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Lost and/or Stolen Flutes
Last Update on December 8, 2017

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  • ** All reports must include the SERIAL NUMBER. **
  • ** As of July 31/05 - All reports must include a POLICE REPORT NUMBER. **
  • This listing began in March 1996.
  • It is provided as a free service to the flute community.
  • The following flutes have been reported as either lost or stolen.
  • Listings are based on self-reported information. I look for internal consistency but I have no legal method of verification.
  • I reserve the right to refuse or discontinue any listings.
  • Owners name & contact information will not be published.
  • Reporters will be contacted via email if/when I receive notification that an instrument has been spotted. At that time the entry will be either removed from the list or moved to the recovered section.
  • If you know of a flute which fits the description of any of those listed as missing then please contact me or local law officials.
  • I would appreciate receiving notification of recovery should some of these instruments be located.

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  1. ABELL, Matched set of wooden whistles (these are like the commonly known tin whistle, only in wood) by Chris Abell. One each in: A, B-flat, C and D. Each made in ebony with silver rings and fipples, each one has a thumb-hole in the back, unusual for pennywhistles. C whistle is unmarked, others are serial #003, and have a picture of a bell engraved on them. Stolen from backstage in New York city, in March 1998. [03/09/99]

  2. ABELL, #58, wood flute, silver keys, label with owners name in black leather case, case has one gold and one silver latch, stolen at Brussells, Belgium Midi railway station on January 25/2011. Police Report: BR.18.FB.551/2011 [02/05/11]

  3. ALTUS Alto Flute, #8195, two headjoints - one straight and one curved, stolen [11/21/94]

  4. ALTUS, #604, C flute, Model 1207, solid silver with silver plated keys, C & B keys on the footjoint, Altus insignia on the headjoint, narrow unmarked black case, stolen from car in San Antonio, Texas on 12/97 [12/06/99]

  5. ALTUS 1207GRE, #3971, gold-plated, headjoint, body & keys, open hole, offset, E mech, C footjoint, in Altus case (black leather with red velvet lining). In NAP Black Canvas (mock fleece lined) carrying case with shoulder strap. Stolen 25/05/01 from a train travelling between between Manchester and Cleethorpes (UK). British Transport Police (Sheffield/Doncaster) reference number: IMF228260501 [06/06/01]

  6. ALTUS 1607RBE, #2868, open holes, in-line, B foot, split-E mechanism, G-A trill keys, stolen in Hong Kong [12/26/02]

  7. ALTUS 1007RB0, #034667, silver, french ripple keys, B foot, offset G, lost on the bus, University of Central Florida, Orlando,Fl, USA, Police Report:=2002-2947 [01/23/03]

  8. ALTUS, Alto flute 817FE, #0971, in a brown bag, quite old black box, small damage on the body, stolen in the Brussels metro [10/28/03]

  9. ALTUS 1107RBSO, #46764, Britannia silver head, body and foot, silver plated keys, offset G, pointed key arms, B foot, open hole, in Altus French style case and Altus nylon case cover, stolen 10/06/06, Police Report #06-26807 [12/02/06]

  10. ALTUS A1007 RE, #37676, open hole, lost June 2/07 on train between Oxford and Swindon UK, police report #224 [08/02/07]

  11. ALTUS, 907 RBOE, #43818, Split e, open hole, b foot, off set g, had a right hand thumb support strapped on it, was in a black nylon case with shoulder strap, lined with fleece like material, with a hard case lined in a green material, left accidentally at a bus stop on E Union and Broadway in Seattle, Washington, USA and stolen from the bus stop. Police Report: 2007-464463 [11/18/07]

  12. ALTUS 1507R, #2553, LAFIN Adler 712 head #81.9, supporting piece missing inside case (red), flute doesn't fit perfectly, Cavallaro case cover, stolen out of rucksack in Brussels Midi Station, Police Report: 000985/09 [2/09/09]

  13. ALTUS 907 SE, #9952, stolen from apartment in New York City, Feb 2010, Police Report: 887 [03/01/10]

  14. ALTUS 907 REB, #24530, silver, Sankyo 9k rose gold head, house break-in, Police Report: PL1612 2012130671-1 [09/12/12]

  15. ALTUS OEB, #047360, silver, B foot, open hole, split E, off set G, Straubinger pads, in black nylon Altus case cover, black case with green interior, stolen from flat in Birmingham, UK, 05/28/17, Police Report: 20BW/115062R/17 [06/08/17]

  16. ARISTA, #311, B foot, silver, g donut, stolen in Budapest, Hungary, Police Report 146-730-1999 [08/20/00]

  17. ARISTA headjoint, #154, gold, L2 model, Batee, Stolen Nov. 10 or 11, 2004, College Park MD, USA [11/16/04]

  18. ARISTA, #518, 18k gold Arista lip plate, head serial #309, stolen from Great Western Hotel, Kings Cross, London, June 9, 2017, Police Report Number: 1700038917 [06/22/17]

  19. ARMSTRONG, Alto Flute, #19860, in black case, Eastern Illinois Univ. Music Dept. engraved on head, body and foot. [11/13/92]

  20. ARMSTRONG, Alto Flute, #25-700, silver plated. [9/15/92]

  21. ARMSTRONG Base flute, 31-70551, stolen home in Fitchburg MA, USA on Aug. 13/98 [08/25/98]

  22. ARMSTRONG, Alto flute #2647217, stolen on June 5/86 [09/11/98]

  23. ARMSTRONG, #6178576, Model 80B, Silver flute, stolen from the exhibit area at the Colorado Music Educators' Association clinic/conference in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor Hotel without case. [02/14/99]

  24. ARMSTRONG 104 N, #8-7387, stolen during transport from San Diego, CA to Norfolk, VA. USA [09/03/00]

  25. ARMSTRONG, flute, #102R7331, stolen in car theft in Acokeek, MD, USA, Police report #95-11036 [09/20/00]

  26. ARMSTRONG, #4217088, open hole, gold lip plate, B foot, small scratch in on headjoint tenon, missing D# trill key cork, stolen at George Washington Universiy, Washington, DC on 03/14/01 [03/19/01]

  27. ARMSTRONG, #7071599, silver, gold crown & embouchure, flower design on lip plate, open hole, stolen from home invasion, Keota, IA, USA [04/10/03]

  28. ARMSTRONG, #8056416, silver head, stolen in Thousand Oaks, CA, USA on 0212/04 [02/16/04]

  29. ARMSTRONG, Emeritus, e2117, silver, oen hole, c foot, stolen in home break in, Citrus County, Florida, USA [05/06/04]

  30. ARMSTRONG 80B, #7167198, gold engraved lip plate [08/10/04]

  31. ARMSTRONG, #6153014, wood piccolo [8/10/04]

  32. ARMSTRONG piccolo 209DL, #7135811 [8/10/04]

  33. ARMSTRONG, #104L-5232, closed hole, off set G, stolen in Dover High School, Dover, NH, USA [10/26/04]

  34. ARMSTRONG, D5150, Western, MI honors band sticker 1983 on the case, some dents in the headpiece and the body, stolen in Flint, MI, USA on October 26, 2004 [11/01/04]

  35. ARMSTRONG 104, #7214399, Vernal, Utah, USA, Police Report: 2600858 [04/28/06]

  36. ARMSTRONG, #42413, C foot, black case, small dent in the mouth piece, stolen in West Mobile, Alabama, between March 6 & 8, 2008, Police Report #08-03-1932 [03/18/08]

  37. ARTLEY WILKINS, #321344, sterling silver, open hole. [7/10/90]

  38. ARTLEY, Wilkins Model 380 flute, #340772, sterling silver, B foot, in-line open hole keys, white gold springs, in slim style double case with blue lining. Stolen on 05/17/76 from University of South Alabama Student Housing, Mobile, Alabama, USA. Mobile Police Report #M-76-05-05670 [03/01/98]

  39. ARTLEY, Piccolo Model 22P, #791, black grinadilla wood with silver keys, in slim style double case with blue lining. Stolen on 05/17/76 from University of South Alabama Student Housing, Mobile, Alabama, USA. Mobile Police Report #M-76-05-05670 [03/01/98]

  40. ARTLEY, piccolo, #6058490, stolen November 15th 1999 at Woodstock High School, Woodstock, GA, USA outside the band room [11/29/00]

  41. ARTLEY, #169544, burgled April 14, 2004 from home, Houston, Texas, Police Report: 064708504-B [06/01/04]

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  42. BLESSING, B101C, #12630, stolen in Heffron, WI, USA, Sept. 3/04 [09/05/04]

  43. BOOSEY and HAWKES, Buffet Model 861, serial # 692852 and a silver headjoint, stolen with an auto in Chicago, IL on March 27, 1999. Chicago Police Department 312-747-8254 - report # D-176609 [04/19/99]

  44. BORGANI, C Flute, #4, silver with plateau keys, conical headjoint, unique extended footjoint design, lost in 1989, Location: New York, USA. [4/2/96]

  45. BONNEVILLE, AUGUSTE Piccolo, #3043, wood, ring keys, [9/15/92]

  46. BRANNEN-COOPER, C Flute, #2641, 14k gold, French model, inline G, A442, Bft, Cooper style headjoint. Lost in cab in Boston. [3/14/96]

  47. BRANNEN C flute, #685, French model, A442, low B, gizmo, insert.

  48. BRANNEN-COOPER, #779, French style, Bft with gizmo, C# trill, cooper style headjoint -AND- GEMEINHARDT Piccolo, # (CW) 2407, wood body and headjoint w/silver keys. Both in combination case with brown Cavallaro case cover. REWARD OFFERED.

  49. BRANNEN BROTHERS, Flute, #2337, French Model made of silver, B-foot Stolen August 30, 97 from Tokyo, Japan [10/21/97]

  50. BRANNEN BROTHERS, Piccolo, #8406, wood (grenadilla), with a Verne Q Powell headjoint #4-7724, silver keys, in a brown leather case, inside a brown nylon zippered outer case, stolen on 4/17/98, Baltimore police report #1D-12359 [04/20/98]

  51. BRANNEN-COOPER, Flute, #2375, Custom made, French inline G, .016 Brogger Mekanik, Brogger Acoustic Trill, D# roller, B foot joint. Cooper style head joint with silver headjoint [05/01/98]

  52. BRANNEN, flute #19, sterling silver, open hole, low B, Albert Cooper 9K Gold headjoint marked 2/81 in Bob Gilbert double case with cover and also containing OPPERMAN, Piccolo (wood) #RSP201207, stolen on June 5/86 [09/11/98]

  53. BRANNEN, #2679, solid 14K gold, keys and body, engraved, stolen from airport in Korea [01/07/99]

  54. BRANNEN-COOPER, #3745, silver, B foot, gizmo, C# trill, open hole, brown leather hard case in brown Cavallaro bag, stolen from locker on 10/14/99, McGill University, Montreal, police report #19991014007 [10/19/99]

  55. BRANNEN-COOPER, #1810, 14k rose gold, open hole, in line G, B foot, dark brown hard case with velvet burgundy interior, stolen from practice room at the Mannes College of Music, New York City, contact detective William McKinzie (20th precinct, NYPD) 212-580-6414 [02/18/00]

  56. BRANNEN-COOPER, #3727, head #99121, 14Kgold/silver, French, in-line G, A-442 Brogger Mekanik, Brogger Acoustic, C# trill, B Foot with Gizmo Stolen in San Francisco [10/18/01]

  57. BRANNEN-COOPER, #4746, gold/silver flute, 10k gold tube with sterling silver mechanism, stolen on train in Rome, June 17/02 [08/26/02]

  58. BRANNEN-COOPER, #1217, silver, stolen on train in Rome, June 17/02 [08/26/02]

  59. BRANNEN-COOPER, #9311, piccolo, stolen on train in Rome, June 17/02 [08/26/02]

  60. BRANNEN-COOPER, #5340, Millenium model, stolen Nov. 10 or 11, 2004, College Park MD, USA [11/16/04]

  61. BRANNEN, #2565, rose gold with silver mechanism, David William's platinum head #350, stolen from car in Boston, Mass, USA in April 2003, police report # - 030217693 [05/07/03]

  62. BRANNEN, piccolo, #8806, stolen from residence front door in San Jose, California after being left by Federal Express without signature [07/03/03]

  63. BRANNEN-COOPER, head joint #99254, silver, 10k gold lip, .014 wall, brown leather headjoint case with brown velvet interior, initials EW under lip plate, stolen at the New England Conservatory, Boston, MA USA, Police Report: 050658504 [12/10/05]

  64. BRANNEN-COOPER, #92, Lafin head #912.2, silver, heavy-wall, B foot, french, inline-G, 18K head, "Adler wing" lip plate, engraving on lip plate, stolen from car, San Francisco, CA, USA, Police Report: 061122572

  65. BRANNEN-COOPER, Millennium, #4377, French, inline G, A-442, .016 tubing, drawn tone holes, B foot, gizmo, David Williams head #768 with gold lip plate, Appleton, WI, Police Department report #070508-018294 [05/28/07]

  66. BRANNEN-COOPER, #4446, silver, open hole, C# trill, C foot, stolen June 6, 2008 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. Crime reference no: BY/7665/08, Police Crime Management contact details - 01732 379170 [06/12/08]

  67. BRANNEN-COOPER, #4500, Classic Cooper head, head serial number #02177, Millennium flute, offset-G, C# trill, B foot, gizmo, stolen from college campus, Boston, USA, Police Report: 060065789 [07/01/09]

  68. BRANNEN-COOPER, #188, Albert Cooper head #4, 9K gold/silver mech. French B-foot, stolen from home Rome, Italy. Police Report: RMCS642009900872 [12/04/09]

  69. BRANNEN-COOPER, #2861, 9K Rose Gold/Silver Brögger with Convertible footjoint, Ctrill, Faulisi 14K head, stolen in Madrid, Spain, Police Report: 6299 [03/07/10]

  70. BRANNEN, #1208,.16 silver, French, B-foot C# trill, stolen from home Rome, Italy. Police Report: RMCS642009900872 [12/04/09]

  71. BRANNEN-COOPER, #6066, MANCKE headjoint, silver, heavy, Brögger-mechanik, Straubinger-pads, silver head with platin-kamin, gold tuning cork, stolen from train between brussels luxemborg and brssels midi, Belgium, Brussels, Police Report: BR.18.FB.002369/2011 [05/03/11]

