 39
  114. Prokofiev: Classical Symphony
  115. Respighi: Pines of Rome
  116. Respighi: Fountains of Rome (2nd flute part, Mov't I)
  117. Rossini: William Tell Overture (original score shows a low B to being the final solo obliggato arpeggios)
  118. Sibelius, Jan: Tapiola (3rd flute part)
  119. Shostakovitch: 5th Symphony (1st Movement, 1st Flute)
  120. Shostakovitch: Symphony #8, (all 4 flute parts)
  121. Shostakovitch: Symphony #9, (1st flute part, 2nd movement solo)
  122. Shostakovitch: Symphony #10 (e minor) (3rd movement flute solo)
  123. Shostakovich - Symphony 15: 2nd flute
  124. Smetana: My country
  125. Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring (3rd Flute part)
  126. Stravinsky: The Firebird (the complete ballet, not the suite)
  127. Strauss, Richard: Elektra
  128. Tchaikovsky: 6th Symphony (1893) (4th movement, 2nd flute)
  129. Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Ballet (flute 2 )
  130. Tchaikovsky: Manfred Symphony (op. 58) (all 3 flute parts)
  131. Tveitt, Geirr: A hundred folktunes from Hardanger Op.151 Nr.7 "Uppskoka" (Consecration of the new beer) contains a low B in 2nd flute
  132. Verdi: Te Deum & Stabat Mater
  133. Verdi: Force of Destiny
  134. Wagner: Loehengrin


  135. Vaughn Williams, Ralph: The Overture to the 'Wasps'

    * STUDIES *

  136. Bach, JS: 24 Flute Concert Studies from J.S. Bach's Works and Famous Flute Solos SMC Edition B-432 - several Low Bs in Prelude #2
  137. Furstenau, A.B.: 24 Exercises, Caprices et Preludes, op.125
  138. Furtsenau, A.B.: No. 115 from 125 Easy Classical Pieces for Flute (ed. Franz Vester) - This is from Furstenau's Flotenschule Op.42
  139. Kohler, Ernesto: 8 Difficult Pieces, Op.33, Book 3, No.3.
  140. Kohler, 30 Etudes op. 75 nr. 7, 8, 22, 26, 30
  141. Paganini, 24 Caprices, (transcribed by Vieri Bottazzini)
  142. Rimsky-Korsakoff: Flight of the Bumble Bee (24 Flute Concert Studies from J.S. Bach's Works & Famous Flute Solos SMC Edition B-432)


  143. Crazy for You (the "new" Gershwin musical): flute parts in Reed One book contains a couple of low B's.
  144. West Side Story: Reed Four book (old scoring), Reed One book (new scoring)

  145. Shrek the Musical: Reed 1


  146. Adler, Samuel: - Three Madrigals for 6 flutes (5th and 6th flute parts of the second movement-japanese folk song-sakura)
  147. Fuerstenau, A.B.: - "Six Easy Duets", Op.137, contains numerous low b's in the second flute part (none in the first flute part)
  148. Shocker, Shocker: Views from Falls House

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