John Lunn Flute made for Hannah Money - see explanation from Hannah below

From Hannah to FLUTE - the flute discusion list :-

I play John Lunn flute #138, completed July 2002.

I live in London UK and John custom made it for me entirely by e-mail, with a couple of photocopies and one telephone call.

I have had tendinitis in both elbows for three years now, caused by my work, not by my flute playing (I am an amateur) and was no longer able to play my open hole Miyazawa, so I bought used John Lunn flute #17 and was able to hold this as it has closed holes and is light weight. It still wasn't right, so in the end my husband and I decided that I should order a custom built flute. Treatment for the tendinitis had not made much improvement and I could not give up playing the flute as I had to wait until I was 43 years old before I began to play. I named her Patience, as I had to wait 21 months from order to delivery, but she is perfect for me in every way. John asked me dozens of questions about what gave me pain and what made the pain less or more, and suggested various extensions to try on my #17. When we found what helped the most, I photocopied my flute with all the extensions glued on it, bits of wood and false finger nails! I also drew onto a picture of a flute where I wanted to put my fingers. My teacher answered a pile of questions as well, and finally on 22 July 2002 I received my new flute.

She is a PERFECT fit for my hands, and has a beautiful sound. John pictures the key covers as cherries, and has decorated my flute most beautifully with tiny leaves, textured bark, and three tiny tiny Giant African Land Snails! He extended the A and G keys with cherry blossoms, and extended the B/Bb thumb key, the Bb lever, raised the C# button, and angled the foot joint cluster as far as it can go. The left hand has closed holes, the right hand has open holes. John is the best if you have hand /arm problems, he knows so much as he has studied these difficulties for 10 years.

Hannah Money