  72. BRANNEN-COOPER, #2833, 14k gold, Brogger mechanism, in line, C foot, stolen from train, Thalys between Paris & Amsterdam, Police Report: PL 17C0 2011 316 699-1 [11/07/11]

  73. BRANNEN-COOPER, #3413, Lavin 18K gold with 14K gold adler style head, 14K tube & keys, open hole, offset G, split E, B foot, gizmo, stolen in burglary, Sep 8/2015, Weimar, Germany, Police Report: TH1413-018795-15/5 [09/13/15]

  74. BRANNEN, #8302, 10k gold flute tube, C# trill, off-set G, B foot, gizmo, silver mechanism, 14k rose gold head (tube and embouchure) head serial #16B079, stolen on 12/29/16, car break in, Berkeley, CA, USA, Police Report 16-76414 [12/30/16]

  75. BRAUN, piccolo, #392, grenadilla wood, silver keys, wing head, stolen in New Orleans in 1991 [11/02/03]

  76. BRAUN, piccolo, #556, wood with silver keys, waves on the embouchure, stolen in Italy, Verona - Brescia [05/17/04]

  77. BRAUN, J.A., piccolo, #318, stolen in burglary, Sep 8/2015, Weimar, Germany, Police Report: TH1413-018795-15/5 [09/13/15]

  78. BUNDY, #774960, Standard student flute, case not stolen, stolen on September 8, 1997, Police report: Howard County Police Dept (Maryland), IR # 9779369 [11/8/97]

  79. BUFFET, August Buffet inscribed, 1895, Boehm system, stolen from Birmingham New St Station, British Transport Police at Preston report #456 [08/02/04]

  80. BURKART, Piccolo, #298, Handmade custom model, grenadilla wood body and head, split-e mechanism, offset G fingerbutton [05/01/98]

  81. BURKART-PHELAN #84, headjoint #864, in case (no cover) Silver, open hole, b foot, c#trill, gold embouchure. Was taken from practice room at McGill University, April 27/99, Montreal police report #19-990427-017 [04/28/99]

  82. BURKART Flute Headjoint, #934 (Sonare Style), 14k gold lip and riser .014" wall thickness. Stolen 9/21/99 at the National Flute Association Convention in Atlanta GA. [09/12/99]

  83. BURKART-PHELAN, prototype Carbon Reinforced Composite Piccolo(no serial number and no headjoint). BURKART-PHELAN, Headjoints:
    Sterling Silver #971-BurkartM2 w/14k riser
  84. Sterling Silver #1038-Burkart M2
  85. Sterling Silver #1048-Sonare
  86. Sterling Silver #1088-Sonare w/Pt riser
  87. Sterling Silver #1111-Acton
  88. Sterling Silver #1107-BurkartM2 w/14k riser
  89. Sterling Silver #1134-Burkart M2
  90. Sterling Silver #1135-Burkart M2
  91. Sterling Silver #1136-Acton w/14k riser
  92. Sterling Silver #1137-Burkart M2
  93. Sterling Silver #1092-Sonare w/14k riser
  94. 10k gold #1119-BurkartM2 w/14k riser
  95. 10k gold #1116-Sonare w/14k riser
  96. 14k gold #1114-Burkart M2
  97. 14k gold #1060-Burkart
    Burkart-Phelan, Inc has had the majority of its headjoint stock and a prototype piccolo stolen while on a sales trip. They were checked as baggage in Boston and never arrived in Texas. The headjoints will probably still have the labels at the top of the headjoint by the crown that states the styles and wall thickness of the headjoints. [01/19/01]

  98. BURKART 998, #220, head serial number #1242, 998 Silver, C# trill key, platinum riser, B foot, G# donut, stolen from locker at College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, OH, USA [04/07/02]

  99. BURKART-PHELAN Piccolo, #5033, wooden piccolo, metal key work, no lip plate, stolen in house burglary, Manchester, UK [10/20/02]

  100. BURKART-PHELAN, #242, 14K Gold, A=442, B FOOT, Inline G, C# trill, D# roller, Platinumn Headjoint #1255 with 14K embouchure, stolen in San Francisco CA, Police Report: 021431642 [11/11/02]

  101. BURKART-PHELAN Global, #10101, Burkart wave head, head #216, stolen from trunk of car, Honolulu, HI USA, uem 06.054.780 [02/12/06]

  102. BURKART & PHELAN, #5018, silver head, body, keys, offset G, C# trill, low B footjoint, drawn tone holes, stolen from Porch in San Jose, CA, USA, Police Report: 06-243-3209 [08/31/06]

  103. BURKART-PHELAN, #5122, wooden piccolo, silver keys, stolen in Houston, Texas, Police Report: 161231806 [10/18/06]

  104. BURKART, #372, 14k tone holes, engraved, 14k rings, .012" Burkart 14K Action Style head #1739, with 14K embouchure, stolen at JFK International Airport Dec 14/06, Port Authority Police Department #23772. [12/29/06]

  105. BURKART-PHELAN, piccolo, #6100, grenadilla bubble-style head, greanadilla body, sterline silver keys, split E, standard head, stolen from band hall at the Woodland High School, The Woodlands, Texas on Feb 19/07, Police Dept. Case #0702-07524 [03/01/07]

  106. BURKART-PHELAN, #06037/1996, 14k Gold body with silver keys, stolen on George Mason University Campus or Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA, USA. Police Report: 09104001682 [04/15/09]

  107. BURKART-PHELAN, #5039, Grenadilla Piccolo with carbon fibre rings, Taken from a rehearsal space (Room B) at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, WA, USA, Police Report: 2010-407302 [11/22/10]

  108. BURKART, #562, head #2192, silver, B foot, inline G, C# trill, open-hole, split E, stolen from storage room, USA, MA, Worcester, WPI campus, Police Report: 11-417-OF [10/03/11]

  109. BURKART BP-E, #6424 en 1253, wood piccolo with sterling silver mechanism, stolen from a car, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Police Report: PL132K 2011321973-1 [12/21/11]

  110. BURKART, #653, elite Wave model, Wave model, silver keys, G facilitator, stolen during home break in, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Police Report Number: 4271/2012 [06/29/12]

  111. BURKART, Lillian, #144, 10k gold, c foot, silver mechanism, stolen from Vac, Hungary 22/07/12, Police Report BB59944315 [08/18/12]

  112. BURKART, Lillian, #118, head #980, 14k gold, open hole, in line G, C foot, stolen at Sao Paulo Music School on 09/09/2017, Sao Paulo, Brasil, Police Report: #6213/2017 [09/13/17]

  113. BURKART, Resona #13983, piccolo, stolen from house June 22/14, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Police Report #14-3094 [06/30/14]

  114. BURKART-PHELAN, #06042, Powell silver head #13304, 14k lip plate & riser, silver, 0.18 tube, offset G, stolen from trunk of car in Vancouver, BC, Canada on 8/9/14, Police Report 14-140591 [08/13/14]

  115. BURKART, #06031, 14kt body, silver keys, B foot, open hole, offset G, drawn tone holes, pointed key arms, stolen from car, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Police Report: 17-007142 [01/12/17]

  116. BURNS, CASEY, #irf009s, Irish flute, blackwood, six holes, small fingering, stolen from car in San Francisco, USA, Police Report: 066044896 [07/11/06]

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  117. CAMERON, Rod, Baroque Flute, #662, dark wood with ivory rings, two middle joints, in fleece lined nylon case. [11/12/92]

  118. CAMERON, Rod, Baroque flute, CA Grenser, ebony, imitation ivory rings, screw cap, foot register, sliver key, two middle joints for playing at A415 & A440 pitches, heavy cloth case with green and pink flowery print, button clasp. Lost at train station in Chicago, IL, USA, Police Report: HP636367 [07/15/09]

  119. CHRISTENSEN, piccolo, #799, black wooden piccolo, silver keys, made in 1899 in New York, in original brown case, stolen from vehicle, Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Police Report: 11084579 [07/01/11]

  120. CHU, DAVID, C flute headjoint, mopani wood with David Chu's mark, San Rafael, CA police report SR12- 01110 [02/20/12]

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  121. DEAN DF6SHB flute, #5091, silver, stolen in home buglary, Rockledge, Florida, police report: 2001-0019152 (Rockledge Police) [08/04/01]

  122. DEAN YANG, DY-A1C, #2026, alto flute, curved head, double case, plated head & body, stolen from house 09/27/2017, Columbus, Ohio, Police Report #170845718-001 [10/17/17]

  123. DEFORD, flute, #17078, silver plate, open hole B-foot, gold embouchure, headjoint marked #78 has gold plated interior with gold lip-plate and riser, stolen from home in Fort Lauderdale Florida in 1990 [06/25/99]

  124. DEFORD, #33613, model 10b, thin wall silver, open-hole, stolen in January 02, Wisconsin Rapids, WI [06/28/02]

  125. DIMEDICI, 1011RBS, #662264, silver; open hole, B foot, gizmo, stolen from parked vehicle in school parking lot, Folsom High School, Folsom CA USA, Police Report: 06-2743 [05/26/06]

  126. DIMEDICI, vertical bass flute, #L2072, silver plated vertical headjoint, body and c footjoint, silver lip/riser, pointed key arms, engraved keys, split e-mechanism, trill keys, case has broken latch, stolen from home, Federal Way, Washington, USA Police Report: 12-241602 and T12001931 [10/15/12]

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  127. EMERSON, Piccolo, #377, grenadilla wood, and EMERSON C-Flute #080969, open hole, Strauginger pads. Stolen at DePauw University. [5/15/95]

  128. Eb EMERSON, silver head & body, 4 inches shorter than soprano flute, stolen on 12-26-98, Police report #9728297, Vallejo Police Department, VAllejo, Ca. Ph# (707) 648-4321, stolen on 12/26/98. [12/31/97]

  129. EMERSON, #E86731, ELD-Special B, silver head, gold crown, gold embouchure, B foot with gizmo, stolen from vehicle in Florence, SC, USA on February 14, 2000 [02/28/00]

  130. EMERSON, alto flute, #75890, stolen in car theft in Acokeek, MD, USA, Police report #95-11036 [09/20/00]

  131. EMERSON Alto, Serial #75689, SIUC #313855, stolen at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL, USA [08/24/02]

  132. EMERSON Bass, Serial #12647, SIUC #364863, stolen at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL, USA [08/24/02]

  133. EMERSON Bass flute, #12887, silver plated, stolen from Weigel Hall, Ohio State University faculty office, Columbus Ohio, USA [06/23/03]

  134. EMERSON, Boston Legacy piccolo, #380, black grenadilla piccolo, keys look very worn, hard case, crown is a slightly lighter color than the rest of the piccolo. Lost at train station in Chicago, IL, USA, Police Report: HP636367 [07/05/09]

  135. EMERSON Omega MG2830F, #56691, open hole, gold plate lip plate, stolen from home, Bellingham, WA, Police Report # 12B-6912 [02/29/12]

  136. EMERSON EPI piccolo, #59874 stolen from home, Federal Way, Washington, USA Police Report: 12-241602 [12/15/12]

  137. EMERSON, #1140, wood piccolo, silver keys, chip in head, bottom ring missing, stolen from train Aug 26/12, Fresno to Oakland, CA, USA, Police Report: T13000577

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  138. FENTUM, concert flute, fully keyed blackwood, silver mouthpiece, stitching on headpiece and barrel, broken F key, stolen from tent at the All Ireland fleadh cheoil, theft reported to local police, Enniscorthy, Ireland [03/30/01]

  139. FLUTEMAKERS GUILD, #FMG 572, 9k flute, 14k head, E mechanism, B foot, stolen from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow, Scotland during the summer of 2004 [04'28/05]

  140. FLUTE MAKERS OF AUSTRALIA, C flute, number 0117, gold plated tube, engraved silver French keys, Cft, with Goosman sterling silver head, gold riser, all in wooden case which was taped up on one end, gold plated latches, leather hinge. Stolen from home

  141. FOLKERS & POWELL, Baroque flute, #208 dark brown wood one keyed flute with imitation ivory rings, A=415, in black cloth bag, Police Report: Complaint #3888, 34th Precinct NYPD, Washington Hieghts NYC. [6/1/98]

  142. FREDERIK, piccolo, #106, black granadilla, stolen in Drexel Hill, PA, USA, Police Report #10-43359 [11/09/10]

  143. FREDERIK, piccolo, #122, grenadilla body, solid silver keys, stolen from home, Oakland, CA, Police Report: 11-025919 [06/20/11]

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  144. GALLAGHER, keyless blackwood, Pratten-style flute 'J. Gallagher' stamped on all four pieces, head joint, barrel, midsection, and foot, wide engraved silver rings and blocks for four keys in a left-handed configuration, stolen while in a backpack, main train station in Prague, Czech Rep. [05/01/05]

  145. GEMEINHARDT, C flute, #H19065, model 2SP, stolen in Wellesley, Mass. in mid 05/95. [7/15/95]

  146. GEMEINHARDT, #323714, French style, low B. Stolen from uninsured apartment 11/13/87 in Billings, MT.

  147. GEMEINHARDT, piccolo, 351, #KX-T3848, silver plate, stolen on 3/22/96 from home [12/09/96]

  148. GEMEINHARDT, flute, C-SH, #60790, silver plate, open hole, stolen on 3/22/96 from home [12/09/96]

  149. GEMEINHARDT, flute, 35B, #669461, silver, Bft, open hole, gizmo, J on back of head, black leather case cover, stolen from school in Bemidji, MN, USA [2/28/97]

  150. GEMEINHARDT #26444, Silverplate Head & Foot Emerson, black plastic case Lost on bus on 02/17/97, Police report Case 23970771353 [03/20/97]

  151. GEMEINHARDT 3SHB, open hole, B foot, sterling silver Gemeinhardt "S" headjoint, serial # 376825, with case cover. From West Brook 9th Grade Center in Beaumont, Texas on April 7th, 1997. [4/14/97]

  152. GEMEINHARDT, #A2788, Alto Flute Model 10AS, silver head and body. Formerly owned by the Fort Polk (Louisiana) Army Band. Case says U.S. Army in white stenciled letters on top. Stolen from Louisiana State University School of Music Faculty Lounge during the statewide Louisiana Flute Festival April 12, 1997. [9/6/97]

  153. GEMEINHARDT, flute M36, #303495, student in-line open hole flute, silverplate, C foot. Case: black box style, very worn, blue lining. Stolen on 05/17/76 from University of South Alabama Student Housing, Mobile, Alabama, USA. Mobile Police Report #M-76-05-05670 [03/01/98]

