Right Hand Little FInger Exercises Common Misconceptions About Flutes
Video - As recommended by Geoffrey Gilbert
by Larry Krantz
Low Note Strength & Smooth Intervals
by Larry Krantz
More Than... 101 Uses for Scales
by Mary C.J. Byrne
Changing Flute Embouchures
by Patricia George
Scale Practice Routine
by James Galway
Sonata "Undine"
by Carl Reinecke, Op. 167 Article By Hilary Bromeisl
Bb & F# - Having A System
by Larry Krantz
Published Flute Music Errata on John Wion's Web Site Multiphonic Sourcebooks
by Robert Dick
Those Whatchamacallits On Your Flute
Photo of flutes with names of parts, tone holes,and key names Graphic created by Larry Krantz, technical advisors: Alton McCanless and Robert Bigio
Article On Practicing Suggestions
by Larry Krantz
My Favorite Quote - slow practice Flute Books The Flute Book
by Nancy Toff
Flute Holding Position
by Larry Krantz
Comments About Flute Tone
by Ann Cherry
Using the Taffanel & Gaubert 17 Big Daily Exercises for Flute
by Patricia George
Tuning - Words of Encouragement - Selecting a Piccolo
by John Zornig
Scale Warm-Up Patterns from Kincaid via Crossland Patterns for the Right Little Finger Learn Key Signatures a quick and easy way Photos of Various Flute Embouchures
18 embouchure photographs with explanations by Roger S. Stevens
Yoda: The Smile Embouchure
a light hearted commentary about flute embouchure
The C# Trill Key
by Edward Johnson, Principal Flute, Newton SO copyright (c) 1984 Reprinted with permission of Brannen Brothers Flutemakers Inc.
Personal Style & Interpretation
by Renee Krimsier
A Cinefluorographic Pilot Study of the Throat While Vibrato Tones Are Played On Flute
by Andrew F. D. Brown
30 Caprices for Flute by Sigfried Karg-Elert
Possible Errata by Dr. George Morey, The University of North Texas compliments of Carolyn Krysl Hutchinson
Principal Chairs
online resource for flute players to prepare for Orchestral auditions
Tone Development Through Interpretation
opera excerpt recordings to accompany the exercises in the book by M Moyse
Flute Teaching Tips
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