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June 2, 2014

Flute Radio is an Internet broadcasting service provided by Larry Krantz. The channel features traditional and modern works in classical and jazz styles performed by outstanding flute players from around the globe. Flute Radio has been broadcasting around the clock since March 2001.

All the players have generously agreed to allow their performances to be broadcast here for everyone to enjoy without royalty payment.

Many of the recordings are commercially available; click on the performer names below for more information.

If you enjoy Flute Radio and find the service entertaining and/or useful then please mention it to your friends, colleagues, students, and family.

407,371+ tracks downloaded since January 1, 2010.

107,138+ page views since June 2007.

My efforts to present Flute Radio are done on a voluntary basis. It is my sincere hope that listeners will support the artists by purchasing their wonderful recordings when possible.

    Happy Listening!
          Larry Krantz


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