  154. GEMEINHARDT 3SB, open hole, #656534, silver head, B foot. Stolen from Washingtonville High School, Washingtonville, NY on 9/28/95, police blotter #5956. Black plastic case with a black leather carrying case. [03/05/98]

  155. GEMEINHARDT, Alto Flute, #A2695, in case with an Altus Nickel head joint (no S.N.), black Cavellero case cover, some sctraches/dings, Police Report: Complaint #3888, 34th Precinct NYPD, Washington Hieghts NYC [6/1/98]

  156. GEMEINHARDT, #432771, model 3SHB, has bent F# key, in hard black plastic Gemeinhardt case with blue velvet interior, black canvas zipper Gemeinhardt case cover with shoulder strap, stolen on 6/1/98 in Maspeth, Queens, NY, USA [1/3/98]

  157. GEMEINHARDT, 3SB, #630178, Solid silver head joint and body, plate mechanism, gizmo black hardwood case and black vinyl carrying case stolen from office or car on or about 1/5/99 in New York City [02/22/99]

  158. GEMEINHARDT, #422631, 3SHB, stolen August 97 from Edison High School, NJ, minor dents in the headjoint [04/22/99]

  159. GEMEINHARDT, #453817, Silver, open hole, b-foot, one year old, stolen from Centereach, New York school on September 14, 1999 [09/24/99]

  160. GEMEINHARDT, 3SHB, #454704, open hole flute, flute/piccolo combo, piccolo has same serial # , black hard plastic case in a black vinyl cover, stolen from band room at junior high school 11/03/99 in Lee's Summit, Missouri (suburb of Kansas City), police report: Lee's Summit police report #99-64644 [11/15/99]

  161. GEMEINHARDT, 3OSB, #646855, Silver body, had N-S headjoint from student model in the case at the time, b-foot-open hole, O-G, trill rod broken from body. Non-descript black hard case, stolen in route to Cambridge, Mass. on December 22, 1999. [1/4/00]

  162. GEMEINHARDT, piccolo, #83155, stolen in car theft in Acokeek, MD, USA, Police report #95-11036 [09/20/00]

  163. GEMEINHARDT, Bass Flute, #20BSPB104, stolen in car theft in Acokeek, MD, USA, Police report #95-11036 [09/20/00]

  164. GEMEINHARDT, 50th Anniversary, #50423, silver with engraved lip plate, stolen in home burglary, St. Paul, MN USA, police report #00-219-941 [11/01/00]

  165. GEMEINHARDT, Model 3, #337275, silver plated head and body, open hole, stolen in home burglary, St. Paul, MN USA, #00-219-941 [11/01/00]

  166. GEMEINHARDT, 30SHB, #476004, stolen in early November 2000 in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. [11/12/00]

  167. GEMEINHARDT, C flute, #20434, B foot, gizmo key, solid silver head/body/foot, open hole, stolen from Kempner High School in Sugar Land, Texas (Houston area) in mid-November 2000 [12/01/00]

  168. GEMEINHARDT, alto flute, model KSB, # K00055, solid silver. Stolen at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, between November 14 and November 18, 2000 [12/03/00]

  169. GEMEINHART, piccolo, #4597, wood body and head, stolen at rehearsal [04/25/01]

  170. GEMEINHARDT, #336702, stolen from locker room at Astoria High School, Astoria OR. USA [06/06/01]

  171. GEMEINHARDT, piccolo #4764, grenadila wood silver keys, stolen in New York this spring 2001 [06/12/01]

  172. GEMEINHARDT, 3SHB, #366669, silver, silver plating removed beneath serial number, stolen from car, Quezon city Philippines [01/15/02]

  173. GEMEINHARDT C flute, model 3SBG, #673237, black hard carring case, stolen mid April, 2001 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada [07/11/02]

  174. GEMEINHARDT, #604481, Model 3S1, silver tube, plated mechanism, French, Bft [07/19/02]

  175. GEMEINHARDT, #A70303, a 2SH model, plateau, Cft. [07/19/02]

  176. GEMEINHARDT 3SSB, #660793, gold plated lip plate & crown, silver, stolen from instrument room, Tates Creek High School, Lexington, Kentucky, USA on Jan 21/03 [01/30/03]

  177. GEMEINHARDT, alto flute, #1394, stolen from house in Manchester, UK [06/20/03]

  178. GEMEINHARDT, Alto Flute. # A 1332, Stolen from UC Santa Cruz, USA dorm on 2/6/04 [02/28/04]

  179. GEMEINHARDT 3SHB, #47042, open hole, B foot, inline G, gold lip plate, stolen from a locker at San Francisco's Washington High School on Nov 9th, 2004 [11/17/04]

  180. GEMEINHARDT 3SH, #363653, open hole, silver head, head cork replaced with plastic stopper, stolen from home, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA [04/29/05]

  181. GEMEINHARDT, 3SHB, # 472910, stolen from Judson high school gray campus on 2/24/03 in Converse Texas, USA [05/25/05]

  182. GEMEINHARDT, 3SB, silver, 3 weeks old, open hole, offset G, B foot, hard case with soft black carry-case, stolen from school bus travelling from Kings' School, Winchester to Portswood, Police report #44060099922 Hampshire Police, UK [03/16/06]

  183. GEMEINHARDT 3KSB, #K00281, silver body, foot, and head, French keys, Gizmo, B foot, molded black case with green lining and green case cover, stolen in home robbery 12/06/06, Port Charlotte, FL, Police report: #06025476 [12/15/06]

  184. GEMEINHARDT, SHB-J1SS, #496636, taken from band room, The Woodlands High School, Texas, USA in January 2007, police report #0701-07238 Conroe ISD police [02/05/07]

  185. GEMEINHARDT 3SB, #659237, Bo-pep finger rest, label with New York address inside the case, stolen from home in Eugene, Oregon on June 29/07, Police report #52662 [07/23/07]

  186. GEMEINHARDT 3SB, #630999, silver, black plastic combination flute/piccolo case with blue interior, stolen from car in Albemarle, NC (USA) on July 31, 2007, Police report number 07-04818 [08/05/07]

  187. GEMEINHARDT M3S, #303704, silver, open hole, stolen from residence in Sandpoint, Idaho, Police Report: 54724 [01/23/09]

  188. GEMEINHARDT, 3SB, #648737, silver, low B, open hole, with case, taken from high school locker at Quartz Hill High School, Quartz Hill, California, USA, Police Report: 490-26531-1127-087 [05/20/09]

  189. GEMEINHARDT 30SB, #663223, silver, open hole, B foot, gizmo, stolen on July 6, 2010 in San Ramon, CA, USA, police report #2135 [10/13/10]

  190. GEMEINHARDT 4PSH, #21882, student piccolo, ABS body, silver head, small dent in head joint, stolen from trunk of car, Long Beach, CA. Police Report: 11-11971 [02/21/11]

  191. GEMEINHARDT, alto flute 10ASH, #A1334, original straight head, Di Zhao curved head with copper strip on the tenon, in Di Zhao case and cover, stolen on 07/16/16 after show at Clube do Choro de Brailia, DF, Brazil, Police Report #82727/2016 [09/10/17]

  192. GOOSMAN, #129, silver with C foot, stolen in London circa 1981. [8/24/97]

  193. GREEN, TOM, headjoints #240, #386, #208, all with 14K riser, stolen from car in Columbus, Ohio USA, police report #030807259 [09/23/03]

  194. TOM GREEN, # 168, A-442, .016 Wall, C# Trill, D# Roller, B Foot, Y arms, silver body and keys, stolen at school, Boston, Mass [10/28/03]

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  195. HAMMIG, WM, piccolo, #047, all wooden piccolo, purchased in 1954 from Verne Q. Powell, stolen in Columbus GA, USA in July 2001 [08/07/01]

  196. HAMMIG 650-2, #25783, grenadilla wood, silver plated keys, e mechanism, stolen from locker at College Conservatory in Cincinnati, OH, USA [04/07/02]

  197. HAMMIG, PHILIP, piccolo, #18777, stolen during mugging, Streatham, London, UK Police Report: Crime no. LX1226642-02 [06/16/02]

  198. HAMMIG, Ph., piccolo, #30142, model 650-3, stolen from concert hall Schiecentrtale in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on April 28/06, police report number: 2006150561 [05/08/06]

  199. HAMMIG, piccolo, reformed lip, new cork pads, G# mech, blue bubble wrap in case, in blue gig bag with tuning machine, cleaning rod, & rags, Leicestershire Police #CH3208072, UK [05/28/07]

  200. HAMMIG, piccolo, model 650/4, #30683/C542, stolen from locked locker at Baylor University, Waco, TX, USA, Baylor Police Dept. Case #U1255 [12/07/07]

  201. HAMMIG, PHILIP, piccolo 650/2, #29400, Werner Fischer head, Grenadill wood, silver plated keys, e-mechanic, headjoint of cocos wood, stolen in Frankfurt, Germany. Police Report: ST/0837569/2008 [07/18/08]

  202. HAMMIG piccolo #650/3, #25991, left on Epping train station Australia, NSW, Sydney, Epping, Police Report: E34258978 [07/05/08]

  203. HAMMIG, #15120, wood piccolo with silver mechanism, stolen in Madrid, Spain, Police Report: 6299 [03/07/10]

  204. HAMMIG (PHILIP) 650/4 HK, #28985, piccolo, stolen at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (The Netherlands). Police Report: PL1514 2011076382-1 [04/14/11]

  205. HAMMIG, #29782 wood piccolo, house break-in, Lisse, Holland, Police Report: PL1612 2012130671-1 [09/10/12]

  206. HAMMIG, Philipp, piccolo, #15473, wood, reform lip plate, brown leather case, stolen in train station on Sept 21, 2016, Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Police Report PL1300-2016205220-1 [09/21/16]

  207. HAYNES, #14541, silver, closed hole, C foot, initials H.E.A. scratched into body under B key, stolen from band room, 1972

  208. HAYNES, C Flute, #23565, plateau keys, commercial model, lost in early 1980's from office, Foothill College, CA, USA. [4/2/96]

  209. HAYNES, #15027, and GEMEINHARDT Alto Flute, No. A2581, and RIGOUTAT Oboe, #990EA, all stolen together in Israel. [1/25/90]

  210. HAYNES, C Flute, #18936, made in 1948, closed hole, Cft, in old French case. [1/15/95]

  211. HAYNES, #45156, B foot, pointed keys, French, solid silver, along with: LEHNER 14k GOLD HEADJOINT, #9609.

  212. HAYNES, #46090, B foot, French, stolen on April 14th from Claremont CA.

  213. HAYNES, #42726, sterling, French, Bft, stolen 1976 in San Francisco. $500 Reward.

  214. HAYNES, #37888, C Flute, French, Bft, DRELINGER headjoint, #98W, ARMSTRONG Picc, #22130, wood; all in double case. Stolen in Denver, CO. [2/24/91]

  215. HAYNES, #32385, Silver, French, Bft, stolen from home in South Bend, Indiana, USA on 08/27/90. [12/07/96]

  216. HAYNES, #188 Serial #34810, Bft, original wooden case with a Cavallero Case Cover. With Koregelos head joint. May have been transported to Texas or Mexico, stolen on 11/26/95. [01/25/97]

  217. HAYNES, #41649, Handmade French Model, Solid Silver, open-holed, B foot, standard hard Haynes case. Stolen from studio practice room at Vanier College in Montreal (St. Laurent) in 05/76. [7/19/97]

  218. HAYNES, Flute, #654543, closed hole, silver & EMERSON, Piccolo, stolen on 9/17/97 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, USA. [9/25/97]

  219. HAYNES, C flute, No. 19548, sterling silver, closed hole, standard model, Cft, in-line G key, if in the original case is as old as the flute, was in excellent condition. [12/21/97]

  220. HAYNES, #9618, silver C flute, inscribed with name of previous owner, 'Champe Slaten'. In worn black case. stolen in San Marcos, California on August 25, 1992 [03/11/98]

  221. HAYNES, #38803, silver, B foot, balck case with blue lining in black zipper case, stolen on 12/22/98 in Chrleston, South Carolina, USA. Charleston Police case #9830526 [01/02/99]

  222. HAYNES, Lou ,Deveau Model, #42923, C Foot, Stock case and headjoint, Stolen from Hawaii Pacific University van along with a Yamaha Soprano Sax, YSS-62, Ser. No. 3570 on 12/30/99 at approximately 1:00pm at residence in downtown Honolulu. Honolulu Police Department Report #99-462811 [01/01/00]

  223. HAYNES, #47756, French, B-foot, no gizmo, silver, stolen from a locker at the Hartt School in West Hartford, CT. [04/11/00]

  224. HAYNES, Alto Flute, #35693, silver, black leather case with handles, from SUNY Buffalo. Reward if instrument is recovered. [07/05/00]

  225. HAYNES, C piccolo, #818, silver head/black wooden body, black case, from SUNY Buffalo. Reward if instrument is recovered. [07/05/00]

  226. HAYNES, #9317, "Regular model", made in 1926, solid silver, plateau-style closed holes, offset G key, C foot, house robbery in Geneva, Switzerland, police report - Geneva Police file #00-406082 [07/12/00]

  227. HAYNES, Alto flute, #45360, winged embouchure, low B key, stolen from offices of St. Louis Symphony Orchestra [10/18/00]

  228. HAYNES, C flute, #4498, dating circa 1918, there is a J.S. punched in under the F# key. The case was new with a black canvas cover. The cleaning rod has a built in screwdriver [11/05/00]

  229. HAYNES, piccolo, #5436, dating circa 1919, wooden model with silver keys, two heads joints, in case specially made to hold both heads [11/05/00]

  230. HAYNES, wood piccolo, #34087, in black hard case with blue velvet lining, Cavallero case cover, cleaning rod has a red bandana piece of cloth attached, University of Akron Police report no. 00-16519, phone 330-972-7123, Officer Giffen, #44 [03/12/01]

  231. HAYNES, #50944, silver flute, 14K riser, 0.16" tubing, b foot, engraving on lip plate, open hole, stolen in Sydney, Australia, police report: E12050215 [07/24/01]

  232. HAYNES, #26879, piccolo, silver conical bore, double case with Powell Flute 5329, home burglary in Atlanta GA, USA, on 05/10/02, Police Report ATLPD 021301212 [05/16/02]

