Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Flute Rep Inspired by Myth/Legend
Flute Repertoire Inspired by Myth/Legend
Collected and Compiled by Michelle Cheremy

Notes in parentheses are from those who contributed information.
Notes in square parentheses are from Michelle Cheremy.

  • Mouquet, "La Flute de Pan"

  • Jolivet, "Chant du Linos"

  • Fukushima, "Mei"
    (based on the legend that the sound of the flute can reach the dead)

  • Hoover, "Kokopeli", "Winter Spirits"

  • Charpentier, "Pour Syrinx"

  • Debussy, "Afternoon of a Faun"
    (arranged in International edition)

  • Debussy, "Chansons de Bilitis"
    (flute and narator, maybe harp too--but apparently the poetry is a bit risque, at least in the original French)

  • Dukas, "La plainte, au loin, du faune"
    (I think that this is the one that has the snippet from Afternoon of a Faune at the end)

  • Roussell, "Joueurs de flute" (Krishna...)

  • Reinecke, "Sonata"

  • Debussy, "Syrinx"

  • Musgrave, "Narcissus"

  • Gluck, "Dance of the Blessed Spirits" from "Orpheus"

  • Faure, "Sicilienne" from "Pelleas et Melisande"
    (I'm not sure if Maeterlink's story was based on a myth, but the setting and plot sounds very mythological as does the sicilienne)

  • Donjon, "Pan - Pastorale"

  • Matsudaira, "Somaksah"
    (written in 1962 and dedicated to Gazzelloni). It's published by Subini Zerboni (5868). Somaksah is, the tale runs, a spirit of a mountain who suddenly begins dancing under the spell of a flute played by a monk.

  • John H. Thow, "To Invoke the Clouds"
    (based on the Hopi flute melody to invoke rain)

  • Alan Ridout, "The Emperor and the Bird of Paradise" [uses narrator. Is not strictly speaking based on an existing myth/legend]

  • Herbert Lindholm,
    "Many of my works are in touch with mythologie. You can find them on my site: Herbert Lindholm in Finland"

  • Charles Camilleri, "Song of Olympus" for solo flute

  • Jon Kimura Parker, "Pan Dreams" for Flute and Piano

  • Michael Colgrass, "Wild Riot of the Shaman's Dream" for solo flute

  • Bergh, "Pan"

  • Bourdin, "Le Chanson de Pan"

  • Bourdin, "Pan Blesse"

  • Boyle, "Pieces of Pan"

  • Cherney, "Doppelganger"

  • Delaney, "Hymn of Pan"
    (on a poem of Shelley)

  • DeLorenzo, "Suite Mythologique, Op. 38"
    (I. Pan; II. Marsyas; III. Apollo)

  • Genzmer, "Pan"

  • Kaiser, "Pan"

  • Loeb, "Four Japanese Legends" (solo picc)

  • Lourie, "Flute of Pan"

  • Nein, "Narcissus"

  • Pettigrew, "Legends

  • Pritsker, "Pan(ic)"

  • Schnebel, "Pan"

  • Singer, "Legend"

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