Flute Pieces With Low B Flute/Piccolo Solos with Band
A listing of 179 works for Solo Flute(s) or Solo Piccolo(s) with Concert Band or Wind Ensemble" This updated list with publishing details has been compiled by Clinton F. Nieweg ~Proof Purr-fect Research~ The information was collected from publishers websites and catalogs so that Composer, Dates, Title, Arranger, Instrumentation, Duration, Grade Level, Recordings and Publisher are now available in one source. ~ Proof Purr-fect Research ~ Clinton F. Nieweg Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Librarian (ret.) (research for Librarians - Conductors - Performers) prooferr(at)comcast(dot)net
Audition Pieces for Flute and Piccolo
compiled by Tod Brody
Unaccompanied Flute Pieces
Compiled by Larry Krantz
Sacred Music for Flute
compiled for FLUTE by Helen Spielman
Flute & Cello Duets
List of duets for flute & cello Compiled by Julia Larson Mattern & Heinz Wunsch
Flute & Percussion Pieces
List of works for various numbers of flutes and/or piccolos with percussion compiled by Christie Beard
Repertoire Lists for Flute
246 pieces in 7 levels of difficulty compiled by Larry Krantz
BORNE: CARMEN FANTASY for Flute and Orchestra Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon Trios
compiled by Jocelyn Goranson
FLUTE Composers List
Flute compositions written by FLUTE list members - compiled by Pierre Csillag
Repertoire inspired by Myth/Legend Paris Conservatory Test Pieces 1824 to 2015
supplied by Pierre Csillag & Sheila Hornberger
Double Concerti for Flute, Clarinet and Orchestra
Research by Clinton F. Nieweg
Musical Theatre Reed Book Orchestrations
List of Doubles Required compiled by Amber Williamson
Flute Choir Pieces for Christmas Flute Solos Collections
FLUTE list project conducted by Karen Coffey Includes a large number of collected flute solo books with table of contents.
Flute Repertoire Pages
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Available publications as of June 2011 Research by Clinton F. Nieweg
compiled by Michelle Cheremy
compiled by Catherine Peters from FLUTE list contributions
Compiled by Larry Krantz