  233. HAYNES, #17916, silver, french, inline G, C foot, in double case. Stolen in home burglary, Keaau, HI, USA [06/01/02]

  234. HAYNES, #49780, 14K, B foot, french, stolen in a train, The Hague Netherlands, Police Report:pl 1514/2002/30298-3 [06/03/02]

  235. HAYNES, piccolo, #50391, grenadilla, 2nd G key has extra length, longer trill keys, extra F# key, stolen in a train, The Hague Netherlands, Police Report: PL 1514/2002/30298-3 [06/03/02]

  236. HAYNES, Wm S, D-flat piccolo, #11636, worn original cloth case with blue velvet interior, stolen from instrument storage area at music camp at Allegheny College, Meadville, PA, USA [07/01/02]

  237. HAYNES, piccolo, #50310, in black hard case, stolen in Toyko, Japan [07/03/02]

  238. HAYNES, #49780, 14k gold, Bft, French, stolen in Holland [07/19/02]

  239. HAYNES, #42726, handmade, French, Bft, pointed key arms [07/19/02]

  240. HAYNES, #37476, with B-foot, SIUC #166280, stolen at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL, USA [08/24/02]

  241. HAYNES, #47390, french, sterling silver, Deveau scale, gizmo, lip plate adjusted slightly, stolen July 1992 in Brooklyn, NY [04/16/03]

  242. HAYNES, Wm. S., #31894, solid silver French model handmade in 1962, C-foot, open hole, in-line G, traditional scale, A440, 014 wall thickness, excellent condition. in black French leather Haynes flute case with black Cavallaro case cover, flute was shipped to North Hills, CA on demo on 03/10/04 using fraudulent credit card. Police Report: Boulder County, CO. Sheriff department at (303)441-4444 [03/15/04]

  243. HAYNES, #48919, silver, c-foot flute, open-hole, Deveau scale, in-line G, stolen spring 2002 Oberlin Conservatory of Music computer laboratory, Oberlin, OH, USA [04/21/04]

  244. HAYNES, #50729, silver French model, with gold embouchure plate, B foot, stolen from the locker at George Washington University, Washington, DC between April 19-21st, 2004 [04/21/04]

  245. HAYNES, #40360, handmade French model, b-foot, stolen March 23, 2004 in Nassau, Bahamas [04/22/04]

  246. HAYNES, #43005, Silver, B-foot, open hole, original black case, Stolen in Baltimore, August 2004 [08/16/04]

  247. HAYNES, #49345, handmade, French model, Deveau scale, stolen in Jacksonville, FL, USA [01/05/05]

  248. HAYNES, #21846, closed hole, c foot, stolen from home Oakland, CA, USA [04/30/05]

  249. HAYNES, #42659, silver, open hole, inline, B foot, 3m anti-tarnish strip in case, Metropolitan Police of London, Crime Management Unit Number-2732207/05 [11/06/05]

  250. HAYNES, #49917, C# trill B foot, stolen from car trunk in Honolulu HI USA, Police Report: UEM 06.054.780 [02/12/06]

  251. HAYNES, piccolo #19380, plastic Eldred Spell head, conical body, stolen from trunk of car, Honolulu HI USA, Police Report: uem 06.054.780 [02/12/06]

  252. HAYNES/AMADEUS, AF700BOF, #1506, 700 series with Offset G, stolen in Davis, CA, USA, Davis police department case #07-3408 [07/19/07]

  253. HAYNES/AMADEUS, AF800BOF, #2002, 800 series with Offset G, stolen in Davis, CA, USA, Davis police department case #07-3408 [07/19/07]

  254. HAYNES, WM. S., #22409, silver, Bft with gizmo, and Brannen Cooper head, in black case, police report #07-59633 [08/01/07]

  255. HAYNES, grenadilla piccolo, #709, Weissman head joint (chip on crown), New York police report number 2997-01-10925 [12/11/07]

  256. HAYNES, #19334, silver, recently recondition with new pads and polished, stolen from Lansing Everret High School band room instrument cage, USA Michigan, Lansing, 48858. Police Report: LLA080206008017 [02/21/08]

  257. HAYNES LDJ B flat, #49897, Regular French LDJ B flat, 14KT gold riser, Deveau Scale, stolen during home burglary, Brooklyn NY, Police Report: A257798 [08/19/08]

  258. HAYNES, #49603, silver, Lillian Burkart silver head #1256, B foot, C# trill, open hole, Wiseman double-case with piccolo, stolen from car in a secured parking garage, San Francisco, CA, USA, Police Report: 081031709 [09/29/08]

  259. HAYNES, #43031, silver, b foot, Drelinger head, engraved lip plate, left at train station, Chicago, IL, USA, Police Report: HP636367 [10/20/08]

  260. HAYNES, Wm. #46031. Alice Goble head (AG), silver, B-foot, in line G, pointed arms, 440, Cavallaro black soft case, inside case has a very small brass screwdriver and tan chamois pieces to help the instrument fit snuggly in the case, Stolen with a Cavallaro padded bag from home, Bellingham, WA, USA, Police Report: 08B42258 [10/26/08]

  261. HAYNES, #44666, 14k gold, French, C# trill, B foot, and C foot with D# roller, in black case made with room for 2 footjoints, black leather cover with red velvet lining, Police report 081103003262, California, USA. [11/05/08]

  262. HAYNES, Amadeus 700BOF, #4975, open-hole, B foot, in backpack stolen from San Dieguito Academy, Encinitas, CA, USA, Police Report: 09021790 [03/04/09]

  263. HAYNES, #50924, lip plate engraved with flower cork had a gray looking jewel crown, stolen from car, Nederland, Texas, USA, Police Report: 09-0000821 [05/03/09]

  264. HAYNES, S.W., #48850, 14K gold, open hole, C foot, Deveau scale, .205d head, stolen from bag in metro, Athens, Greece, Police Report: 1052/3/611 [05/19/09]

  265. HAYNES, HMF, #51871, .018, B foot, offset G, open hole, split E mechanism, stolen from pratice room of the Conservatorio del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain, Police Report: 863426/2009 ATO [11/09/09]

  266. HAYNES, #45876, silver, B foot, stolen on June 10/12 out of bag while traveling on A train and Express Bus between New York & New Jersey, Police Report: NCIR 12G019 [08/15/12]

  267. HAYNES, #36224, silver, open hole, B foot, in-line G, stolen from repair shop in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, January 14/2013, police report #13-002307, Montgomery County Maryland Police Department [01/18/13]

  268. HAYNES, #4664, silver, closed hole, C foot, engraved with USQMC on all three joints, brown leather case with right side button broken off, lost during NFA convention in Town & Country Resort, San Diego, USA, possibly left in exhibit hall at phone charge area or at a vendor booth, lost on 8/13/16, Police Report: T&C Security & and San Diego Police Dept #16-033738 [08/22/16]

  269. HAYNES, Wm S, #24994, built in 1954, C foot, .014" tube, soldered tone holes, pointed key arms, hard case, cleaning swab, stolen during home burglary on 02/13/2017, USA, Police Report: 17-0441362 [02/16/17]

  270. HEUNE, FRIEDRICK VON, Kirst copy, #2371, handmade, baroque traverso, single silver key, Turkish boxwood (golden yellow, distinctive dark knot on headjoint), ivory head-cap, foot-cap, and joints, two tuning joints (A440 and 415), felt lined walnut case.

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  271. JAMES, TREVOR 3001E, #69054, stolen on June 10, 1999 in the UK. [09/12/99]

  272. JAMES, TREVOR, #38325, ailver plated, open hole, stolen from the band room in Harrington Park, NJ, USA [03/15/05]

  273. JAMES, TREVOR, Privilege- 31P2ESL, #32586, Bedford UK, Police Report: 25468 [05/09/06]

  274. JAMES, TREVOR, Cantabile, #P48918, headjoint slightly dented, foot joint a bit scratched, stolen during house invasion on Oct 25/12, Estonia, Tartu, Police Report Number: 2602120117340 [10/26/12]

  275. JUPITER, #B-03566, model 611-RBS, silver head, stolen from office at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC Jan14/02 [01/17/02]

  276. JUPITER 511 ES, #405495, the flute was with a Wooden head by Mark Hoza, Numbered 109,2000, Cody Dixon Irish Flute/low D Whistle, and Cody Dixon Irish Piccolo (Fife)/high D whistle, stolen in Melbourne, Australia [03/01/04]

  277. JUPITER 611RBSO, #C01430, silver plated, open hole, black hard case, soft cover, stolen from car at Solon Middle School Parking lot on 11/11/05, Solon, IA, USA., Police Report: DanVincent3193566020 [11/28/05]

  278. JUPITER DeMedici JU1011RBS, #662366, silver flute, stolen in Pleasantville, NY, USA, Police report: PV-001697-06 [02/22/06]

  279. JUPITER, 517s Alto Flute, #F0081, straight head, Serial #F0081, stolen in Davis, CA, USA, Davis police department case #07-3408 [07/19/07]

  280. JUPITER, Alto Flute, #G0252, Stolen from apartment, Portland, Maine, USA, Police Report: 08-4203 [05/06/08]

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  281. KEEFE, #63, piccolo, stolen on train in Rome, June 17/02 [08/26/02]

  282. KEEFE #131, piccolo, head #181, Grenadilla wood, stolen from backpack in Penn Station, NY on 3/1/07, Amtrak Police Incident Report #07/2159 [03/08/07]

  283. KEEFE, piccolo, #194, head #345, cocus wood, 14K rose gold bridged mechanism, split E, cork pads, stolen from train 11/30/2017, Rome, Italy, Police Report: comm.viminale.rm@pecps.poliziadistato [12/01/17]

  284. KING, C flute model 1040, #616045, sterling silver, gold embouchure plate, Bft, offset G, double case, Washington, DC, USA, [5/9/96]

  285. KING, piccolo, #8960, sterling head, silver plated body, double case, Washington, DC, USA, [5/9/96]

  286. KINGMA, EVA, alto flute #920620, closed holes, silver head, split E, stolen from bus Sint-Michiels, Police Report 02-008222, Bruges Belgium [05/03/02]

  287. KINGMA, EVA, bass flute, #98518, silver head, 3 open hole keys that are plugged, distinct repair on the curve of the head, French case, black nylon zippered cover., lost and presumed stolen at Denver International Airport 6/20/2016 at about 7:30am, Denver Police Department report#: 2016-6006059 [06/29/16]

  288. KOREGELOS, C Flute, #581, Model GK, open hole, Bft, stolen in San Mateo, CA.

  289. KOREGELOS, G. (Sealos) , #134, B foot, silver, stolen during home burglary, USA, IL, Chicago, Police Report: F592556 [03/23/10]

  290. KOTATO & FUKUSHIMA, #604, C flute, 14K gold, silver mechanism & chimneys, open hole, in-line G, B foot, pinless E, handmade, black case, blue interior, cover padded with a floral design, stolen in Paris, Nov 15/2010, French Police Report Number: 2010/24200 [11/22/10]

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  291. LAFIN head joint #89.6, 14k gold, platinum riser, Adler wings, stolen from Royal Northern College of Music premises, August 23/08, Police report # 198368F-08, Manchester Police UK [08/27/08]

  292. LAMBERSON, #686, silver, soldered tone holes, B foot, left hand lever low B, small C# key in left hand (colt man style), lost in flight on October 23/14, Houston, TX, USA, Police Report Number: 138072-514J [11/03/14]

  293. LANDELL, C Flute, #6, open hole, B foot, Vancouver, Canada. [10/16/96]

  294. LANDELL, #76, 14 ct body, silver mechanism, split E, open hole, offset G, C# trill, silver crown, stolen from repair shop in London, UK, in June 1995 [04/04/01]

  295. LEANER, JOHN, headjoint, # 422, 14 K Gold with engraved lip plate, in black leather double flute case, stolen February 24, 2002 [02/26/02]

  296. LEHNER, JOHN, headjoint, no serial number, sterling silver, in black leather double flute case, stolen February 24, 2002 [02/26/02]

  297. LORELLO, EUGENE, C Flute, "L.L.", silver, Cft. [09/15/92]

  298. LOT, LOUIS, C Flute, #1830, silver, Cft. [09/15/92]

  299. LOT, LOUIS, C Flute, #5444, silver plated, Cft. [09/15/92]

  300. LOT, LOUIS, Piccolo, wood, ring keys, worn gold plating on keys. [09/15/92]

  301. LOT, LOUIS, #6798 headjoint only, stolen in July 1979 in Paris [12/7/98]

  302. LOT, LOUIS, #6862, stolen in Gent, Belgium in early January 2000, flute was in a Yamaha case [01/04/00]

  303. LOT, LOUIS, #6696, C flute, silver, stolen in the Paris metro, police report Gambetta (75020) [07/09/01]

  304. LOT, LOUIS, Paris, #107, stolen from the Giuseppe Verdi Museum, Busseto Italy [07/04/02]

  305. LOT, LOUIS, #2595, silver plated, house burglary, UK, Hampshire, Police Report: 44060068372 [03/12/06]

  306. LOT, LOUIS, silver head #5734, McLauchlan/Lafin style lip-plate, gold Adler wings, stolen from Royal Northern College of Music, UK, August 23/08. Manchester Police report 198368F/08 [09/05/08]

  307. LOT, LOUIS, #8370, silver, Dorus G#, approx 1917, original weathered brown leather case, stolen from car trunk on Dec 27/14, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Police Report: MTLEV1301212332 [09/30/15]

  308. LOT, LOUIS, #9540,iron braze around the C shap key, stolen in Copenhagen, Denmark, Police Report: 0100-75511-00947-16 [05/14/16]

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  309. MATEKI, #1682, open hole, offset G, Bft. -and- ARMSTRONG PICCOLO, #26-47002.

  310. MATEKI, model 52R, #0891, stolen from church parking lot in Bradenton, Florida., police report 96-18106 [03/22/01]

  311. MATEKI, 31-RH, #105, silver, open hole, b foot, black case, stolen in San Francisco or San Jose, CA, USA, November 3/03, Police report: #031320411 [11/16/03]

  312. MATEKI, MO-062, #4353, silver, open hole, B foot, stolen from car on August 26, 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria, Police Report: Policijska Uprava Ljubljana KRIM-16 MNZ RS [09/01/13]

  313. McCANLESS, flute #96, .016" wall, French, offset G, Speak ez E model, (Boehm-type closed G#), Low B. The headjoints in PVC pipe each have AM initials monogram. [8/02/98]

  314. McCANLESS, #104, silver, gold riser, JS gold plated pads, offset G raised C key, .014 wall, speak ez E, home burglary on 10/03/2017, Willow Springs, Illinois, USA, Police Report Number: 17-04991

  315. MEHNERT, #2851964, 9k gold, open hole, B foot, stolen from a car, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Police Report: PL132K 2011321973-1 [12/21/11]

  316. MIO, Cannonball M8E, M100197, taken from high school classroom 04/21/17, Sacramento, CA, USA, Police Report Number: 2017-8004934 [05/22/17]

  317. MIYAZAWA, #24425, Model PCM 300-RH, open hole, in-line G, Bft, no french arms, piece of Dr. Scholl's padding beneath C key. HAYNES WING-TIPPED HEADJOINT, with piece of masking tape on it it make it fit flute. Both in same 2-piece brown case.

  318. MIYAZAWA, #11372, pcm300-R, AC type head-joint, stolen in brussels, stolen on Sept. 13, 1996 [6/30/97]

  319. MIYAZAWA, #17982, 14k gold flute, silver keys, drawn tone holes, classic II. Stolen at gunpoint in Ohio. [5/9/98]

  320. MIYAZAWA, #23534, Classic II open hole, 14k rose gold, C# trill key, payed $15,000, small onyx plate on back of head joint with diamond encrusted wing lip plate, engraved on lip and all keys, burgandy case cover, ivory case with white velvet and silk interior

  321. MIYAZAWA, PA 401 RE, #72050, sterling Silver, french pointed arms,open holes,silver plated keys, C foot, in a Jean-Cavallaro case cover, stolen on 06/18/00 Bukit Batok, Singapore [06/27/00]

  322. MIYAZAWA, #27225, silver, open hole, B-foot, stolen from private home, San Francisco, CA, USA [01/23/01]

  323. MIYAZAWA PA 201RH, #74719, open hole, b foot, silver, starting to tarnish under keys, stolen from practice room at Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville ,NC, USA, police Report: 2004006135 [02/26/04]

  324. MIYAZAWA PA 101RH, #73508, Powell Plugs, stolen from hotel room at the Sheraton World Resort, Orlando, Florida, Police Report: 04-031140 [04/18/04]

  325. MIYAZAWA, #83018, offset G, B foot, stolen in Dallas area 4/14/05 [04/15/05]

  326. MIYAZAWA Classic, #80701, handmade, sterling silver head, body, keys, and foot, low B, gizmo, D#C# rollers, offset G, open hole, drawn tone holes, 9k lip late, platinum riser, 14K crown, black leather covered case. Also stolen: Ralph Sweetheart D wooden whistle, Alteri gig bag, maple double flute stand, Wirkkala flute rest, misc. music. Stolen from car in Phoenix, AZ, USA, Police Report: 52427874 [12/28/05]

  327. MIYAZAWA RHO 201, #70607, Offset G, B foot, stolen from dormitory at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ USA, Police Report: 06-11281 [07/30/06]

  328. MIYAZAWA, 402 RH HW, #83904, Head #726G, silver head, body, silverplated keys, offset G, C# trill, low B footjoint, 14k Gold riser, drawn tone holes, stolen from porch in San Jose, CA, USA, Police Report: 06-243-3209 [08/31/06]

  329. MIYAZAWA, headjoint #619G, silver, heavy wall,14k gold riser, stolen from porch in San Jose CA, USA, Police Report: 06-243-3209 [08/31/06]

  330. MIYAZAWA, Classic I, #48658, silver, inline G, C# trill, engraved lip plate & joint rings, burglary of an apt in Paris, France, Police Report: 2009/001 [01/06/10]

  331. MIYAZAWA PA - 402RE, #81046., 4k lip plate and riser with the serial #81046, stolen at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Police Report: PL27RP/11-032128 [05/03/11]

  332. MIYAZAWA, classic model, #85013, low b key has a torn pad, Brogger system, several leaks, silver head with medium sized black spot from tarnish , stolen during home burglary, San Antonio, USA, Police Report: SAPD 11112195 [05/07/11]

  333. MIYAZAWA PA 201, #73101, stolen on the University of Washington campus, Seattle, WA, USA, Police Report:01-12-001436 [08/13/12]

  334. MIYAZAWA PB-202RH, #98715, stolen from home, Federal Way, Washington, USA Police Report: 12-241602 [10/15/12]

  335. MIYAZAWA BR-202, #97902, off set g, heavy wall tubing, stolen from a car, McKinney, TX 10/28/2012, Police Report #12-008590 [11/04/12]

  336. MIYAZAWA, #95098, head serial #E894, Brogger system, heavy wall, 958 Silver, C# trill, D# and C# rollers, split E, offset G, Miyazawa MZ-10 heavy wall 958 silver head with 14K gold halo riser, stolen from car, Kentucky, Louisville, USA, Police Report: 80-13-02500 [03/27/13]

  337. MIYAZAWA, BR-402, #97523, silver, B Foot, C# trill, stolen from car, Tacoma, WA, USA, Police Report: 131079010 [04/17/13]

  338. MIYAZAWA, MC-300E #24608, Ian McLauchlan head #22, Miyazawa original head in separate case, B foot, left in gig bag in cab in Leeds, UK on May 30, 2013, Police report #13130227871 [06/03/13]

  339. MIYAZAWA, PA202E, #79442, head MZ-PI 9, gold riser, stolen from car, Merthyr, S. Wales, UK on April 8/14, police report: 1400118076 [07/06/14]

  340. MIYAZAWA, GS, #80419, silver, split E, B foot, stolen on 12/29/16, car break in, Berkeley, CA, USA, Police Report 16-76414 [12/30/16]

  341. MIYAZAWA, 302 (PA-302RH), #81785, sterling head, 14K riser, PCM-silver alloy body/footjoint, low B, gizmo, D# roller, silver plated nickel silver keys, offset G, open hole, drawn and rolled toneholes, C# trill, French style pointed tonearms, stainless steel springs, Straubinger pads, A=442. Miyazawa Improved Scale, black leather case, Cavallaro case cover, stolen from university flute studio, 08/01/2017, Police Report: Delta State University Police #201712-02429, [12/08/17]

  342. MOENNIG, Bass Flute, #13552. reward if info leads to recovery. [11/26/91]

  343. MOORE, JACK, #537, B Foot, open-holed, c sharp trill, d sharp roller with cleaning rags left in the case. Stolen from practice room at Central Washington University on January 14, 1999. [02/04/99]

  344. MOORE, JACK, #455, in blue gig bag with tuning machine, cleaning rod, & rags, Leicestershire Police #CH3208072, UK [05/28/07]

  345. MOORE, JACK, #536, silver, Bft, open hole, C-sharp trill, D-sharp roller, cleaning rags in case, Cavallaro case cover. Last seen on Monday 10/10/11 in Escondido, CA., may have been stolen from trunk of car in San Diego., Police report: #11708545 [10/17/11]

  346. MURAMATSU, #33333, 14k all gold flute. French style with B foot joint and engraved, Luzern, 26th July, 1989, owner: James Galway

  347. MURAMATSU, #34567, 14k all gold flute. French style with B foot joint and engraved, Luzern, 26th July, 1989, owner: James Galway

  348. MURAMATSU, #35566, 14k all gold flute. French style with B foot joint and C# trill key engraved, Luzern, 26th July, 1989, owner: James Galway

  349. MURAMATSU, #35953, 9k all gold flute. French style with B foot joint and C# trill key engraved, Luzern, 26th July, 1989, owner: James Galway

  350. MURAMATSU, High Wave HEADJOINT, silver, in headjoint case with chartreuse lining, -and- POWELL HEADJOINT, silver with gold plating on the strike wall, engraving on embouchure plate, tube, and crown, in headjoint case with burgandy lining.

  351. MURAMATSU, #43304, 9K gold with silver mechanism, french style keys, in line G, C footjoint, stolen in Riccione - Italy in School, on 10/11/94. [4/15/97]

  352. MURAMATSU, #15030, Model MF4, solid silver, open-hole, french style keys, in-line G, B-foot with gizmo, has small dent on back of headjoint, in hard black case with blue interior. Missing case cover. Stolen from home in Houston, TX, on July 1, 1997

  353. MURAMATSU, CF2 .017, #27881, Silver head and body, open hole, C foot 2 small dents below the g# key, Balck nylon case with sheepskin lining and shoulder strap. Stolen from car in Columbia, SC on 12/16/98. [1/29/98]

  354. MURAMATSU, #32495, Model AD-RC, C foot, open hole, pointed keys, brown case, in brown Muramatsu leather case cover, was also in black Cavallaro shoulder bag. Stolen from home in Dublin, Ireland on Feb. 9, 1998 [02/19/98]

  355. MURAMATSU MF1, #03006, closed-hole, C-foot, Cavallaro case cover, stolen in Santa Monica in 1983 [08/24/98]

  356. MURAMATSU, flute #12703, e mechanism, silver, stolen from home in Surrey, England on April 22/99, Croydon police Ref. No. 3809019/99E [06/01/99]

  357. MURAMATSU, #41464, Model AD silver, CFootJoint, in line, open hole with Cooper silver HeadJoint. Stolen on 23 February 1999 in Stuttgart's Musich School, Germany. Police case #I 120-A 756/99-B Info 0039 059 367789 (0039 347 3020855) [06/14/99]

  358. MURAMATSU, #07662, 14k white gold with silver keys, Cft, closed E-mechanism, stolen on Jan. 20, 2000 [03/15/00]

  359. MURAMATSU, #26235, open hole, in line, deep mark between the mouthpiece and the body originally made by an old teacher for settings, in a dark red leather case + a gig bag [04/02/00]

  360. MURAMATSU, Model AD, #49714, open hole, B-foot, wing-tip embouchure, offset G, silver, in a black Pro-Tech case with a shoulder strap that also contained a wooden tuning rod in the zipper pouch, stolen from car in Birmingham, Alabama on October 27, 2000 [11/12/00]

  361. MURAMATSU, #17268, Brannon-Cooper head, b foot, open hole, heavy tubing, stolen in Amsterdam, Holland [10/24/01]

  362. MURAMATSU, #39830, b foot, silver, offset G, heavy wall, stolen from music school practice room in Philadepphia, PA, USA on 12/18/01 [12/19/01]

  363. MURUMATSU AD OH, AHCE#57171x, B foot, C# trill, E mech, heavy wall, taken from practice room at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA on 01/02/02 [01/02/02]

  364. MURAMATSU, #34970, 14k Gold, Lafin head # 101250 14k Gold, Gravur Keys, lost during shipping from Switzerland to Germany [03/22/02]

  365. MURAMATSU, #23674, stolen in Houston, TX airport in 1985 [06/18/02]

  366. MURAMATSU, #24660, silver c.h., B foot, stolen from parked car, UK, London SE1, Hopton Street Police Report:=3041608/02 [11/05/02]

  367. MURAMATSU, #11383, EX-model, closed hole, Cft, stolen April 20, 2003 from locker in the music department at SUNY-Fredonia [05/07/03]

  368. MURAMATSU, #7856, silver, open hole, B foot, Straubinger pads, small scratches to line up head joint w/ body, black Leather case w/ brown zippered case cover, stolen in Sammamish, WA, USA on July 4/03, Police Report 03-207699, Sammamish P.D. [07/09/03]

  369. MURAMATSU DN, #43839, inline, C foot, stolen August 8/03, New Jersey, USA [09/17/03]

  370. MURAMATSU, #22522, 14k head with wing, silver, open-hole, bft, C# trill, stolen in New Orleans in 1991 [11/02/03]

  371. MURAMATSU, #62077, PTP Silver body, Platinum plated body , B foot, split E, inline , open hole, stolen in Boston [12/27/03]

  372. MURAMATSU, #52250, B foot, open hole, inline, split E, stolen in Prag on September 1, 2001 [12/27/03]

  373. MURAMATSU, #81866, Silver, open holes, Bft, lost in a train, Holland [01/08/04]

  374. MURAMATSU AD, #48942, sterling silver, E split, open holes, C foot, stolen in a restaurant in Hungary, Nov 2000 [05/09/04]

  375. MURAMATSU, GX-CC-E 6447, silver, stolen in Amsterdam, Watergraafsmeer on July 15/05 [07/18/05]

  376. MURAMATSU, #19745, Sheridan head, silver, b foot, C# trill, split 'E', offset G, gismo, taken from office at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA, Police Report: 05-2264 (University Police) [09/04/05]

  377. MURAMATSU, AD model, #58420, silver, b foot, offset g, heavy wall, gizmo key on footjoint isn't seated correctly and clicks against low b key, Ottawa Ontario Canada, Police Report: 06-290425 [10/18/06]

  378. MURAMATSU, #09376, gone missing on Grand Street near Essex in Manhattan, New York City. NYC Police report #2023. 7th Precinct. Owners name is engraved on head, body, & foot, case was inside a handcrafted thick brown leather covering of a design reminiscent of an American Indian totem pole with a wolf head on top. [05/28/07]

  379. MURAMATSU DS, #65321, silver, heavy wall, C# trill, D# roller, black stone crown, stolen from locked locker at Baylor University, Waco, TX, USA, Police Report - Baylor Police Dept. Case #U1255 [12/07/07]

  380. MURAMATSU, #82182, GX Model, heavy wall, silver body, gold crown, silver clad mechanism, offset G, stolen in house robbery, Berlin, NJ, USA, Police Report: 2008002491 [03/20/08]

  381. MURAMATSU DS, #69896, silver, heavy wall, open-hole, in-line, B-foot, D#roller key, stolen from a practice room at California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA, Police Report: 08-0459 [05/01/08]

  382. MURAMATSU, #69000, 14k gold, B foot, split E, cherry blossom engraved on lip plate, stolen Bruckner Private University, Linz, Austria. Police Report: D1/20395/2009 [04/19/09]

  383. MURUMATSU DS, #71663, engraving on one key of the last joint, lost from minibus in Hong Kong. Police Report: 08021292 [08/24/10]

  384. MURAMATSU CF4, #39153, silver, heavy wall, B foot, stolen in Drexel Hill, PA, USA, Police Report #10-43359 [11/09/10]

  385. MURAMATSU, #54595, AD Heavy Wall, Silver head, body & mechanism, open hole, offset G, Split E mechanism, B foot, stolen from home, Oakland, CA, Police Report: 11-025919 [06/01/11]

  386. MURAMATSU, EXIII RCE, #55126, silver head, alloy silver plate body, open hole, offset G, C foot, in original French style black case with Pearl outer soft case, had tuning fork, plugs, other minor accessories in outer zip pocket when stolen, green ink staining the inner lining of the Pearl cover, left momentarily on a low stone wall beside a bank ATM in St Nicholas Square, Aberdeen, Scotland, Police Report: 2009017148 [06/27/11]

  387. MURAMATSU, #64555, 18K+5KRHEst, 18K (lip 14K) Lafin head, special silver key for left hand 3rd finger, stolen in train at Shinjuku station, Tokyo, Japan, Police Report: B1491 [07/14/11]

  388. MURAMATSU GX, #33018, Miami, FL, USA, Police Report: 04010512 [09/27/11]

  389. MURAMATSU, #21801, 14kt, 14kt Lafin lip plate, silver keys, C-foot, split e, offset g, closed hole, with j.r. lafin 14 kt red gold head screw and lip plate, engraved: A.M and Lafin-Lily, with original Muramatsu burgundy red case, black bag with white linings, stolen in office burglary 2011-10-16, Berlin, Germany, Police Report: 111017-0800-031643 [11/17/11]

  390. MURAMATSU, DN, #67576, 14K tube with 5K keys & mechanism, inline G, open hole, drawn tone holes, lost on the subway platform of the Duesseldorf Central Station (Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof)'s subway (U-bahn) station, Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, June 4, 2013, Police Report Number: Vorgangsnummer: Vg/399619/2013 [06/05/13]

  391. MURAMATSU, AD model, 61237, silver, heavy wall, in-line, B foot, Lopatin #133 silver head with 14k riser, stolen from car, Chicago, Il, USA on December 27, 2013 [12/29/13]

  392. MURAMATSU, #80903, stolen on train RER B from airport CDG to Paris on 7/05/2015, French Police Report #2015/0022056873 [07/08/15]

  393. MURAMATSU EX-II, EX42474, silver head, open hole, B foot, inline G, in black French style case with blue lining, taken from Main Public LIbrary restroom in Alameda, California, USA on 11 Dec 2015, City of Alameda Police Report 15-345-6368 [12/13/15]

  394. MURAMATSMU, EX, #75436, silver, B foot, taken January 6, 2016 near Fort Settlement Middle School, Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, Texas, USA, Sugar Land Police Report: 2016022214 [01/20/16]

  395. MURAMATSU EX III, #77185, B foot, off-set G, in original case & bag, stolen from hotel, Virginia, USA, Police Report: 2016055066 [02/24/16]

  396. MURAMATSU DS, #76006, silver, b foot, offset G, purple case, Lafin-Brannen head with 18k gold tube, 14k gold lip plate with Adler, stolen in train station on Sept 21, 2016, Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Police Report PL1300-2016205220-1 [09/21/16]

  397. MURAMATSU AD RH, #52593, silver, open hole, pointed keys, B foot, gizmo, inline G, wing lip plate, black Altieri bag, stolen from car Culver City, CA, USA, 09/29/2017, Police Report: 17-11956 [09/30/17]

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  398. NAGAHARA, #394, silver, inline G, A442, B foot, 18K riser, stolen in Ter Doral, Florida, USA, Police Report: PDO60511242003 [05/13/06]

  399. NAGAHARA, Full Concert Model, #329, silver Age950, 14K gold riser, inline G, lost in subway at 14th Street , New York, NY. Police Report: 2007-013-11480 [01/13/08]

  400. NAGAHARA, #398, full concert flute, silver, 18k gold riser, in-line G, A=442, Bfoot, stolen on April 25, 2008 in London. Police report #6304650/08 [04/28/08]

  401. NOBLET, #21473, Silver student flute, pointed key arms, closed holes, in black case, stolen on tram in Australia [05/04/04]

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  402. OLWELL, PATRICK, no serial number, ebony wooden flute, seven silver keys, silver rings, each section marked with "Olwell", plastic coating around the lower-lip half of the embouchure. Stolen from backstage in New York city, in March 1998. [03/09/99]

  403. OLWELL, PATRICK, keyless blackwood (Irish) flute, head joint is slightly redder, grainier than body, 4 pieces, each stamped with 'Olwell', stolen in Toronto, Canada [04/04/02]

  404. OLWELL, PATRICK, "Med." Nicholson, #18, African Blackwood, silver lined head joint, stolen from home, Annapolis, MD 21403, USA, on June 21, 2012, Police Report: 12-723631 [08/27/12]

  405. OPPERMAN, piccolo, #2124-07, rosewood, silver keys, with two rosewood headjoints in Opperman case and cover. Stolen in Iowa in August 1996. [10/15/96]

  406. OPPERMAN, piccolo, #2118-07, rosewood, stolen from home in South Bend, Indiana, USA on 08/27/90. [12/07/96]

  407. OPPERMAN, piccolo, #181506, Rosewood w/ silver keys. Slighty discolored at emb. hole, purple Cavellero case cover, w/pocket, black crown, Police Report: Complaint #3888, 34th Precinct NYPD, Washington Hieghts NYC [6/1/98]

  408. OPPERMAN, #RSP194806, rosewood piccolo in double walnut case with carved initials ERLBC with leather case cover. Stolen from home in Fort Lauderdale Florida in 1990 [06/25/99]

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  409. PARMEMENON, #94, silver flute, 1984, low B option, stolen in rehersal hall, Guadeloupe, France (FWI), Police Report: 2012/0002810374 [12/10/12]

  410. PEARL, #305293, French style, low B, Gizmo. Stolen from uninsured apartment 11/13/87 in Billings, MT.

  411. PEARL, #546, French, Bft, open hole, with Haynes head/gold riser, Tufts University in Medford, MA. Case #961579 [11/14/96]

  412. PEARL, silver flute, C Foot, #52242, stolen on 14 February 1998 in the City Of Leeds, UK Police Crime Number CB/98/1667 Incident being dealt with by Pudsey (Leeds) Police Station. Tel 01132414859 [02/16/98]

  413. PEARL, #SS-850 PB 50-0046, 14kt gold plated, B-foot, open hole, imperceptible wear on R-3, inline G, 3 key stops corks have been replaced with closed cell white foam, Marina del Rey police report #198-01155-2763-442 [6/25/98]

  414. PEARL 501, #52860, stolen from school bus on November 25/98, Aloha, Oregon [12/02/98]

  415. PEARL PF 9800, #18946, silver, split E with clutch, offset G, D# roller, C# trill key, B foot, pinless, in black case with black nylon case with label "Pearl Flute" on it, stolen from a university parking lot [03/12/01]

  416. PEARL, model 775 R, #0383, John Lehner #219 SIL head, 9K riser engraved with JL, open hole, offset G, stolen in home burglary, Canberra, Australia, police report 9710290273 [05/27/01]

  417. PEARL PF9840RBE, #21961, engraved name on barrel says Maesta, 14K gold, offset G, split E, drawn tone holes, stolen from car, Bronx, New York [12/10/02]

  418. PEARL PF9870RB, #21923, engraved name on barrel says Maesta, 18K gold, drawn tone holes, leather case with nylon fleece lined case cover, silver keys, headjoint says ST-4 on it, stolen from car, Bronx, New York [12/10/02]

  419. PEARL PF9840RBC, #21604. engraved name on barrel says Maesta, 14K gold, drawn tone holes, leather case with nylon fleece lined case cover, in line with C# trill and silver keys, stolen from car, Bronx, New York [12/10/02]

  420. PEARL, PF501E, #12761, stolen from school, High Wycombe, Bucks,UK [11/09/04]

  421. PEARL, 661RBE, #13414, home burglary, Brownstown, MI 48183 USA, Police Report: 05-16280 [07/24/05]

  422. PEARL 685 RE, #18301, Head: PH1, e-mek, offset, open hole, french style, stolen from restaurant Biskops Arn Enkping SWEDEN, Police Report: 0300-K20322-06 [08/03/06]

  423. PEARL, 765 RBE, #4632, silver, open hole, B foot, in a french style hard case with green velvet lining, enclosed in a fleece-lined nylon carrying bag (says Pearl on the outside), stolen from St. Mark's Lutheran Church in San Francisco, CA, on Feb. 2, 2009. Police Report #096008884 [2/09/08]

  424. PEARL, bass flute, PFB-305 #4, one of four prototypes, stolen from trunk of car, London, UK, London Metropolitan Police #3812510/09 [05/14/09]

  425. PEARL, Opera, #28381. (Pearl) Vivace head, 14K gold, ring keys, B-Foot, E-Mechanism, Inline, stolen from car, Germany, Mullheim. Police Report: ST/0015129/2011 [01/24/11]

  426. PEARL PF-9811-RBE, #23000, 10K Gold head, body & foot, silver keys, soldered tone holes, offset G, stolen from house in Benissa, Spain, Police Report: 2011-006036-490 [06/14/11]

  427. PEARL, Piccolo, #PFP105EOM 6440, York, North Yorkshire, Police Report: 13102012380 [11/05/12]

  428. POND & CO., WM., [ca.1850?], Rosewood (or possible walnut?), Single-key (Eb), "German silver", on raised bead, "German silver" rings on joints. Maker's name, much worn, on sections 1, 2, 4: "Wm. Pond & Co./N.Y.C./German silver" Case was a thick leather army-surplus case. Stolen from boot of car in Shantalla, Co. Galway, Ireland in July 1997 [06/01/99]

  429. POWELL, #3398, sterling silver, open hole, Bft, A440, trad. scale, with DRELINGER headjoint, #31-G. Stolen Nov. 11th in Seattle, WA. [12/12/92]

  430. POWELL, #1, silver, open hole, C foot, stolen from home, 1976

  431. POWELL, piccolo, #6902, wood with extra wood headjoint. Reward. [9/15/92]

  432. POWELL, piccolo, #6902, wood with extra wood headjoint. Reward. [9/15/92]

  433. POWELL, #3311, low B, handmade, gold lip plate. [5/28/89]

  434. POWELL, #5933, silver, French model, Bft, stolen in Boston area. [1/25/90]

  435. POWELL, #4187, open hole, low B, silver, heavy st, hard case with blue inside and scrape on outside corner, outside case of black naugahyde with handles and a broken zipper. [5/25/90]

  436. POWELL, #888, open hole, low B, silver, D# roller, retuned to A442. [7/10/90]

  437. POWELL, #4029, sterling, french, open hole, Bft in hard case w. blue interior, corners of case worn. [1/24/91]

  438. POWELL, V.Q., #4009, built in 1974, handmade, open-hole, Bfoot, w/gold lipplate and riser. Cased in a clear laquered cherry wood case by Powell w/ a black Cavellero case cover. Stolen from the Eliza R. Snow Building on the Ricks College Campus, Rexburg, ID

  439. POWELL, #4336, Commercial model, Brannen-Cooper head, B foot, Plateau, Cavallaro Case. Removed from a school in Vancouver, Washington, October 9, 1996. Police Report number V9611974. [10/14/96]

  440. POWELL, #5059, silver, Bft, offset G, D# roller, with BURKART silver head, #168, both in Powell case with Cavallero case cover. Stolen in Iowa in August 1996. [10/15/96]

  441. POWELL, #546, model 885RB, silver, open hole, Bft, Haynes head with gold riser, stolen from Tufts University in Medford, MA. [01/17/97]

  442. POWELL, flute headjoint, #6382 Silver slighty tarnished, in small white shipping bo, Police Report: Complaint #3888, 34th Precinct NYPD, Washington Hieghts NYC [6/1/98]

  443. POWELL, ebony wood piccolo, #3985, distinctive rosewood-like grain visible in headjoint), stolen from Sheraton Universal Hotel on 11/09/86 [12/23/98]

  444. POWELL, #1943, made in 1959, Commercial model, sterling, open hole; c# trill key; black leather over wood case with blue velvet lining. Stolen during a move from Issaquah, WA home in Fall 1986

  445. POWELL, #5492, B foot, cooper scale, open hole, D# roller, C# trill, stolen in downtown Seattle, Washington in 1989 [11/14/99]

  446. POWELL, #7565, silver, body and footjoint built in one piece, offset G-keys, E-mechanic, headjoint rebuilt by Albert Cooper with a 9K red gold embouchure. A large styled monogram: U together with a M engraved on the barell. Long black leathercase in a black polstered nylon softcase. Stolen on 06/11/99 in IKEA in Malm, Sweden [11/25/99]

  447. POWELL, #VQ 2061,solid silver flute, open hole / in line / b foot, John Webb silver head, engraving on lip "John Webb 209", end stop design like St Pauls dome, in black leather case and black wooden case, Stolen from Wakefield, West Yorkshire area, Crime Number: DA/94/1538 [04/02/00]

  448. POWELL, piccolo #1438, stolen from Hartt School in West Hartford, CT. [04/11/00]

  449. POWELL, #7063, silver, open hole, in line, soldered tone holes, C-foot, in black leather case blue velvet inside with black leather cover, stolen from home in Palo Alto, California, USA, May 11th 2000 Palo Alto, CA, police report #00-134-0052 [05/18/00]

  450. POWELL 3100, #18434, Aurumite with silver keys, B-foot, open holes, in line G, wodden case with purple velvet inside, stolen in early September, Sydney, Australia [11/14/00]

  451. POWELL, #10662, 14k gold body silver keys, stolen in New York this spring 2001 [06/12/01]

  452. POWELL, #7071, handmade,silver, in line G, B foot, gold riser, C# trill, stolen from home in Boston, MA., police report: CC#0105555791 [10/06/01]

  453. POWELL, commercial #979, C foot joint, original black case, stolen in Placerville, CA, USA [01/03/02]

  454. POWELL, #3913, 14 K Gold with silver mechanism, Bft, open hole, soldered gold tone holes, in black leather double flute case, stolen February 24, 2002 [02/26/02]

  455. POWELL, #2233, sterling silver, Cft, open hole, soldered tone holes, in black leather double flute case, stolen February 24, 2002 [02/26/02]

  456. POWELL, C flute, #3101. French open hole, B foot, sterling body and foot, Jim McKinnon headjoint, silver with gold (actually a copper-like color) lip plate. Stolen on November 1, 2000, from Santa Maria, California [11/12/00]

  457. POWELL, Headjoint #4008, Aurumite (silver outside, gold inside), engraved lip plate, 14k gold riser, stolen from locker at College Conservatory in Cincinnati, OH, USA [04/07/02]

  458. POWELL, #5329, Commercial Open Hole, silver, B foot with gizmo, double case with Haynes Picc 26879, home burglary in Atlanta GA, USA, on 05/10/02, Police Report ATLPD 021301212 [05/16/02]

  459. POWELL, #8134, C foot, open hole, taken from home in London [06/05/02]

  460. POWELL, #7496, Andrew Oxley silver head joint, stolen during mugging, Streatham, London, UK Police Report: Crime no. LX1226642-02 [06/16/02]

  461. POWELL, #10871, wood flute, stolen on train in Rome, June 17/02 [08/26/02]

  462. POWELL, #601, silver with B foot, stolen from car at the University of Saint Thomas, Houston, Texas [04/14/03]

  463. POWELL, Verne Q, #10570, Platinum tube, 10ct mechanik, risers and lip plate, b-foot, theft in a restaurant in Bern, Switzerland, march 7th 2003 [04/15/03]

  464. POWELL, piccolo, #1164, silver, conical bore, made 1952 [10/15/03]

  465. POWELL, #11958, .016" Sterling Silver tubing, B Foot, gizmo, inline, D# roller, 2 Sterling silver headjoints, stolen in Boston, MA, USA [01/16/04]

  466. POWELL, Verne Q, #7130, Gold Flute 14 K., stolen from train in Barcelona, Spain [02/26/04]

  467. POWELL, #SIG0600, offset G, Split E, B foot, stolen in Dallas area 4/14/05 [04/15/05]

  468. POWELL 2100, #21-1272, 9k Aurumite head, silver body, open hole, offset G, E ring, C foot, Brosser F#, in a wooden case covered by a black canvass case [04/28/05]

  469. POWELL, #1262, silver, open hole, B foot, stolen during home burglary, Seattle, WA, USA, Police Report: 05-269501, Seattle PD [07/07/05]

  470. POWELL, Conservatory Handmade, #1595, Head #7698B , silver head, body, keys, offset G, C# trill, low B footjoint, 14k Gold riser, stolen from porch in San Jose CA, USA, Police Report: 06-243-3209 [08/31/06]

  471. POWELL, Headjoint 7954P, silver, 14k gold riser, stolen from porch in San Jose , CA, USA, Police Report: 06-243-3209 [08/31/06]

  472. POWELL 2100, #21-3422, silver, stolen in Houston, Texas, Police Report: 161231806 [10/18/06]

  473. POWELL, piccolo #11248, head serial #107, grenadilla, silver keys, stolen at Boston University College of Fine Arts, Boston University Police incident report #7000587 [07/23/07]

  474. POWELL, CHM0105, handmade conservatory, Lafin head 14k, stolen from taxi cab, New York, NY, Police Report: 3286 [09/11/07]

  475. POWELL, #SIG-1502, Powell Signature B, silver, B foot, offset G, taken from lobby of DePaul University School of Music, Chicago, IL Police Report: HP195609 [02/28/08]

  476. POWELL, #10096, Aurumite, with Haynes Gold head #2193, stolen in home robery West New York, NJ, USA. Police report 08-10486 [04/13/08]

  477. POWELL, alto flute #1223, stolen in USA, police report #485 [04/23/08]

  478. POWELL, #11930, Aurumite, 14k head, body and foot, silver mechanism, soldered tone holes, B foot, offset G, C# trill, stolen outside train station in Valencia, Spain, Police Report: 617073 [11/28/08]

  479. POWELL, #2766, open hole, c & b foot, stolen from boot of car, Beaconsfield, Bucks, UK, Police Report: GD329501309 [03/14/09]

  480. POWELL, #11743, .018 tubing, silver mechanism, A-442 pitch, B foot, gizmo, offset G, French cups, C# trill, D# roller, G disc. David Williams head #1120, silver, engraved lip-plate (swan design), gold band on crown. Stolen aboard cruise ship, Azamara Journey. Taken from stage. Flute stolen along with black, hard-shell case. Virgin Islands. Police Report: PD090310108055 [03/17/09]

  481. POWELL, #13084, Conservatory, 9K Aurumite, open hole, off set G, split-E, B foot, stolen from bag/pack in train Brussels-South coming from Zaventem, Brussels-Belgium, Police Report: GE.18.LA.037537/2009 [05/05/09]

  482. POWELL 2100, #21-0600, silver, in-line G, open hole, pointed arms, B foot, bottom of foot joint has a "scar" from dent repair, left in Atlanta , Georgia, USA airport restroom. Police Report: 10012013 [04/03/10]

  483. POWELL, #12435, 19.5 carat gold, 10 carat keys, B foot, in-line G, stolen from bag in train station, Hamburg Dammtor, Germany. Police Report: Vg/981659/2010 [12/20/10]

  484. POWELL, 14K rose gold head # 8016, platinum riser, 19.5K crown, soloist style, disappeared from backstage area of concert hall Auditorio Miguel Delibes in Valladolid, Spain during an evening performance, in a maroon cardboard Powell head joint box. Police Report: 1672/11 [02/03/11]

  485. POWELL, #CHM-0023, aurumite body & foot, silver keys, gold head joint w/ silver lip plate & solid aurumite crown, missing from music library of UC Santa Barbara, USA, Police Report: 11-0581 [05/12/11]

  486. POWELL, Verne Q, #228, silver, Berrington head #205, "B" & "14 KARAT" engraved on head, vehicle burglary, Arcadia, California, USA, Police Report: 11-5137 [10/31/11]

  487. POWELL, #12045, 14K Aurumite body and head, offset G, low B, gizmo, gold soldered tone holes, gold rings, stolen during USPS shipping, Madison, WI, USA, Police Report Number: 12-4324 [07/02/12]

  488. POWELL, #1767 IL, Conservatory model, inline G, silver, C# trill, B foot, stolen from vehicle, Nassau County, NY, USA, Police Report: 212CR0079332 [12/15/12]

  489. POWELL, #SIG-0201, siver, drawn tone holes, .016 tubing, A-442, offset G, French cups, B foot, gizmo, green shoulder bag (Cowboysbag), stolen Feb 26, 2013, police report #2013020926 [02/28/13]

  490. POWELL, #HC-3616, 9k aurumite, silver mechanism, open hole, split E, B foot, stolen in Antwerp central station, Dec 21/13, Belgium police: PV. AN.18.LB.182189/2013-GF dd.21/12/2013 [12/27/13]

  491. POWELL 3100, #31-1956, auromite, 9k rose gold on plate, silver tube, in line g, b foot, french keys, wood case, Police report number 92111 (in St Maartens, Dutch Antilles), stolen from a resort hotel in St Maarten, Jan 4, 2011 [02/17/14]

  492. POWELL, #1142, Conservatory model. offset G, SS Venti head with 14k riser, stolen from teaching studio, Highland Valley, UMC, 15524 Chenal Parkway, Little Rock, AR, 72211, USA, stolen on July 25, 2016, Police Report: 2016-083267 [07/25/16]

  493. POWELL, 3100, #31-2431, Aurumite, 9k, silver mechanism, B foot, Rosewood head with ebony embouchure, wood case, stolen on 07/16/16 after show at Clube do Choro de Brailia, DF, Brazil, Police Report #82727/2016 [09/10/17]

  494. POWELL, #10766, WF/9k 2BF, grenadilla wood, 9k gold open hole keys, B foot, inline G, Head HM HJ WD GREN/9k B, Head #4730, grenadilla with 9k gold rings, Boston style, black Altieri bag, stolen from car Culver City, CA, USA, 09/29/2017, Police Report: 17-11956 [09/30/17]

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  495. RAMPONE, Agostino, double headed silver plated flute, B foot, black case with a blue plush lining, both heads highly engraved around the embouchure and the top of the main body, engraved Brevettato, A. Rampone, Milano with the initials A.Z., stolen from home in Hayling Island, England. [07/05/05]

  496. REINER, piccolo, #857, Fischer head, rosewood, small dark mark under the name stamp which depicts Deutch Koenig, stolen from Great Western Hotel, Kings Cross, London, June 9, 2017, Police Report Number: 1700038917 [06/22/17]

  497. RUDALL ROSE CARTE & CO., C flute, sterling silver, cylindrical bore, open G sharp, flowery engraving on the barrel around the mouth-hole, at each and and each joint, Boehm system, engraved with name as above, "Patentees, 20 Charing Cross, London. Boehm's Parabola, Carte's Mechanism. MUR", one of five instruments stolen from a special display in Plymouth, Michigan, contact Lt. Carol of the Plymouth City Police Department with any info, phone: 734-453-1234, ext. 209 [09/01/00]

  498. RUDALL CARTE, piccolo, #6693, open G#, solid silver mechanism, reversed trill keys, original case with shiny bottle-green velvet lining, small rectangular silver plate on top side of the case. The Rudall Carte co. address is on a label on the inside lid, stolen from home in Camden, London, UK. Police Report EK 2313371/02/BB [04/07/02]

  499. RUDALL CARTE, #8056, 1934, Boehm system, cocos wood, stolen from Birmingham New St Station, British Transport Police at Preston report #456 [08/20/04]

  500. RUDALL CARTE, wood flute, #31416, C foot, F Sharp Brossa, in wooden case with a faded red lining inside a nylon black carrying case, police report: Laon France #002/408/251 [01/06/06]

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  501. SANKYO, #35338, French, Cft, played 11/10/93 in Unity, ME and between there and Boston it disappeared from tour, REWARD

  502. SANKYO, PRIMA, #145709, French Artist Model, Stolen August 96 from Richmond VA. [8/14/96]

  503. SANKYO, PRIMA, #34150, Artist model, C flute, B-foot, Artist Model. Stolen on 6/20/97 in Hackensack, N.J. from the 7-Eleven. [8/26/97]

  504. SANKYO, PRIMA, Artist Model, #69235, B foot, stolen in Toronto, Canada on April 24, 1999 [05/01/99]

  505. SANKYO, PRIMA ARTIST, #10898, French style, C foot, stolen in Vancouver BC Canada on Sept 20/02, Police report 2002-22204 [10/15/02]

  506. SANKYO, DN, #46918, silver, C ft, handmade, open hole, Lafin model Adler silver-gold alloy (silver color) head with gold lip plate, black case with blue velvet lining, stolen on May 24, 1998 in Arnhem, The Netherlands

  507. SANKYO SILVERSONIC, #57363, open hole, B foot, navy blue canvas carry-bag, stolen on August 14 from South Yarra station (Melbourne, Australia) [08/18/98]

  508. SANKYO, #66176, Etude, C foot, in a Black case, blue velvet lining and brown vinyl carrying case, stolen in South Australia, police report: 02-E36470 [08/26/01]

  509. SANKYO, PRIMA, #41924, artist model, silver, B foot, pointed arms, gizmo, NRS1 head, hand-crafted wood case, Cavallaro case cover, stolen on April 25/02 in Montpellier, France [05/02/02]

  510. SANKYO-SR, #54290, SANKYO-Alain Marion model head, open holes,G-key in line, solid silver, stolen in Athens, Greece [02/24/05]

  511. SANKYO DN., #67338, Sebastian Bell head, silver, open hole, b-foot, off-set G, split E, tiger's eye crown, left on a bus, Camden Town, London, England, police report: Kentish Town Police No. 2248761 [07/06/05]

  512. SANKYO, PRIMA, #58123, 14K Gold head & body, silver keys, B foot joint, open hole, brown case, curved lip plate, stolen in New England Conservatory, Boston, Brown Hall on October 25/06, Police Report Number: 060587019 [10/30/06]

  513. SANKYO, PRIMA Silver Sonic, #74714, B Foot, off set G, C# trill, gold clad, silver weighted crown with purple stone, stolen from apartment in Dallas, TEXAS USA, Jan 18/07, police report number 42575T [01/20/07]

  514. SANKYO, PRIMA SILVERSONIC, #56494, silver, open hole, c foot, e facititatior, stolen in Bolivia [12/11/04]

  515. SANKYO, PRIMA ARTIST, #67375, gold head, c foot, stolen from home, Santiago, Chile, Police Report: 45123 [11/20/07]

  516. SANKYO, #0055, Grenadilla with silver mechanism, in-line, B foot and D-foot, stolen at bus/train station Munich Airport, Germany. Police Report: BY1120-003688-10/0 [06/16/10]

  517. SANKYO, C flute, #70726, gold 5 kt, silver mechanic, in line G, B foot, open hole, stolen in the Fiumicino Int'l Airport, Rome, Italy, Police Report: #5/26112010 [11/28/10]

  518. SANKYO PRIMA, #5820, alto flute, in old brown nylon cloth bag with broken straps, keys are “pitted” here and there, the mouthpiece shows slight impact marks, leather pads, stolen at Brussells, Belgium Midi railway station on January 25/2011. Police Report: BR.18.FB.551/2011 [02/05/11]

  519. SANKYO, PRIMA Etude BN, #82795, silver NRS-1 headjoint, inline G, B foot, G disc, pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, leather wrapped wood case with blue interior, stolen from home during break-in, Oak Park, MI USA, Police Report: 11-9430 [07/21/11]

  520. SANKYO, CF 201, #05116, C foot, closed hole, stolen from house, Carluke, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, Police Report: QC 02650512 [06/02/12]

  521. SANKYO, PRIMA DN model, #2936, silver, .014 wall, pointed arms, open hole, in line G, C# trill, B Foot, 14k gold lip plate and riser, custom ergonomic footjoint cluster, gizmo and left thumb keys by John Lunn, leather covered French style case, soft Cavallaro case included, Salt Lake City, Utah. Police Report: 12-159965 [10/12/12/]

  522. SANKYO, PRIMA Silver Sonic, #29879, silver head, c foot, open hole, stolen during home invasion, Dec 14, 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Police report: VA12-199608 [01/03/13]

  523. SANKYO, PRIMA, #55497, silver, in-line, open hole, pointed arms, c foot, stolen in New York City Union Square Area, Police Report: #2014-009-2593 [05/23/14]

  524. SANKYO, PRIMA Artist, #20277, silver, high wave lip plate, B foot, mahogany case, Cavallaro case cover, stolen between 2/15/2017 and 5/24/2017 in transit from Seattle to San Diego, USA. [08/15/17]

  525. SEAMAN, Roy, Grenadilla wood piccolo,5080, split E, stolen from car in a secured parking garage, San Francisco, CA, USA, Police Report: 081031709 [09/29/08]

  526. SELMER head joint, #57264, stolen in Philadelphia [10/22/99]

  527. SHERIDAN, DANA, #26, 14k all gold. french style with B foot, Luzern, 26th July, 1989, owner: James Galway

  528. STEUBEN, piccolo, #83, in hard plastic case, Citrus County Sherriff's case number 04050123, Florida, USA [05/08/04]

  529. SWEETHEART, Baroque flute, #1985 maple wood, one keyed, a=415, extra middle joint for a=440, in red cloth bag, Police Report: Complaint #3888, 34th Precinct NYPD, Washington Hieghts NYC. [6/1/98]

  530. SONARE, 7000, #S071349, Powell head, Black leather case, Stolen in T-Mobile Store in Philadelphia out of school bag, Police Report: 08-05-025246 [10/05/08]

  531. SONARE, #21209, Powell head, stolen from trunk of car, Chattanooga, TN, USA, Police Report: 09-7399 [05/04/09]

  532. STRAUBINGER, #303, silver, c foot, Yamaha silver head, France, Lyon. Police Report: 02407 02238 2009 [09/16/10]

  533. STRAUBINGER, #338, silver body, B foot, soldered tone holes, C# trill, Split E, Silver head #8411 with 14K lip plate and riser, stolen around 10/09/2014 during home invasion, Bogata, Columbia, Police report: #05001600020620144930 [10/14/14]

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  534. TAKUMI T-500R, #0281, silver, C foot, inline G, open hole, handmade, silver Burkart head #6467-1947 with 14K riser, home burglary, Modesto, California, USA. Police Report: 09-25065 [04/19/09]

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  535. UEBEL, Gust. Reinh., C flute, #6820, silver with golden embouchure plate, C foot, G-A trill keys, longer G# key, closed hole, stolen from locked car in a parking zone, Berlin, Police Report: 101126-2041-035385 [11/29/10]

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  536. WEISSMAN, piccolo, #439, grenadilla body, sterling silver mechanism, exotic wood banded head, in black leather hard case (burgundy lined interior) and black Cavallaro shearling lined case cover, stolen in Branchburg, New Jersen, USA on 07/31/16, Police Report #16011996/2 [09/17/16]

  537. WEST, PAUL, silver flute, #1074, Cooper scale, white gold lip plate, French, open hole, handmade, in-line, Bft. Stolen May 17th 1998 in Belgium [5/27/98]

  538. WOODWIND BRASSWIND, piccolo, #389, grenadilla, silver keys, home burglary on 10/03/2017, Willow Springs, Illinois, USA, Police Report Number: 17-0499

  539. WYLDE, Henry, 8-keyed wooden flute made of Cocus wood and marked "Fentum"and "H Wylde fecit"on foot-joint c. 1835. Stolen from The Royal Oak pub, Edinburgh in February 1999 [06/14/00]

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  540. YAMAHA, C flute, #303095, model YFL481HA, open hole, Bft. Stolen in San Mateo, CA on January 12, 1993. [01/23/93]

  541. YAMAHA, YPC-30 piccolo, #1229, silver plated, taken from school instrument storage closet on 3/10/97, Leicester High School, Leicester, Mass, USA

  542. YAMAHA, #038703, piccolo, wood, model YPC-62, stolen from the exhibit area at the Colorado Music Educators' Association clinic/conference in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor Hotel without case. [02/14/99]

  543. YAMAHA, C flute, #314778, Cft, open hole, in black case, stolen from Rutland, Vermont in Dec. 1998. [02/22/99]

  544. YAMAHA, YFL 581-H, #56295 A, B-foot, standard 581 case/cover, stolen March 20 1999 from Virginia Commonwealth University classroom B-40, Richmond, VA, USA [3/27/99]

  545. YAMAHA, piccolo, #35773, YPC 62, stolen in Toronto, Canada on April 24, 1999 [05/01/99]

  546. YAMAHA, 481H, #303079A, Silver plated, plating removed from 1/2 of C# key on footjoint, scratch on lip plate, tarnished on footjoint. B-foot, gizmo key. Plastic case with tel# of repairman on inside. Stolen on Saturday May 2, 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Saanich police report number #99-10506 [05/07/99]

  547. YAMAHA 385-H, #305550A, Stolen on April 12, 1999 in Raglan, New Zealand [06/06/99]

  548. YAMAHA 365, #302173, Plated body, silver head, French, offset g, b-foot Minor dent in headjoint, stolen from school band room in Staten Island, N.Y. on 6/7/99 [06/19/99]

  549. YAMAHA 481H, #315459A, silver head/body, open-hole, with B foot, stolen from music building at the Staller Center in Stony Brook University during the last week of July 1999. [09/12/99]

  550. YAMAHA, YPC 81 piccolo, #11247, black grenadillo wood, stolen while in transit from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Centerville, Indiana betweem 09/29/99 and 10/01/99 Police report number 99-51293 (Burnaby RCMP detachment) [11/10/99]

  551. YAMAHA, 471 II, #303217. Solid silver throughout, C ft, O/H (with 1 pad in 3rd left hand hole), offset G, leather Yamaha carrying case, with green tube cleaner and polishing gauze in flute case. Stolen from Haringey, North London on 20th Jan 2000. dealt with by Tottenham Police, ref. no. 01Y 2802028/00/BB [02/25/00]

  552. YAMAHA 681H, #2639, Brannen-Cooper head, padded case cover with empty piccolo compartment, stolen on March 19/00 in South St. Louis USA, police report number 35591 [03/20/00]

  553. YAMAHA, alto flute, YFLA421B, #1595, double head joint (straight & curved), stolen mid-March from Wisconsin Lutheran College - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin [04/22/00]

  554. YAMAHA, YPC 81 piccolo, #17341, handmade, grenadilla wood body and headjoint, silver-plated keys, leather case, stolen on 06/18/00 Bukit Batok, Singapore [06 27 00]

  555. YAMAHA, wood piccolo, #28205, stolen in a home robbery in Olympia Washington on 8/17/00 [08/23/00]

  556. YAMAHA, YFL-581, #007031, stolen from car in Calgary, Canada, police report #00196213 [08/30/00]

  557. YAMAHA, piccolo YPC-62, #39450, stolen from car in Calgary, Canada, police report #00196213 [08/30/00]

  558. YAMAHA 892, #3824, stolen from Woodbury High School, Woodbury, MN, on October 5, 2000 [11/03/00]

  559. YAMAHA 571, #1040, silver, stolen in Banbury, Oxon, UK on May 22, 2001. [05/23/01]

  560. YAMAHA piccolo YPC 62, #35487, wooden, taken from practice room at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA on 01-02-02 [01/02/02]

  561. YAMAHA A YFL385H, #305233, taken from practice room at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA on 01-02-02 [01/02/02]

  562. YAMAHA 481H 925, #313879A, stolen from school in Springfield, VA, USA [01/17/02]

  563. YAMAHA 32 piccolo, #07844A, stolen from school in Springfield, VA. USA [01/17/02]

  564. YAMAHA 211sII, #559983, stolen at Chennai railway station in India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai (Madras) [02/23/02]

  565. YAMAHA YPC62 wooden piccolo, #38857. McLauchlan head with silver band with makers name engraved, stolen from parked car, UK, London SE1, Hopton Street Police Report:=3041608/02 [11/05/02]

  566. YAMAHA, 581H Century, #003427, gold plated, B foot, in-line G, Straubinger pads, stolen from back bag Belgium, Brussels, police report BR.18.LL.121839/2002 [11/08/02]

  567. YAMAHA, YFL481H, #303510, open hole, silver, in-line G, C foot, gizmo, stolen from school in West Hills, California USA in 1996 [04/05/03]

  568. YAMAHA, YFL 894H, #3788, B foot, stolen in burglary, Belgium [04/15/03]

  569. YAHAMA YFL-385H, #0177747, silver head, silver plate body and foot, French keys, in line G, B foot, recently repadded, in a blue Protec case with Korg metronome MA-30 and tuner CA-30 in side pocket, stolen from car near Portland State University, Oregon, police report #0349803 [06/16/03]

  570. YAMAHA Flute, #640298, 381H model, was new in wrapper when last seen, stolen with fraudulent credit card and address, shipped to Sarasota, FL, USA [12/05/03]

  571. YAMAHA, YFL 561, #1414, Stolen from car, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, Police Report:0336183 [12/28/03]

  572. YAMAHA 871, #6544, silver, B foot, open hole, black case, stolen in Bulgaria on March 15/04 [03/18/04]

  573. YAMAHA 561, #51275H, off set, open hole, Drelinger head, stolen in Nashville, Tennessee, USA late March 2004 [05/14/04]

  574. YAMAHA 481, #305346A, silver, 14K gold ring, 24K gold riser, C foot, gizmo, open hole, in-line G, David Williams head, stolen during apartment break-in, Richardson, Texas, USA on 02/22/05 [02/23/05]

  575. YAMAHA, piccolo YPC-30, #7314, stolen in West Chester, PA, USA [04/29/05]

  576. YAMAHA, YFL 581H, #4955HV, stolen from car, San Francisco, CA, USA [05/18/05]

  577. YAMAHA, Allegro 471, #838225, stolen from school in Houston, Texas, USA [05/23/05]

  578. YAMAHA 581 HHV, #5920, Burkart head, head serial number #581, silver body, silver plated keys, B foot, In-line G, stolen in Seattle, WA, USA, Police Report: 96-237368 [02/03/06]

  579. YAMAHA 561, #051192 A, silver, B foot, CY headjoint cut, open hole, 12kt gold springs, pointed key arms, off-set G, gizmo, stolen from school band room on April 10th, 2006, Slidell, Louisiaa, USA, Police Report: 0604-0802 [04/12/06]

  580. YAMAHA, YFL-225S, #36995A, student flute, headjoint engraved with owner's first and last name, stolen from locker in SDSU campus music building, Brookings, SD, USA, Police Report: SDCL 22-30A-17 [10/10/06]

  581. YAMAHA, YFL461HLPGP, #959542, 400 series with gold lip plate option, stolen in Davis, CA, USA, Davis police department case #07-3408 [07/19/07]

  582. YAMAHA, YFL674HLPGP, #021607, 600 series with gold lip plate option, stolen in Davis, CA, USA, Davis police department case #07-3408 [07/19/07]

  583. YAHAMA, YFL481H, #31805, band trailer was stolen from the hotel parking lot with instruments and equipment, Reno, NV, USA, Police Report 07-31105 [09/05/07]

  584. YAMAHA, piccolo, YPC 32, #33066, house burglary in London, UK. Police Report: 241325708 [06/13/08]

  585. YAMAHA, YFL421, #905431, silver tube, plateau, C Foot, home burglary, Santa Clara, CA, Police Report: 09-519 (Santa Clara P.D.) [01/15/09]

  586. YAMAHA, 674H, #033060, gold plate lip, stolen from car, Miami Dade County, Doral, FL 33178, USA, Police Report: DR090809016512 [08/13/09]

  587. YAMAHA YFL-271, #D37668, open hole, offset G, E mech, d# pad replaced, Poland, Torun. Police Report: L. dz. KPSr. 15227/09 [11/19/09]

  588. YAMAHA, Allegro 471, #764540, silver, gold lip plate, b foot, standard Yamaha leather carrying case, stolen in a car break in, Maplewood, MN, USA. Police Report: 10019841 [10/30/10]

  589. YAMAHA, YFL-881H, #004806, taken from locker at State University of NY, Fredonia, NY, USA. Police Report: 2011-00180 [03/28/11]

  590. YAMAHA YFL674H, #032549, Yamaha 'K' headjoint, open hole, silver head & body, silver plated mechanism, offset G, E, B foot, Gizmo, little dent on the lip plate's left side, stolen during home break in, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, Police Report: 039-03406/2012 [06/29/12]

  591. YAMAMA YPC 62 Piccolo, #102354, Grenadilla, silver plated mechanism, stolen during home break in, Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil, Police Report: 039-03406/2012 [06/29/12]

  592. YAMAHA 311, #608239, 211 head, black case with red inside, police report #2013020926 [02/28/13]

  593. YAMAHA, Allegro flute, #202928, stolen June 22/14 from house, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Police Report #14-3094 [06/30/14]

  594. YAMAHA, YFL 881, #1307, siver, C foot, Falusi head (silver, gold riser, Paris), in distinctive case with colourful stickers, Police Report: #MTLEV1301212332 [09/30/15]

  595. YAMAHA, YFL-971B, serial number L-1001, B foot serial number M-0405, 14K gold body, silver keys with gold plate, open hole, off set G, split E, C and B footjoints, Yamaha head 14K CY, double case for 1 head, 1 flute body and 2 footjoints, outer leather case faded brown colour, leather case was in a Samsonite briefcase with black exterior & bright orange interior, Police Report: GZ: D1/183921/2016 made on June 2nd, 2016, STADTPOLIZEIKOMMANDO JOSEFSTADT, Polizeiinspektion Otto Wagner Platz, 1090 Vienna, Otto Wagner Platz 4, UP-Code UP 15078 DVR: 0003506 [06/08/16]

  596. YAMAHA, #354195, silver plate body & keys, silver head, stolen from dormitory on 05/19/17, Police Report: 17-12132, USA

  597. YAMAHA, YFL-200AD, #757014P, stolen 04/25/16, Elmhurst, Illinois, USA, Police Report: Batavia Police #16-9381 [08/12/17]

  598. YAMAHA YPC-62, piccolo, #53299, split E, Grenadilla wood, custom undercut head, stolen from house 09/27/2017, Columbus, Ohio, Police Report #170845718-001 [10/17/17]

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  599. ZENTNER, piccolo, #3306 or #3303 Piccolo should have Virginia Commonwealth University ID or marking on the case. Stolen August 96 from Richmond VA. [8/14/96]

  600. ZENTNER, piccolo, #4121, black wood, silver keys, case interior maroon color with Fluteworld logo inside, stolen from student locker at The College of New Jersey on 09/02/98. [09/23/98]

  601. ZENTNER, piccolo, #3399, Police Report: 10000198 [01/07/10]

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The Flute Network also provides an on-line listing of stolen instruments.
All reports that are shown above have been forwarded to The Flute Network.

Please feel free to print this list - keep it for reference - or post it in places where stolen flutes may appear.

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